Rivers State University Departmental Cut Off Mark 2024/2025

This post contains the Rivers State University (RSU) departmental cut off mark for all the courses at the University.

The Rivers State University (RSU) general cut off mark for the 2022/2023 academic admission session is 180.

Students who score 180 and above in the 2022 JAMB examination can apply for the RSU Post UTME screening.

The DELSU cut off mark is a combination of your JAMB score and your Post UTME score.

Here is the step to calculate your RSU aggregate score;

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8
  • Know your RSU Post UTME score
  • Add your JAMB score divided by 8 to your Post UTME score.

For example, you have a JAMB score of 220 and a Post UTME score of 41.

The calculation for your aggregate score is;

  • JAMB Score: 220/8 = 27.5
  • RSU Post UTME Score = 41
  • RSU Aggregate Score: 27.5 + 41 = 68.5

Your aggregate score will determine if you will get the course you have applied to study at Rivers State University.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need further clarification.

Also, you can read my post on how to prepare and pass the RSU Post UTME exams here.

Let me know your Post UTME and JAMB score to know your admission changes. Also, feel free to ask me any questions.

RSU Departmental Cut Off Mark

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Here is the RSU departmental cut off mark for all the courses at the Rivers State University;

DepartmentCut Off Mark
Agriculture & Applied Economics/Extension37
Agriculture Extension & Rural Development42
Animal Science40
Crop/Soil Science40
Fisheries & Aquatic Environment41
Food Science & Technology43
Forestry & Environment50
Home Science & Management35
Urban & Regional Planning40
Human Anatomy53
Human Physiology51
Medicine and Surgery73
Nursing Science62
Communication and Media Studies52
Business Education28
Adult & Communication Education47
Educational Management40
Library & Information Science41
Science Education35
Vocational/Technical Education38
Agriculture & Environment Engineering34
Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering52
Civil Engineering50
Computer Engineering58
Electrical Engineering58
Marine Engineering50
Mechanical Engineering55
Petroleum Engineering49
Environmental Management38
Quantity Surveying 39
Surveying & Geomatics35
Management 54
English & Literature in English51
History & International Diplomacy53
Religious Studies45
Theatre Art52
Law 69
Banking & Finance48
Animal & Environmental Biology39
Office & Information Management34
Computer Science57
Medical Laboratory Science57
Plant Science & Biotechnology37
Geography & Environmental Management38
Political Science54

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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339 thoughts on “Rivers State University Departmental Cut Off Mark 2024/2025”

  1. Please I was transfered from political science to philosophy and I accepted it
    It was now reflecting as my first choice for some time it later went back to political science should I do change of course

  2. Please sir I have some questions
    Do the school select a course for u during supplementary or you select a course of your choice?
    Is the departmental cutoof mark out?

      • Pls sir after writing the jupeb program and getting the direct entry from am I still going to write the university exam and please wat the cut off mark for jupeb program in Rsust

        • Samuel,

          RSU does not do the JUPEB programme.

          It is advisable to sit for the university entry exam to increase your chances for admission.

  3. Good day Sir
    Can I get admission through supplementary with an aggregate of 46.125 for Biochemistry?
    My initial course is Nursing?

    • Yes, Favour,

      Though, your aggregate score is no up to the cut off mark for Biochemistry.

      You may want to consider choosing a course in the Biological Sciences.

  4. Please my aggregate is 49, and i didn’t pass my cut off mark, so i want to do a change of course, will i go to the school or Jamb CBT centre to effect the change?

    • Riches,

      You will only go to the JAMB CBT centre after you have been given admission.

      The supplementary form is done on the school portal when it is available.

  5. I got an aggregate of 54, do I still stand a chance of studying computer science whose cut off is 57 or should I get a supplementary form?

    • Miracle,

      Your aggregate score is lower than the cut off mark for Mass Communication.

      You will likely get admission for another course similar to Communication Studies.

  6. Hey Good morning
    My baby sis wrote and scored a total of 64.8 as her aggregate. Is it possible for her to be admitted into the department of law

    • Hello Dave,

      She stands a slim chance for law, because she is short of five marks from the cut off mark.

      If she does not make the merit list, she will have to apply for supplementary admission to a less competitive course.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

    • Ben,

      Your aggregate score is not up to 59.

      But, you stand a slim chance, or you will be given a lesser competitive course.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  7. Dear Blessing,
    My son scored 289 in JAMB and 25/50 in the CBT. He wants to study Medicine. What are his chances of getting admission

  8. Hello My name is Chinwe, I have an aggregate of 43.875 in the just concluded Rivers State UTME exam. Please do I stand a chance to gain admission to study mass communication?

