The Container Vibe: A UNN Short Story

The whole class suddenly became silent as a graveyard as our Class Rep knew as Skeleton stood in front of the Classroom signalling to us he had an announcement to make.

Skeleton is so slim that he looks like an actual skeleton exhibited in Zwelling building devoid of any iota of human flesh. “Even with our class dues this guy no still fit try fat small.

Hope he is not here to tell us to pay any money like crossing over dues because boys are no longer jonzing. “I said to myself. 

“Good afternoon everyone” Mr Skeleton echoed. “The BIO 101 Class is no longer holding because of bla bla bla”. 

“Bomboclaat! After I’ve suffered to run from Vet Hall to JIMBAZZ and manage to sit in the front today, you say class no they hold again. Unacceptable” I said out of frustration.

“This is not just fair but black” Amarachi announced with her voice breaking as though she was about to cry. 

I could relate to her plight because Amarachi had earlier on struggled to enter the classroom only to discover that her weavon was still outside.

It took the intervention of Immanuel her friend to frantically search for the weavon which was later discovered at the JIMBAZZ quadrangle.

With the mix reactions that have now engulfed the whole class, I walked out of the Room 201 class with an already accumulated negative vibe.

As I trecked with all shades of frustration under the scorching Nsukka sun capable of bleaching one’s destiny, I walked towards the famous “Container” located in “front of the back” of Nnamdi Azikiwe Library, I began to hear the voices of the young ladies usually stationed in front of the aluminium oven singing 

“Bros your material here, your photocopy, you want passport?”. 

“Very soon na Bros your BSc certificate here we go begin to hear,” I said smiling as I stepped into the Container Oven.

Container debuts as an ICT Hub where you can process your online applications, get all kinds of hard copy materials and also do photocopy/binding. Most importantly, the oven houses food canteens and snacks kiosk for the ajebutters.

Immediately I entered the container, the hot air greeted me “Ke ki me.” The place is so hot that you would think you’re in the balcony of hellfire.

I ducked as I saw Mmesoma, my coursemate, trying to buy soya milk and buns. “Before she goes say Lion come and pay for me.” I dodge am as I walked briskly to Mama Ebuka spot.

“Customer you don come?: Mama Ebuka asked me.

“No the VC don come, “I said in my mind with a wild grin.

Mama Ebuka: kedụ ihe ị chọrọ iri?

“Oh, Chim! Why this woman they speak Igbo for me abi she no know say I will be Warri boy ” I thought to stare at her with an expressionless face.

“Abeg gbese-me two Eba with Egusi soup. Hope the Eba no loose guard like yesterday own?” I asked.

“My son, the Eba today dey concrete-like Abuja Building” she said.

“Oya nack am come. Add small Ogbono to the Egusi for proper lubrication. No put meat o.’ I said with a note of satisfaction.

Not wasting any time, I began to fold my long sleeve as I prepared for the hot war.

As soon as she placed the food in front of me, I instantaneously began to dig the Eba like a hungry Lion while forgetting to pray. Halfway into the meal, I began to think.

Why did my countenance change when Skeleton announced that the class will no longer hold, why did I allow that information to give me a negative vibe, I didn’t even listen further to know if the lecturer had fixed the class some other time? Hmm…

Life itself is characterized by lots of challenges that may tend to make us attain a negative vibe (emotional state) involuntarily.

These unpleasant experiences push us to a level of negativity that may even make us lose passion for what we love and for people we love.

The reality of life is that there will always be pessimistic situations that may want to drown us in the ocean of sadness and pain.

The ability to maintain a positive mindset makes us a true legend. In all, true happiness can only be found in Jesus.

Even when you find yourself in a place of negativity with vibe killers or negative vibes, never allow yourself to be infected with the deadly virus of negativity and sadness.

You deserve to be happy. Developing a positive vibe is important if we must remain happy in the means of life hurdles that we would surely encounter while running the race. You must think positive and act positively to get positive results.

Happiness makes success spicy.

Bob Moawad says “The best day of your life is one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses.

No one to lean on, or blame. The gift is yours – it is an amazing journey – and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life begins.” Making happiness your lifestyle is…

Lion! Lion! A familiar voice barked as I regain consciousness.

“Oh Chioma, Good afternoon” I greeted lazily.

“Afternoon” she answered. “Hope you have heard about the fixed MTH 111 class today from 2-4 pm at FBS” she queried.

“Fixed Math class for this hot sun again, make ona kukuma kill person for this UNN.

I’m tired, I no do again. I’m now a MARLIAN. “

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