Nigerian eNaira Digital Currency 2024

The e-Naira is a digital currency issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It has the same value as a naira note and can be used the same way as cash.

Where is my eNaira held?

Your eNaira is held in a secure wallet that serves as digital storage and uses a two-factor authentication system to ensure the safety of your currency.

How do I purchase eNaira?

You can purchase entirely through:

  • Direct transfers from your Union Bank account to your eNaira wallet
  • Transfers from other eNaira wallets
  • Cash payments into your eNaira wallet at any Union Bank branch or agent location

How do I create an eNaira wallet?

Visit or download the eNaira app (Speed) from your mobile app store and complete the registration process.

How do I connect my eNaira wallet to my Bank account?

When setting up your eNaira wallet, select your bank of choice and you are good to go.

How do I fund my eNaira wallet?

You can fund your wallet directly from your Bank account on your Mobile App, Internet Banking or through any Bank branch nationwide.

Can I transact with my eNaira?

You can use your eNaira to make purchases and payments for goods and services at merchant locations.

Can my eNaira be converted to cash?

You can convert your eNaira to cash by transferring it to your Bank account on the Mobile app or at any Bank branch nationwide.

What do I do if I have a dispute on my eNaira wallet?

For dispute resolution, kindly reach out to your bank customer care.

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