    • Yes, Michael

      The O’level subject combination for Combination for Computer Science is Five (5) SSC credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, Physics plus two (2) other Science subjects.

  9. Hello sir, please I scored 207 in JAMB and 23 in POST UTME. Can I still get admission in RSUST under mass communication?

  10. Sir my aggregate is 44 can I switch courses from medicine to micro biology then switch in 200 level. Advice me please so I can tell my dad I still have hope

  11. Hello sir I got 199 in jamb and 20 in post utme I know it’s too low for medicine in rsu but can I study med lab if yes how do I switch courses

  12. Sir pls I got 212 in JAMB and 22 in
    rsust post utme do I have a chance for nursing science in Rsust and my aggregate score is 48.5?

    • Gare,

      Your aggregate score is low for Computer Science.

      But, you stand for admission for a less competitive course.

  13. I scored 198 in jamb,
    And 12 in post Utme
    And my curse is 57
    If perhaps my points did not reach my cutt of mark, can rsu give me a curse that is below me cutt of mark?

    • Alice,

      Your aggregate score is low for Mass Communication.

      But, you stand a chance for admission to a less competitive course.

  14. My aggregate score is 48.652 and i applied to study human anatomy, can i still gain admission to study anatomy or they can switch me to biochemistry or microbiology

  15. Ma I scored 185 in jamb to study nursing in rsu
    So I was told if I perform better in post utme I will gain there admission
    So i want to know how possible it and wat other science course can I apply for that is relating to medcine

    • Blessing,

      Your JAMB score is low for Nursing Science.

      Hopefully, you will get admission for a related course.

    • No, Shalom

      RSUST does not accept second choice for admission.

      Also, your JAMB score is low for Medicine.

  16. I do all school admission processing
    If u have any issue or you want to register for post utme, change of course and institution you can call 07025658228

  17. Hello sir please am confused
    I scored 172 in jamb
    My jamb combinations are
    Can I be admitted if I do change of course from computer science to Geology in Rsu… Am worried sir

  18. Can I study medical laboratory science with 188,or should I go for biology education and later stwich in 200l, advice please

  19. Good morning sir or mama
    I score 170 but I put medicine and surgery but can you give any causes that is low then my ass score

  20. Hi good morning.
    Will I be allowed to purchase or write Post UTME at Rsu with a jamb score of 135 .
    Thank you

  21. I scored 169 and I want to studie Mass Communication in rsu but I don’t know if I can make it into the school with my score

  22. I scored 165 in jamb , I Don’t know if I can purchase rsu post utme form or I will just do pre degree in rsu then wait for next year and write another jamb cos am going for nursing ?. Does rsu do jubep program

    • Hello Shamsia,

      Your JAMB score is low for Nursing Science.

      Deciding t apply for a pre-degree is a good option.

    • Yes, Shamsia,

      It is possible if you get a high score in your Post UTME to meet the cut off mark.

    • Hello Shamsia,

      There is no reason to be scared.

      Wait till you see your JAMB result; hopefully, you will get a good score.

      The cut-off mark will be out a few months from now.

  23. My desired course is computer science buh my aggregate is 39
    I don’t know a good course I can supplement apart from geology and animal science…

  24. Please does rsu round what ever figure up ?
    E.g you had 64.5 is it gonna be 65 orrr just 64 or they are going to leave it like that 64.5

  25. I applied for Law and my aggregate is 61.4 while the cut off point is 67, is there a possibility of me gaining admission.

    Secondly, do they consider catchment area in their admission?

  26. I applied for Medicine and surgery in RSUST but l didn’t reach the cutoff mark which is 71…my aggregate is 53. What’s your advice?

  27. My agregate is 55.73 And the cut off for law is 67. Can i get admission to any other course without buying supplementary form?

  28. One of those less competitive course please
    Will I be giving admission on any course without doing change of course or I must do change of course first

  29. Please
    I have 42 .357 as my aggregate and the course cut off mark is 46 microbiology
    Do I have any chance of gaining admission in RSU to study microbiology

    • Yes, Bari

      You stand a chance for admission.

      Though, you may get admission for a less competitive course or Microbiology.

      • I just saw my result and I got 195 in jamb is there any chance I can’t get to write Post Utme exams for medicine or even nursing ?

        • Hello Moses,

          Your JAMB score is low for either Nursing or Medicine at RSU.

          You have to apply to a less competitive course.

      • Hello,
        Please is this the current cut off or the previous one, because someone told me that the departmental cut off is not yet out.
        My daughter’s aggregate is 50.3 for Accounting, would like to know her chances pls.

        • Yes, the cut off mark here is up to date.

          Her aggregate score is low for accountancy.

          Let me know if you have further questions.


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