25 Best Business Ideas to Start with Little Money in Nigeria 2024

There are lots of businesses, to begin with, a little capital. If you are searching for the best business you can start with a little capital in Nigeria, then your search is over because this article will give you lists of the best businesses that don’t require much capital to start.

Many opportunities have been made available for small business entrepreneurs that wish to have their own business with little capital.

All that is needed to start such businesses is just a good business idea or plan, research, and a little capital, then boom your business is set to start.

Though running a successful business isn’t just a child’s play and so it will require your time and good plans.

The world’s business reports show that 90% of new businesses close after a year or more of running such business due to a lack of plan and management.

However, at present, having an entrepreneur’s passion is not enough to start a new business if you’re expecting a successful business, it, therefore, means to be successful in your business and also to outshine your competitors doing the same business with you, you need to be exceptionally good, have a unique business idea, plan and good management skill.

Remember, you can always create a website to help your business grow fast, create a logo if possible, have a unique package, look for a good location where your business will sell well, know your targeted customers.

You must also have marketing skill by recognizing good social media platforms to tell the whole world about your business and what you offer.

Having said all that, let’s forged ahead to the main content of this article.

Best Business Ideas to Start with Little Money in Nigeria

Here is the list of the top outstanding twenty-five (25) best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Computer Centre/Cyber Cafe Business
  3. Food Home Delivery
  4. Bakery
  5. Event Planner
  6. Electrical Appliances Repair
  7. Food Stocks Vendor
  8. Phone Accessories Dealer
  9. Rental Services
  10. Photograph
  11. Provision Store
  12. Graphics Design
  13. Content Creators Services
  14. Fruit Sellers
  15. Online Cooking Classes
  16. Kids Caregiver
  17. Home/Online Tutor
  18. Blogging
  19. Video/Event Coverage
  20. Pet Business
  21. Makeup Artist
  22. Farming Business
  23. Online Fashion Boutique
  24. Online Travel Planner
  25. Interior Design/Decoration

Digital Marketing

laptop computer

Digital Marketing is one of the best businesses to start with a little capital.

Digital Marketing helps businesses to grow fast and then with the fast growth of technology, Digital marketing has become one of the lucrative businesses around the world.

To start a digital marketing business doesn’t need much capital, you can start this business with just your smartphone, and without renting a shop because everything happens online.

All you need to have is a good market strategy or skill, identify your targeted customers, and before you know it you start making profits.

Computer Centre/Cyber Cafe Business

A man and a woman looking at a computer screen

During ancient times, this is one of the types of centres where people have the privilege to browse the internet. It’s one of the businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

Now, this business has got to a bigger dimension, people running this kind of business makes a huge sum of income.

Starting a computer centre business doesn’t need a big fund to run, with just a computer system, internet connection, a printer, chairs and a good site like a school environment you’re already set.

If you can’t rent a shop at the early stage, you can look for a kiosk to start now, and then grow to a bigger shop.

Food Home Delivery

man riding bicycle

If you’re someone that loves cooking food, then this is a creative opportunity for you to show your cooking skills off to the world.

Food delivery is a lucrative best business, to begin with, a little capital. It doesn’t need much income to start.

You can even start this kind of business from the comfort of your home. However, you don’t need a physical shop before you can start a business like this.

Bakery Business


Before heading to run a business like a bakery, there are some things you need to look into which is a business plan.

Bakery business is almost like every other business, it needs a good business strategy and a business plan to make it a profitable business.

A bakery business is the best business to start with a little capital. If you enjoy or like baking, not only the passion but the love to design and bake delicious cakes and the rest of them, then you have this business to start at a low cost.

Event Planner

Nigerian event ceremony

Nowadays people hire an event planner to handle their events in a beautiful and well-organized manner. Of course, everyone likes what’s good.

However, if you’re someone that loves a well-organized party, (it can be a birthday, wedding or get together party), or you’re a creative planner, and you’re currently searching for the best business, to begin with, a little capital, then thinks of this amazing business.

The good news is that It needs no shop to begin, all you just need is the skill and passion to start.

Electrical Home Appliances Repair

laptop repair

Electrical home appliances repairs are one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

Though, this kind of business is specifically for engineers or electricians who can find electrical faults and then give a solution to solve the problem.

Repairing or fixing electrical appliances is a great business that doesn’t need a shop to start, you can convert a small space in your home to a shop just to get started.

Foodstuff Business

Nigeria food

Selling foodstuff in the market is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

As food is something we cannot stay a day without, it will be a good move to begin this kind of business as a day cannot go by without making sales because people buy foodstuff every day.

And the interesting thing is that to start this business doesn’t need huge money, you can begin in small size and then grow to a bigger shop with time.

Phone Accessories Dealers

social media

We’re right now in the era where almost everyone is handling one or two phones.

it will be a good idea if you start selling phone accessories because there’s no way you can stay a day without selling either phone charger, battery, memory card, and the rest of them.

Nonetheless, this business also doesn’t need you to go looking for where to get a loan before you can start, it’s one of the best businesses, to begin with, with a little capital.

Rental Services

Nigerian man washing car

This is also the best business, to begin with, a little capital. You can start this business just from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is to find some equipment to rent out and get paid.

Like you can rent plastic chairs, canopies, music instruments or a hall to people that needs this stuff during their occasion.

Photography Business

Nigerian photographer

Nowadays, photography has become a nice business, to begin with, with a little capital at hand.

The photography industry has been there for old times, though it has upgraded now and people in this business are making huge cash-out.

You know It’s rare now to see any event without a photographer to take their photos just for future references.

So you see, if you have a passion for taking photos or love keeping a memory, then this kind of business will be easy for you to begin.

