How to Get a Scholarship to Study in the USA From Nigeria 2024

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Are you a Nigerian student dreaming of studying in the United States? Pursuing higher education in the US is a dream for many international students, but the cost of tuition and living expenses can be a significant barrier. However, various scholarship opportunities are available to Nigerian students who wish to study in the US. This …

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Scholarship for Medical Students From Developing Countries

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Access to quality medical education is essential for developing countries to address their healthcare challenges. However, the high cost of medical education often poses a significant barrier for talented students from these regions. Numerous scholarship programs have been established to support medical students from developing countries to bridge this gap and promote global health equity. …

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Pre-Med Scholarships for International Students in USA 2024

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The United States has long been a destination of choice for international students aspiring to pursue a pre-med degree. However, the high cost of education often poses a significant barrier for many talented individuals. Fortunately, numerous pre-med scholarships are available specifically for international students, providing financial support and opening doors to a world-class education in …

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Fully Funded Medical School Scholarships for International Students

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Pursuing a medical degree is a lifelong dream for many aspiring healthcare professionals worldwide. However, the high costs associated with medical education often act as a significant barrier, preventing talented individuals from pursuing their ambitions. Fortunately, there are fully funded medical school scholarships available for international students, offering an invaluable opportunity to receive top-notch education …

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Scholarship Opportunities for Refugees & Asylum Seekers 2024


Scholarships are one of the best ways in which higher education can become more accessible to international students. Often a university or organisation will set up a series of scholarships for a particular group of students. Scholarship opportunities for refugees or students seeking asylum are a lifesaving opportunity. It is a chance for students to …

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Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) Scholarship Scheme 2024

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​Nigeria LNG Limited remains focused on education and human capital development as areas of special significance because these two areas are intrinsic and fundamental to national development.​ NLNG has three main levels of scholarship schemes: Post Primary, Under-Graduate and Post Graduate to encourage academic excellence and support human capital development in Nigeria. NLNG Post Primary …

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UK SMART Scholarship for Nigerian Students 2024

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In recognition of the outstanding talent and achievements of many of our overseas applicants, we are pleased to be offering our SMART Scholarship. The SMART scholarship represents a £2000 discount that will be applied to the first year of your tuition fees. The scholarship is awarded as part of the admissions process and is based …

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Shell Nigeria Student Scholarship Schemes 2024

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Education, as all parents and guardians admit, is a long-term investment with an equally long gestation period, but it is one of the best legacies to bequeath to individuals, groups and society. That has been the belief of Shell Nigeria since 1952. In 2018, approximately $5.9 million (N1.78 billion) was invested in scholarships by The …

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Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students 2024

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It isn’t a new development that many Nigerian students are watching, hoping and praying to experience precisely how education is outside their country. This is easier said than done. After having every determining factor in place, you realize that moving out of Nigeria to experience more American or European education doesn’t come on a platter …

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How to Get Scholarship to Study Abroad from Nigeria 2024

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Education, as we all know, is the bedrock of any progressive nation. The importance of education cannot be overstated or overemphasized. Nigerians have continuously shown a passion for the pursuit of education. Perhaps, in an attempt to salvage the nation from its current state. Education is the process of acquiring knowledge by training or learning. …

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