First Year Guide: Hostel and UNN Off Campus Accommodation

This post contains all you need to know about UNN hostels and UNN off campus accommodation. I can help you secure quality lodges ranging from a single room, self-contain and boys quarter in the University staff quarter.

First thing first, congratulations on your successful admission into the Den. Welcome to the University of Nigeria.

unn first year students at the lab
UNN Students at JIMBAZZ Lab

UNN is the Den. Male students are Lions while the female folks are called Lionesses. Life in UNN is exciting at the same time stressful. Do not fret because you will learn how to survive in UNN.

Before I go into the orientation on UNN hostel and off campus accommodation, I want to answer a few questions by UNN freshers. 

This post also contains all that you must know to survive and settle down in UNN.

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Note, if you have any question related to UNN; UNN lodges, Post UTME, first year clearance, etc. Let me know in the comment box. I will get back to you.

Where Is UNN Located in Nsukka 

UNN is in the soft green hills of Nsukka. Wherever part of the country you are coming from, locating University of Nigeria, Nsukka is not a problem. All you have to do is take a bus coming to Nsukka. The last bus stop is at Ogige market. 

Inside the Ogige market, you will find taxi and buses painted in green colour. Green and white is UNN official colour.

UNN shuttle Park
UNN Shuttle Park at Ogige Market

The bus or cab will take you to campus for fifty Naira (bus) or seventy Naira (taxi).

Cultism in UNN

Cultism is a problem ravaging many higher institutions in Nigeria. It is rare in UNN. I never encountered cultist during my stay in Nsukka. I guess everybody was too busy reading to increase their CGPA.

Cultist activities are only heard about in some areas off-campus. But never on campus. 

Worry not about cultism in UNN.

How to Survive in UNN

unn students at PAA
UNN Students at Princess Alexandra Auditorium

Surviving in UNN requires smart work and the grace of God. Like a Lion or Lioness, you must learn to pay attention to details. You should know when to run or walk. Work hard with God grace – you will survive in UNN.

One funny problem that you will contend with throughout your stay in the Den is the Nsukka weather.

Now, let us talk about accommodation in UNN.

Names of Hostels in UNN

There are fifteen hostels in UNN. Two hostels assign to the male students while the rest are for the lioness.

Guys calm down before you shout gender inequality. UNN give priority to the female students in accommodation and everything else.

An important point to note is that you secure a hall according to your Faculty. For example, female students in the College of Medicine get Presidential hall. Pharmacy lioness gets Bello Hall. 

Still, female students in other Faculties have the privilege to choose from a hall.

List of Male Hostels in UNN

Here are the names of male hostels in UNN

  1. Eni-Njoku Hall
  2. Alvan Ikoku

Both male hostels are the same structure-wise. But, many students prefer Alvan Ikoku. The rooms have security doors – a fancy word for iron door. Also, there is a football pitch at the quadrangle.

List of Female Hostels in UNN

Here are names of female hostels in UNN

  1. Aja Nwachukwu Hostel
  2. Eyo Ita Hostel
  3. Balewa Hostel
  4. Okeke Hall
  5. Akintola Hostel
  6. Akpabio Hostel
  7. Presidential Hostel
  8. Bello Hall
  9. Okpara Hall
  10. Kwame Nkuruma Hostel
  11. Mary Slessor
  12. Awolowo Hostel

UNN Presidential Hostels

UNN Presidential hostel in Nsukka campus is for first year students in the College of Medicine. I mean students in MBBS, Dentistry, MLS, Rehab, Radio, Nursing, Anatomy, Physiology, Mol. Bio.

The hostel is beside the Akintola hostel and the Student Union Building (SUB).

In the presidential hostel, ten (10) students live in a room. There are ten (10) bed spaces in the rooms.

Each room contains a toilet and a bathroom.

Overcrowding and squatting is the major downside of Presidential hostel. A lot of Medical students who are unable to secure a bed space squat with their friends in the hostel for the academic session.

It is not easy to get Presidential hostel in UNN because of the limited number of bed space. The hostel is the smallest public female hostel in Nsukka Campus.

If you intend to stay in the hostel, you must pay your school fees early. Apply for the hostel the very moment the portal is open.

