Requirements to Study in Germany for Nigerian Students

Germany is one of the best study destinations for Nigerian students studying abroad.

The Schengen country of Germany offers free education for Nigerian undergraduate and postgraduate students.

German universities have a high ranking globally for offering quality education and research in Science, Arts, Technology and Medicine.

Studying in Germany is a dream come true because of the study environment and quality of education.

But there are requirements you must meet as a Nigerian student applying to study in Germany. These conditions include German language, academic, visa requirements, etc.

Without meeting these conditions, you would not be able to secure admission to any of the universities in German.

This post is about the requirements to study in Germany for Nigerian students.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

Studying in Germany as a Nigeria Student

Foreign students at the University

There is a large community of Nigerians studying in Germany. The country offers a beautiful experience for students in terms of architecture, education, culture and lifestyle.

One of the advantages of studying in Germany is the free tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

It means you do not need to break the bank to study in German schools.

You only get to pay certain charges per semester, accommodation and feeding expenses.

Another advantage of studying in Germany is the permission to work as a student earning over a thousand Euros (€1,000).

The money you earn as a student would be sufficient to cater for your academic and personal needs.

A common concern for Nigerian students is learning the German language.

Well, it is not compulsory to learn the German language if you are studying a course taught in English. Otherwise, you will take foundation courses to speak and write the German language.

Ensure you learn German using online platforms like Duolingo and YouTube before departing Nigeria.

The following are the category of courses offered at Universities in Germany;

  • Bachelor’s Degree (BSc)
  • Masters’ Degree (MSc)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Best Student Cities in Germany for Nigerian Students

University campus

The following is the list of the best and cheapest student cities in Germany for Nigerian students;

  • Berlin
  • Munich
  • Frankfurt
  • Dresden
  • Aachen
  • Hamburg
  • Bonn
  • Cologne
  • Heidelberg
  • Stuttgart
  • Freiburg
  • Marburg
  • Darmstadt
  • Munster
  • Oldenburg

Requirements to Study in Germany for Nigerian Students

a student studying with books on the table

The following are the requirements to study in Germany for Nigerian students;

  1. Apply to Study in Germany
  2. Open Block Account
  3. Secondary School Transcript
  4. Student Visa Type D
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Passport Photograph
  7. Valid International Passport
  8. Medical Certificate
  9. English Language Proficiency Certificate
  10. University Application Form
  11. Admission Letter
  12. Nigerian School Certificate

Apply to Study in Germany

The first step to gaining admission to study abroad is applying to a university in the country.

To do this, you must research the university you want to attend. Your field of study is also a criterion to determine the school you apply to for admission.

There are over three hundred and twenty (320) universities in Germany. It is advisable to narrow your choice to universities that offer undergraduate and postgraduate programs in English.

The admission date and requirements are available on the school websites. Ensure you take your time to go through the university website to get the necessary information.

Application to study in Germany is through the following processes;

  • Online Application
  • Post Mail Letter
  • Submission of Application through Email

Open Block Account

A block account is an account for students with limited withdrawal ability required to apply for a visa in Germany.

The block account is where you would deposit the stipulated sum of money sufficient to take care of your academic and personal expenses during your first year in Germany.

The estimated monthly expenses for a Nigerian student in Germany are €800. Multiplying €800 by twelve (12) months in a year will give €9,600.

It means you need to open a block account in Germany immediately after you get your admission letter. You only have access to withdraw €800 every month.

The following are the banks in Germany to open a block account as a Nigerian student;

  • Deutsch bank
  • Fintiba
  • Xpatrio

Secondary School Transcript

A secondary school transcript is a requirement to get admission to German universities.

The secondary school is not your WAEC or NECO result. It is a compilation of your results in secondary school.

You would need to go to your secondary school to request your secondary school transcript.

Student Visa Type D

German student is the document that gives you access to travel from Nigeria to Germany to study.

The interview for the student visa takes place at the German Consulate General in Lagos. For Visa, the application fee is €75.

You need to open a block account before attending the interview.

The following are the documents you need for your visa application;

  • Two visa application forms
  • Valid passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Identical photos
  • Proof of financial means
  • Letter of admission from the university in Germany
  • Enrolment confirmation
  • 2 signed declarations forms
  • School Leaving Certificates of Primary and Secondary School / WAEC Certificate
  • Proof of previous academic studies/professional training/ work experience

English Language Proficiency Certificate

English language proficiency certificate is a requirement for some schools.

