BSc Nursing Science Curriculum Course Outline in Nigeria

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This post contains the BSc Nursing Science course outline in Nigerian universities. Undergraduate Programme FIRST YEAR FIRST SEMESTER Required Ancillary Courses   COURSE CODE                  COURSE TITLE UNITS BIO 101                                  Genetics for Medical Students 2 BIO 151                                  General Biology I 3 CHM 101                                Basic Principles of Chemistry 1 2 CHM 171                                Basic Practical Chemistry 2 PHY …

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Radiography Course Outline in Nigeria 2024

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This post contains the Radiography Course outline in Nigeria. Radiography Course Description COURSES IN THE TRAINING CURRICULUM FIRST YEAR (100 LEVEL)  FIRST SEMESTER Course Code                                      Course Title GSS 101                    …

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Faculty of Law Course Outline and Courses in Nigeria

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Law is a five-year degree program in Nigerian Universities. This post contains the Faculty of Law course outline and courses in Nigerian universities. Note that the course code may vary from university to university. How to Make Money as A Law Students in Nigerian Universities Departments in Faculty of Law The following are the departments …

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Course Outline for Medical Laboratory Science 2024

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This post contains the course outline (first & second semester) for students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science. First Year First Semester SN Course Code Course Title Unit 1 CHM 101 Basic Chemistry 2 2 PHY 111 Physics I 2 3 MTH 111 Mathematics 3 4 BIO 151 General Biology 3 5 BIO 101 …

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