After the first day of hostel application, you have a slim chance of getting Presidential.

The presidential hostel is also located in UNEC though as a private hostel.

Hall, dormitory and hostel all mean the same thing. 

How Do I Apply for UNN Hostel Accommodation?

UNN hostel application for freshers is a hectic process. It is a first come first serve system. The good news is that the University administration gives preference to first year students.

All you have to do is pay your school fees early to be eligible for hostel application.

The application is on the UNN School Portal. Check the University website and UNN Facebook Groups to get the necessary information. Announce on the opening of the hostel portal is on the University website. 

You have a high chance of securing hostel bed space a few minutes after the opening of the portal. Use a 4G internet-enabled device for your hostel application.

How Much Is UNN Hostel Accommodation

UNN hostel accommodation is fifteen thousand Naira (₦15,000) for female students. 

Male students pay twelve thousand Naira (₦12,000). You pay a token at the Student Affairs Department during hostel clearance. 

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UNN Off Campus Accommodation

unn off campus accommodation

For many reasons, most students prefer to live off-campus in UNN. Advantages include; privacy, personal hygiene and comfortable study environment, etc.

The problem UNN freshers encounter is greedy house agents of lodges in UNN Nsukka. Many scammers parade themselves as house agents. Most of these house agents are fellow students whose goal is to extort first year students. It is necessary to get a proper orientation on UNN off-campus accommodation.

Be cautious when searching for accommodation. The way to spot dubious house agents is that they are always impatient. They show you a lodge this minute and want you to transfer money to their account immediately. 

They would not allow you to make your choice.

This lodge is the best you will always hear them say.

The most important thing is to relax and make the best choice for yourself. Scammers are usually scared of parents. 

Fortunately, I can assist you get a quality lodge off campus.

Your main question right now is where should I stay off campus in UNN.

There are four areas where students live off-campus. They are;

  • Hilltop
  • Odim
  • Odenigwe
  • Behind Flat
  • Green House
nsukka enugu

Note that self contains for rent in UNN may have a single room and toilet. No kitchen. You would have to pay more to get the kitchen package. 

UNN Hilltop

room and parlour self contain in nsukka

Hilltop in UNN is one of the best places to stay off-campus. It is the Dubai of UNN. The student to indigene ratio is very high compared to other locations around UNN. 

Most of the lodges here have a modern structure. The proximity to school also gives it an edge over other areas. 

Electricity is constant here. By steady electricity, I do not mean 24hours power. Generally, electricity is not a problem in Nsukka.

Do you like the high life, a place where something is always pumping? Hilltop is the best choice for you.

Downside of Hilltop

  1. Security is a serious concern here. The few fine boys in UNN live here. Every year, there are reported cases of shootings and cult-related activities. 

But if you are coming to study, you should not have any problem.

  1. Lodges here are expensive compared to other locations around UNN. It is because of the modern design of the houses. So you have to pay more to get a hilltop lodge. 
  2. Like the name of the place suggests, it is on the hill. You would have to engage in exercise while return home from school. 

Trekking is a thing here in UNN. After all, exercise is good for the body.

How Much Are Lodges in Hilltop

Self Container is usually between eighty to two hundred thousand Naira (₦80,000 – 200,000).

A single room goes for forty to eighty-five thousand Naira (₦40,00 – 85,000).

UNN Odenigwe

self contain in unn

Odenigwe is like Hilltop. It has a similar environment and cost of living. The student ratio here is also high. There are new lodges here. The power supply is also okay. 


Like Hilltop, security is a bit of concern.

How Much Are Lodges in Odenigwe

Self Contain = Eighty to two hundred thousand Naira (₦80,000 – 200,000)

A Single room = Forty to seventy thousand Naira (₦40,000 – 75,000).

UNN Behind Flat

self contain for rent in unn

Behind flat is the area close to the boy’s hostel and Akanu Ibiam stadium. There are good lodges here. 

The major problem is proximity. You have to trek some distance to get to your lecture hall.

You can always use the school shuttle to avoid walking. 

  • Lodges in behind flat are cheap compared to Hilltop and Odenigwe.
  • Security is not much of a concern in Behind flat. Nsukka is a peaceful town.