But most universities in Germany would not request a language proficiency certificate.

Check the university to know if you need an English proficiency certificate.

Undergraduate Study Requirements

  • WAEC result
  • Valid international passport
  • A birth certificate
  • Secondary Transcript
  • Medical fitness certificate

Postgraduate Study Requirements

  • First-degree result
  • Valid International passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Two reference letters
  • Research work and or a statement of purpose
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53 thoughts on “Requirements to Study in Germany for Nigerian Students”

  1. Good day Mr Blessing an impactful time I’ve had reading on this page.
    My relative applied to study data science at the university of applied science, Berlin. the campus fee, school fees and the blocked account was fully paid he also applied for an appointment date for a visa interview in August to resume in October and a confirmation email was sent but shortly after this
    1. The amount meant to be paid into the blocked account increased. This is after we had already paid into the blocked account
    2. October came and there was no appointment date or visa interview which made him defer his admission to Next year April 2023
    3. Then he reapplied for the visa again and went to certify his documents: waec, blocked account, tuition fee, birth certificate, admission letter, application form, international passport, motivation letter and we are yet to hear from the embassy. Please I want to know how long does it take to get an appointment date and visa interview at the embassy and what would slow it down and is there any step we have not duly followed or requirements unfulfilled. Thank you

    • Hello Tessy,

      It is a pleasure to hear from you.

      Sorry about the inflation and appointment delay with your relative

      It can take between 6–12 weeks.

  2. Which university in Germany can I study psychology without IELTS under master’s level.
    Can I also apply for PhD after my master’s on the same psychology.

  3. Thank you for sharing well detailed information on all the processes, it’s really very impressive. I have a few concerns I will like to ask and I intend sending a mail to you, but that aside what is the student visa acceptance rates for private owned universities that are English taught? My children got several offers but I’m skeptical about proceeding with the payment of initial fees. Which private owned universities in Germany have the highest student visa Acceptance rates please?

    Kind Regards.

    • Hello Mr. Amadi,

      Congratulations to your kids on their admission.

      Can you state the Private universities they got admission offer so I can find out their acceptance rate?

      Generally, I will advise you to proceed with the necessary payments.

  4. Good day sir, please I have a question am nigerian living in Europe and also I have European resident permit, so I want to apply for Degree here in Germany but am afraid if I go back to Nigeria wether they’ll allow me to for NYSC that’s my concern.

  5. Thank u very much sir for this wonderful information. I want to study msc accounting in germany but I just have some fears because of d the following:
    1: I have HND and a Postgraduate diploma in accounting. My chances of getting admission if apply
    2: I don’t know how to speak German.
    3. Have not written IELTS exam
    4. Whether to go to Canada instead.

  6. I want to apply for MSc in agricultutal field in Germany. Can i use Neco as proof of english proficiency? I have my tramscript and other necessary documents

  7. Victornwaine Hi Ola, my friend got admission to study a one year programme in a Canadian institution after which he will apply for permanent residence. Can i do a one or two year programme in Germany and still be qualified for PR. ?

    • Hello Victor,

      Your friend can’t just do a one-year programme and apply for permanent residence, it’ll more time than that.

      To receive permanent residence in Germany, you need to have stayed in Germany for at least 5 years.

      You can decide to go as a student for 2 years, after which you can get a working permit and within that time, apply for permanent residence.

  8. Hi Ola, My friend applied for a one year programme in a technical school in Canada and after studying, he’s going to apply for a permanent residence. can I do a one or two year programme in a German technical school and still be qualified for my permanent residence after study?

  9. Hi, which schools would you recommend for a graduate study in Media and Communications? Also, are there no need for English Proficiency test both for admissions and visa application?

  10. Hi, I am hoping to apply for a graduate study in Media nd communications. What universities would you recommend? Also, will there be no need for any English Proficiency Test both for admission and visa application?

  11. Thank you sir for your content. I have 3 questions
    1) Can one apply without secondary school transcript
    2) Is NABTEB accepted
    3) Can one apply to a higher level (maybe year 2) if it has spent two/three years studying in a foreign university (Nigeria)

    Thank you very much sir for your time and consideration

    • Dear Samuel,

      You should get your secondary school transcript though you can proceed without it.

      NABTEB is not a globally recognised result so there’s no chance of acceptance with it.

