Dealing with Faulty Foundation as A Christian

Deliverance from a faulty foundation is dealing with instabilities in your life.

A faulty foundation means the presence of faults at the lowest bearing of your life. It occurs when there is a mistake in your family background.

We say a thing is faulty when it is unattractive or has an unsatisfactory feature.

Foundation is the lowest load-bearing part of a building below ground level. It is the platform on which you build a thing.

Today, many Christians struggle with a faulty foundation in the following areas;

  • Spiritual Life
  • Career
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Academics
  • Mental Health

You must identify and repair every faulty foundation in your life. The consequences of a bad foundation are hindrances to your spiritual growth.

The presence of a strong foundation is necessary for the lives of every Christian. A faulty foundation would put you in a place of nonfulfillment.

In this post, we will study ways to deal with and repair faulty foundations.

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Consequences of Faulty Foundation

Here are the consequences of faulty foundation in Christianity;

  • Hindrance to spiritual growth
  • Loss of divine abilities
  • Problem with your finance
  • Unhappiness
  • Stagnation in your career

The causes of faulty foundation may have a different origin.

Causes of Faulty Foundation

Here are the causes of faulty foundation;

  • Generation
  • Faulty Background
  • Faithless Generation
  • Faithless Generation
  • Faulty Achievement
  • Faulty Names


A faulty generation is a culprit why many people experience faulty foundations.

The actions of your parents can affect you in the long run.

Faulty Background

Family background can influence your destiny. Wrong family background can lead to failure in the future.

There are Christians who suffer from generational curses. The foundation of their family is faulty.

It could be that their forefathers committed one form of atrocities or the other. These curses can always manifest in the lives of their generation.

Faithless Generation

People no longer wait on the lord. Lack of faith can put a crack in your walk with Christ.

I pray that God will give you the grace put your trust in him.

Lack of faith is detrimental to one’s future. Have faith!

Faulty Achievement

You cannot achieve true success by indulging in cheating/fraud. It is a wrong mindset.

Indulgence in illegal activities will destroy your foundation.

Faulty Names

Answering the wrong name is a cause of a faulty foundation.

The names that you answer are prophetic. Some name can bring a curse to you.

In Genesis 32:22-32, God changed Jacob’s name to Israel.

Repairing Faulty Foundation

Restoring your spiritual foundation is repairing the faults in your life.

  • Pray for Mercy
  • Give Your Life to Christ
  • Pray for Divine Guidance
  • Work to Achieve Your Goals

Pray for Mercy

Praying for mercy to God is the first step to repairing your faulty foundation.

In this step, you have to seek the help of God in your life. With God’s forgiveness, you can receive deliverance from a faulty foundation.

Give Your Life to Christ

Salvation is the essential tool to deal with a faulty foundation. You must surrender your life to Jesus.

  • Accept Jesus into your life
  • Believe in his resurrection power
  • Confess your sins to Christ

Without salvation, you cannot repair the faults in your foundation.

Pray for Divine Guidance

The divine guidance of Christ will lead you away from faulty foundations.

Many Christians encounter faulty foundations because of taking wrong decisions. You need God to guide you in your decisions making process.

Ask the holy spirit to guide you.

Work to Achieve Your Goals

Working on achieving your goals can correct the fault with your foundation.

An idle mind is the workshop of the devil.

Being productive would take you away from making mistakes.

Do not be a lazy Christian.

Prayers Against Faulty Foundation

  1. Father, destroy every counsel of the enemy against my destiny.
  2. Not let not my enemies put me to shame.
  3. Oh lord, repair every foundation in my family.
  4. Jesus, cause the fountain of evil flowing towards me to dry up.
  5. I resist every attraction to sin,
  6. Let the door of stagnation be closed in my life.
  7. Holy Spirit inspire me to work towards achieving success.
  8. Let all the closed doors in my life open.
  9. Father, destroy the bondage of poverty in my life in the name of Jesus.
  10. Lord, divide every red sea in my life in the name of Jesus.
  11. Father, deliver me from satanic bondage.
  12. I break loose from every spirit of limitation and stagnation in the name of Jesus.
  13. Oh lord, remove the foundation of failure in my life.
  14. Father, arise and fulfil your promises about my life.
  15. I possess the spirit of excellence in the name of Jesus.

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