How Much Are Lodges in Behind Flat

Self Contain is between eighty to one hundred and fifty thousand Naira (₦80,00 – 150,000).

Single room in behind flat is between forty to seventy-five thousand Naira (₦40,00 – 75,000).

Green House in UNN

off campus in unn

Lodges in the greenhouse are very cheap. I mean very affordable. It is the best place to find a cheap house. 

Electricity is constant in the greenhouse. The greenhouse has stable electricity more than other areas in UNN.

But, the distance to campus is a disadvantage. You can only stay here in comfort if you have a car or motorcycle. Also, few students live in this area. 

How Much Are Lodges in Green House

Self Contain in Green House is between fifty to one hundred and twenty thousand Naira (₦50,00 – 120,000).

The price for a single room apartment in Green House ranges from twenty to sixty thousand Naira (₦20,00 – 60,000).

Odim in UNN

unn lodges

Odim is my favourite off-campus location. I’m going to be a bit partial here. I lived in Odim during my first year. So, you see why.

The indigene ratio is very high. Odim looks like a modern village. 

The crime rate in Odim is zero. You can leave your door open while you go for lectures. But don’t try this.

To emphasize the security status in Odim. You can sleep with your door wide open without the fear of losing your lecture note. 

Electricity is constant in Odim. Some areas use the more constant school light. 

How Much Are Lodges in Odim

cheap lodge in unn

Single room in Odim cost between forty to seventy-eight thousand Naira (₦40,00 – 78,000) = 40-78k

Self contain is between sixty to one hundred and sixty thousand Naira (₦60,00 – 150,000).

Kindly note that the prices provided above are estimates. Cost of lodges varies with location. Ensure that you rent a hostel that suits your budget.

Only pay for a lodge that you have inspected yourself. Make sure to ask questions from people living in the area.

Note that many agents are going around looking for first year students to defraud. Shine your eyes.

Walking distance off campus is walkable to lecture halls except for greenhouse.

Single Room Toilet

How to Get a Lodge in UNN

Every year, I assist students get off campus lodges in UNN campus. You can be rest assured that you will get the best lodges.

  • You have a wide variety of options to choose the lodge that fits your budget and taste.
  • To get a lodge, the first step is to contact me on WhatsApp or through a phone call. From there, I would be able to assist you to get a lodge.

If you have any question, let me know in the comment box below or contact me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Contact Details

  • 08134182464 (Call only)

Banks in UNN

Here is the list of banks and ATM terminals in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

  • First Bank Nigeria
  • United Bank of Africa
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Access Diamond Bank
  • UNN Microfinance Bank
  • Zenith Bank ATM

First Bank Nigeria

First Bank is beside the Nnamdi Azikwe library beside UNN container. First Bank is one of the busiest banks on campus due to the fact it is in the heart of the Nsukka campus.

There are about seven ATM’s in the bank that serves the University community.

United Bank of Africa

UBA is next to Fidelity bank close to Okpara and Balewa hostel

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank is beside UBA bank.

Access Bank

Access bank is in UNN campus gate. There is also an ATM terminal at the Access bank ICT building.

UNN Microfinance Bank

The bank is beside Access bank at the campus gate.


Student Multipurpose complex.

Zenith Bank ATM

It is in front of the UNN Zenith Bank ICT Building.

Note: All the banks in UNN closes by 4 pm.

Most Beautiful Buildings in UNN

  • Nnamdi Azikiwe Library
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Emeritus Prof. Paul Akubue Building)
  • Abuja Building
  • UNN Administrative Block
  • School General Studies Building
  • UNN Zenith Bank ICT Building
  • Faculty of Biological Science Building (UNN Jimbaz)
  • Marlima Student Center

Restaurants in UNN

  • Chitis Restaurant
  • 11:45 Restaurant and Coffee Shop
  • Marlima Restaurant
  • Student Union Building (SUB)
  • UNN CEC Guest House
  • ChefD
  • UNN Container
  • Old Carolina Restaurants and Bar
  • PG Refectory
  • Krystal’s Place
  • Sogo Emporium Restaurants

Cheapest Guest House and Hotels in Nsukka

In case your parents need a guest house to stay during your matriculation ceremony. Below is a list of guest house and hotels in Nsukka. You’d need to make further inquiries to know the cost of this accommodation. 