      You can do a university transfer instead of applying to start from the first year.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

  12. hello,
    in the case of applying to an undergraduate degree in Germany, Is studienkollege important.
    and if the degree am applying to is to be taught in English is studeinkolleg necessary

    • Dear Grace,

      Studienkollege is only important if your educational background does not qualify you for direct entry into a course of study.

      It’s like a preparatory course you take but it’s not compulsory.

      If you have recognised academic certificates, you have nothing to worry about.

  13. Good evening sir, please I will need your help on these information. I want do my undergraduate study in Germany. Please I don’t have an idea of the school to pick. I hope to study engineering student. Please which university can I attend and what are the requirements.
    3. The university
    4. Tuition fees
    5. intakes
    6. Visa application
    7. Application process
    8. Available courses
    9. Accommodation
    10. More relevant information.
    Sorry sir this is a bit too much but I will appreciate any help u can offer.

  14. Good Days sir, I am planning on Study an undergraduate degree in Germany.. Sir is it compulsory i have a English language proficiency test with me .. I am thinking of applying to Free University of Berlin… Also i dont have a secondary school transcript sir..

    • Dear Muhammed,

      Not having your secondary school transcript will certainly pose an issue.

      And for most German schools, a proficiency test is to test for the German language and not English.

  15. Hello, thanks for the information, please what is the update on getting a visa appointment at the German embassy in Lagos after getting admission from one of the universities in Germany?

    • Hello Mike,

      See below the Germany student visa requirements for Nigeria.

      1. Valid passport + 2 copies of its data page – only E-Passports can be accepted, no observations or renewals allowed

      2. for non-Nigerian nationals residing in Nigeria: copy of Nigerian residence permit

      3. 2 fully filled and signed Visa Application Forms (Application for a Residence Permit) – NO copies required!

      4. 2 signed declarations according to Section 54 Paragraph 2 Nr. 8 of the German Alien’s Law

      5. 2 passport photos according to biometric specifications, one attached to the application form and one loose (both identical photos)

      6. School Leaving Certificates of Primary and Secondary School / WAEC Certificate

      7. Proof of previous academic studies/professional training/ work experience (if applicable)

      8. NPC birth certificate or Declaration of Age deposed to by head of Family (please note that an NPC birth certificate may only be accepted if the applicant is born after December 13th, 1992)

      9. up-to-date letter of admission from the university in Germany

      10. up-to-date enrollment confirmation, if applicable

      11. proof of knowledge of the German language, if applicable

      12. printed (NOT handwritten) and personally signed letter of motivation, max. one page (A4)

      13. printed (NOT handwritten) and personally signed Curriculum Vitae stating all visited schools, and universities as well as listing all employers until date of visa application, max. two pages (A4)

      14. due to limited capacities a prepaid courier envelope by any major courier service to return your passport and documents

      15. proof of financial means for the duration of your stay, max. one year by one of the following

      The General Consulate will only accept applications with fully funded blocked accounts OR original formal obligations marked “nachgewiesen” OR a scholarship financed from German public funds or European supported funds.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  16. Hello, I have a Bsc (B.Ed) Educational Technology, I have been searching for the perfect course I can do .
    Please can you suggest what course I can apply for with my degree.

      • Good evening sir, please I will need your help on these information. I want do my undergraduate study in Germany. Please I don’t have an idea of the school to pick. I hope to study engineering student. Please which university can I attend and what are the requirements.
        3. The university
        4. Tuition fees
        5. intakes
        6. Visa application
        7. Application process
        8. Available courses
        9. Accommodation
        10. More relevant information.
        Sorry sir this is a bit too much but I will appreciate any help u can offer.

  17. Hi, for someone who is hoping to get an invite from a permanent resident to Germany, can NECO results be used to gain admission? Which is better, to move to Germany first or secure admission?
    Thanks for the information 😊

    • Yes, Hahn

      You can study in Germany with your NECO result.

      Concerning your second question, are you applying to study at the Postgraduate level?

      It would be easier to get admission for postgraduate studies than move to Germany.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

      • Hi pls I an assistance to apply to a course of an undergraduate
        in Germany…. preferably an English course. Pls how to I go about it. And which university is preferable. Thanks

        • Hello Gold,

          You can try Technical University of Munich(TU Munich), LMU Munich and Free University of Berlin.

          These schools are quite good for offering English taught courses.

  18. I really want to thank you for sharing such an amazing post. it contains all the information needed for my work to be complete. once again, thanks for I believe this post will also be useful to others as well.


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