Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) Scholarship Scheme 2024

Nigeria LNG Limited remains focused on education and human capital development as areas of special significance because these two areas are intrinsic and fundamental to national development.​

NLNG has three main levels of scholarship schemes: Post Primary, Under-Graduate and Post Graduate to encourage academic excellence and support human capital development in Nigeria.

NLNG Post Primary Scholarship

The scheme aims at assisting high performing basic six pupils in the company’s host communities to access post-primary education.

The scheme kicked off in 2012 with 28 beneficiaries and, by 2019, it had grown to 342 beneficiaries with a total sum of N825,300,000 ($2.697m) expended to date.

Prospective pupils are admitted to the scheme through an application on the company’s website based on advertised criteria.

A selection test is then conducted to place the best top candidates onto the scheme.

NLNG Undergraduate Scholarship

This was founded as a critical component of our education intervention programme for our host communities in 1998 and was opened up to the rest of Nigeria in 2003.

A total of 3,416 undergraduates from various universities in Nigeria have benefited from the scheme and  N768.9m ($2.5130m) million has been invested in it.

The introduction of online applications and the use of social media (Facebook) for information dissemination in 2012 made the selection process more efficient and cost-effective, and increased awareness of the Scheme.

The scholarship award value is N150, 000 per annum for the course duration of each awardee.

The scheme was reviewed from 150 beneficiaries a year to 300 starting from the 2018/2019 academic year.

NLNG Overseas Post Graduate Scholarship

This scheme was launched in October 2012 with an annual intake of 15 beneficiaries to study in leading UK universities.

The value of the scholarship is USD67,500  per awardee per study. Actual spend per awardee however ranges from USD45,000 to USD67,500, depending on the course of study.

The scheme covers these areas of study: Environmental Studies, Engineering, Management, Accountancy, Economics, Information Technology, Geology, Banking, Law and Medicine.

The 2019 awardees have commenced their programmes in various UK universities. 78 persons have so far benefited from the scheme with a total expenditure of N1.308b ($4.27m).

NLNG Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Scholarship

The security situation in North-Eastern Nigeria has unfortunately created a large population of vulnerable persons.

This scheme was instituted to complement Federal Government’s effort in rebuilding Nigeria’s North-Eastern region through the award of scholarships to 30 candidates (10 from each of the IDP camps in the three states worse hit by insurgency – Adamawa, Borno and Yobe).

This award is for the sponsorship of students in secondary education.

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  1. Good evening. This is a follow up on when the NLNG Post Primary School Scholarship Exam for Host Communities will take place.
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    • Hello Belema,

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  2. Hi, when will the post primary scholarship registration & exam take place? Pls assist with accurate information

  3. Please I need more information on how to apply for NLNG, Shell and Agip post primary scholarship for my children. Also for overseas scholarship for post graduate. Thanks.


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