My Moon: An Emotional Poem

my moon

My dearest moon I look up to you in the sky I see your perfect round figure Your beauty so reflective and unhindered You shine every time with glamour Appearing always in glory Penetrating the clouds Dominating the sky with pride When I try to reach you You seem to be too far away Too …

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Sidi: A Short Story by Umeh Prisca


Sidi was impressive. A small man and thin correctly dressed, but never fussily so, he always displayed good taste. He stood gallantly in front of the elegant and magnificent construction company with the bold inscription: “SETZ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY” with great confidence.  He adjusted his neat knot necktie and observed his dressing to make sure his …

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Memoir of a Nigerian Student

let me live

Lying calmly on my uncomfortable, rickety hostel bed, in a congested room and saturated atmosphere, patiently waiting for sleep to creep through my window and cast its gentle irresistible spell on me. I stared at the shelter continuously, carelessly counting the lines of the zinc. I could barely fathom what the lines were communicating, because I was …

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Perception: A Story About Covid-19

the mask

“…it is only but public office holders, yet another, way of siphoning public fund. It doesn’t exist! Not in Nembe!”   The dark-eyed, v-shaped jaw man, who sat across the table, facing me and his friend who had his back to me, said, voice slightly raised. The air around him was that of gaucheness. He was …

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A Life of Things: A Poem by Olarewaju Blessing

a life of things

Going through my old things I see my old things The old me with things My old things of yesterday   Things I’ve acquired Things I’ve achieved Things I’ve forgotten   I feel sad for my old things Money spent on things Seems wasted on these things I needed different things To achieve things   …

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Tales from the Den

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

I was beyond happy. It was written all over my forehead that even the blind could see it. I sprang up from my bed and dashed to the living room to announce to my parent the good news “Dad! Mum!” I called out the moment I entered the living room, ” I just saw my …

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Come by Once Again

Come by Once Again

“Today marks the 21st Sunday in ordinary time, year C, today we celebrate the ………..” was all I could remember to have had heard though faintly. All my mind had been set to gain access into the small gallery of the great St Peter’s Chaplaincy of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. As I stood there …

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Watery Love: A UNN Romantic Story

Watery Love

Just like a teenage girl reading her first love letter from her crush in school, my face glowed with a reckless smile accompanied by a foxy sensation all over my body as I walked past the University of Nigeria south gate popularly known as “Odim Gate.” Keeping a straight face, I strolled into “Odim” trying …

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The Mall of Respect

mall of respect

“What’s inside your bag?” a female security officer with a bewitching blue eye asked me in a soft, almost musical voice as I was about making an entrance to the shopping mall. “Nothing much, just my wallet and personal stuff” I replied whilst trying to open my bag for her to see the content inside …

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The Mess of Honour

Mess of honour

I remember it was on 26th of February 2020, that Wednesday morning amidst the excruciating tension of the upcoming and dreaded Physiology test when everything finally fell apart at the College of Medicine, UNEC. That morning at Physiology Auditorium, students were seated legally and illegally with a majority standing like refugees whose community had just …

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