How to Check Your JAMB Mock Result Online on Phone 2023

You can check your JAMB Mock result online using your smartphone or personal computer (PC).

The JAMB mock result is available for students who registered to take the exam during their JAMB registration.

JAMB mock examination is a test to check your level of preparation for the main UTME exercises. It is not compulsory and does not affect your JAMB score.

You can check your JAMB mock result using the checker portal. But you cannot see your score using SMS.

This post shows you how to check your JAMB mock result online on your phone for free.

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How to Check JAMB Mock Result Online on Phone

Here are the steps on how to check your JAMB mock result online using your phone for free;

The procedures on how to check JAMB Mock result online on phone

  1. Open your phone internet browser

    Launch your Chrome or Safari internet browser on your smartphonechrome browser

  2. Visit the JAMB Mock Result Checker Portal

    Go to on your internet browser.JAMB result

  3. Enter your JAMB registration number, email address, or phone number

    Input your registration number, email, or GSM number

  4. Click on Check My Results

  5. View your JAMB mock result.

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  1. My email address is not responding,how can I check using my registration number.the number is 202210301863gf


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