  • UNN CEC Guest House
  • Golden Valley Hotel Nsukka
  • Conis Hotel
  • Grace Manor Hotel
  • New Ikenga Hotel and Resort
  • Jerry Marriott Hotel
  • Remax Hotel 
  • Old Carolina Hotel Nsukka 
  • Flemingo Suites
  • Ikenga Hotel
  • Canaan Lodge

Churches and Campus Fellowships in UNN

  • St. Peter’s Catholic Chaplaincy, UNN
  • Christ Church Chapel, UNN
  • Ideal Life City
  • The Redeemed Christian Church of God
  • Graduate Students Fellowship, UNN
  • Watchman Campus Fellowship
  • Methodist Campus Fellowship
  • Redeemed Campus Fellowship (RCF)
  • Deeper Life Campus Fellowship (DLCF)
  • Nigeria Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES)
  • Scripture Union Campus Fellowship (SUCF)
  • The Lord’s Chosen Campus Fellowship
  • Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS)
  • Mountain of Fire and Miracles Campus Fellowship
  • New Covenant Family (NCF)
  • Student Christian Movement (SCM)
  • Winners’ Campus Fellowship (WCF)
  • Christ Ambassadors Student Outreach (CASOR)
  • Student Christian Union
  • Anglican Student Fellowship (ASF)

Fast UNN WiFi Hotspot in UNN

  • Princess Alexandra Auditorium
  • MIS
  • GS Building
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe Library basement
  • Zenith ICT centre
  • Abuja Building
  • Geology
  • CDeL
  • Social Science
  • Exams and Records
  • VC Office

Join my WhatsApp Group for first-year students in the departments in the UNN College of Medicine.

You will receive guidance on how to excel in your academics.

Past questions will be on the group to enable you to prepare for your exams.

Also, you will receive helpful guides when you crossover to UNEC Campus.

I would love to hear from you in the comment box. 

  • Ask me any question about UNN and I would respond to you ASAP.

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Once again, congratulation on your admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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    • Michael,

      I would not advise that you live in Green House as a student.

      The student population in Green House is low. You can only cope if you have a car or motorcycle.

      I recommend you get accommodation in Odim. You can get a single room for about 40k depending on the standard of the lodge.

      The basic rule of getting cheap lodges in UNN off campus accommodation is to secure a lodge on time when the demand is still low. It is the period you would be able to find cheap lodges.

      Nevertheless, to get a single room in Green House or Odim. Arrive campus. Ask for direction to any of your preferred locations.

      At the begin of every session, you would see posters on campus on single and self contain lodges.

      Be careful not to encounter scammers.

    • The hostels in the school are in manageable habitable conditions. The female hostels are okay especially as squatting (overpopulation) isn’t much of a problem there.

      A major downside of living in the school hostel is poor sanitary condition. Usually, ladies use custard cups for their business.

      Staying off campus may be advantageous when you consider personal hygiene and serene environment.

      I recommend you check out the hostels yourself when you come to Nsukka for your Post UTME.

  1. Good afternoon sir, my name is David and I am from kogi state please I need an advise sir I am planning to choose unn as my first choice in the next year jamb. What are my chances of getting the admission sir

    • Hello David,

      You have a good chance of getting admitted into UNN next year. First, there is no discrimination of the state of origin whatsoever in UNN admission process.

      Mathematically, a student from Kogi has a higher chance of gaining admission into UNN than a student from Enugu because of the fewer number of applicants.

      The University follows the Federal government admission quota, which is:

      1. Merit – 45%
      2. Catchment – 35% (Enugu, Delta, Anambra, Imo, etc).
      3. Educationally less developed states – 20% (Kogi, Kwara, Kaduna, Benin, etc).

      I don’t know the course that you intend to study in UNN, but I strongly advise that you work hard to pass both the JAMB and Post UTME exams with high aggregates.

      Your aim should be to meet the cutoff mark and have the highest score amongst the students who applied for the same course from your state.

      I recommend that you read: How to Pass UNN Post UTME Exam

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