University of Ibadan (UI) Hostels & Hall of Residence 2023

There are ten (10) Undergraduate Halls of Residence in the University of Ibadan, six (6) and three (3) Halls of Residence for boys and girls only respectively.

The last one is meant for both genders and is situated at the University College Hospital (UCH) for medical students in 300, 400, 500 and 600 levels.

Below are the listed hall of residence with a number of students in each room

University of Ibadan Hall of Residence

UI Boys’ Hostel

  • Mellanby Hall – Three (3) student per room
  • Tedder Hall – Three (3) student per room
  • Kuti Hall – Three (3) – Four (4) student per room
  • Sultan Bello Hall – Four (4) student per room
  • Great Independence Hall – Four (4) student per room
  • Nnamdi Azikiwe Hall – Four (4) student per room

UI Girls’ Hostel

  • Queen Elizabeth II Hall – Four (4) – Six (6) per room
  • Queen Idia Hall – Four (4) – Six (6) per room
  • Obafemi Awolowo Hall – Four (4) per room

UI Medical Student’s Hostel

  • Alexander Brown Hall

University of Ibadan Halls

Here is the list of halls at the University of Ibadan (UI):

  • Kuti Hall
  • Tedder Hall
  • Mellanby Hall
  • Bello Hall
  • Independence Hall
  • Zik Hall
  • Queen Elizabeth Hall II
  • Awolowo Hall
  • Idia Hall

Kuti Hall (Kutites)

Hall for the small, small boys.

If you collect their biscuits, they’ll start crying!

Some could even go and bring their parents to campus to come and fight you.

If you ask a Kutite to lend you his Iron. He go first call his mum/dad to confirm whether he can borrow anyone his iron.

Hall for the spoilt ajubutter children.

Tedder Hall (Tedderites)

Dem no too mature but they’re nice people and very, very gentle.

They can’t cook. Na their cafeteria dey collect their money.

Tedderites are used to boredom because no much fun in their hall.

They’re a little bit boring. But they’re naturally funny. They don’t talk too much too.

Mellanby Hall (Mellanbites)

Na them dey dress fine pass. Dem like to dey, dey neat and clean.

They’re lively people. Them dey have fun well. They don’t really have time for girls.

Bello Hall (Bellite)

Zero fun! They’re very quiet people.

They’re focused only on their academics and God. Na dem dey read book pass oo. Na here pastors and alfa’s plenty.

Independence Hall (Katagites)

These people ehnn, E sure for me say dem go dey copy for exam hall, the way Indy dey copy Zik culture and character ehnn, Dem wan be like Zik but dem no fit.

Indy guys are very fresh and smart but not calm. Na dem dey carry UI girls pass.

Zik Hall (Zikites)

UI Zik Hall

Most lively hall with most lively people in UI.

Na here comedians full pass.

Zikites sabi book oo.

Zikites dey whine!!!.

Zikites are shana, smart & intelligent.

If you wan wise for you life. Jus live for Zik.

The love between zikites strong pass UI WiFi.

Queen Elizabeth Hall II

Girls here are the female kutites.

Girls wey daddy don spoil with money and indomie.

You go see their voice wey thin. Them go come dey use fashion spec. up and down.

Na heritage Park dem dey meet guys for night. Dey romance them.

The only good thing about them is that they dress very tush! Good dressing.

Awolowo Hall

The Ladies here are very brave.

They’re courageous and mature. They love guys.

Every Awoite get boyfriend. Awo girls like fun, them like to dey , dey with their guys.

Idia Hall

I’m not going to talk about them

Best Hostel in UI

Here is the list of the best hostels at the University of Ibadan (UI).

  • Mellanby Hall UI
  • Tedder Hall, UI
  • Queen Elizabeth II Hall, UI

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