No need of searching for a loan to start a business, with your smartphone or a smaller camera, and light and a good marketing skill you will be able to get some customers to take their photos, edit and deliver that’s all.

Provision Store Business

Coca cola bottles in crate

Starting a provision store business is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

Although the business already has so many large markets like malls, supermarkets, market squares, etc.

However, if you don’t have enough capital to begin in a big way, you can still be able to make a lot of profits from this business if you start small in a good location where the business is needed.

Then with a good business plan, and making sure to open your shop at the right time when your customers need to buy things and also have the needed commodities your customers need, with this strategy, customers will always visit your store to get all that they need instead of going to the mall or a supermarket.

Graphics Design

A person using a laptop

Having online the skill is not enough to start this kind of business, you need to create an eye-catching website to advertise what you do to the target customers.

Graphics design is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

Your work is to help thousands of industries design their company or business logos, their social media posts, website, banner design, and lots more.

Content Marketing Services

Woman sitting in front of a MacBook

If you’re the type that has a passion for writing, then I will advise you to go into this kind of business. It’s a good business to start with just a little capital.

To take this business to the next level, you’re required to generate some unique and important content for customers that have a blog website or you can equally create content for your own business to attract more traffic.

Fruit Business

Fruits on a table

This is a nice business, to begin with, a little capital though lots of people look down on this business.

Selling fruit doesn’t require huge money to start as you can easily go to the native market get some fruits and then resell to make a profit.

No need of looking for a loan to rent a shop before you can start a business, as you can start The business just in front of your house.

Online Cooking Classes

Nigeria food

Are you’re the kind of person that cooks nice or delicious foods and lots of people admire your cooking?

If yes, it means you can do well in this kind of business.

Starting an online food cooking class is a good business idea that lots of people don’t know about.

If it’s your dream to have a big restaurant and you don’t have enough money to start one now, and you know it’s not often advisable to start a new business with a loan.

However, starting online cooking classes is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

Since you already have a passion to cook, I will advise you to convert it into video cooking tutorials for people to learn online, and then your small saving money can turn that small business of yours into a big restaurant tomorrow.

Kids Caregiver

Twin boys

Due to some parents’ busy schedules taking care of kids is in high demand right now, though for parents to find the right person whom they can trust is hard to find.

So If you’re an individual that loves to stay around kids, love taking care of them, then you can fill this vacant need around you by starting a kids caregiver business in your neighbourhood.

All you need to do is find a good space in your home, tell your friends, and neighbours.

And guess what? this is the best business, to begin with, a little capital which will generate big profits within some months.

Home/Online Tutor

tutorial centre

Rendering home tutorials for people in their homes or online is another best business, to begin with, a little capital or no capital at all.

If you love teaching, this is a great opportunity for you to show your skill to many people and generate your money.

It’s a kind of business that needs no shop or goods to start, but a skill to tutor people and get paid hugely, so you don’t bother looking for a huge capital to start it.

Blogging Business

A student with a laptop

One of the best businesses to begin with a little capital is a blogging business although a good number of people don’t know about this great business.

To start this business, you need to create some unique and outstanding contents to post on your blog website either daily, weekly or monthly depending on your schedule, you can start with your smartphone in the meantime, and then upgrade to a laptop later.

Starting a blogging business doesn’t require much stress, you can equally run several websites with different niches at the same time, though you will need to hire content writers to generate content for you.

Video/Event Coverage Business

Man holding dslr camera

This is not about making videos alone but creating a unique and outstanding video to keep future memories. Lots of people are into this business already, so making your videos exceptionally awesome will help you outshine your competitors.

Video coverage is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital, all you will need to start such a business is a camera, light, and microphone.

Pet Business

girl petting dog

Pet business is not a rampant business yet, though lots of people are into it already generating some profits. Are you aware that 85% of people living around the globe have one or two pets in their homes?

In some countries like India, Uk, the USA, etc. Lots of people spend huge money to get a pet.

Pet business is the best business, to begin with, a little capital, as many love keeping pets, if you don’t have enough money to start it big, you can always start it in a little way, and then grow it to a large business of your choice.

All that is needed are some pets, a small space to breed them, and a good marketing strategy.

Make-Up Artist

woman in a white flora dress

Are you in love with making people look beautiful with lipsticks, shadows, and powder or your dream is to become a makeup artist? then you need to consider starting this business. Make-up is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

Today, the beauty industry is fast growing to a bigger dimension to the extent many people can now study makeup in school to learn the skill, and then used it to earn a huge income.

The great news is that after learning this skill, you can be privileged to meet with celebrities, make them up, and get paid hugely.

Farming Business

Nigerian man in the farm

To start this business you need to have some empty land good enough for farming.

Though, people are running away from this farming business due to its nature without knowing that it’s one of the businesses to make huge cash shortly.

Now that everyone is looking for a white-collar job, going into agriculture can be of great benefit to you in time to come.

Farming business is the production and commerce of agricultural products. It has various areas you can start small with a little capital and make huge money, areas like:

  • Fish farming
  • Poultry farming
  • Vegetable and fruit farming
  • Livestock farming
  • Fertilizer dispersion
  • Bee farming
  • Snail farming
  • Dairy farming and more.

Online Fashion Boutique

clothes for sale

Are you a lover of good fashion, can you construct nice styles of clothes using patterns or you’re an individual that can make people look stunning while putting on your design at any event?

If this individual sounds exactly like you, hence you need to consider turning this your passion for great fashion into a profit-making business.

This online fashion boutique is one of the best businesses, to begin with, a little capital.

To run this kind of business effectively and to run above your competitors, you need to create a unique style, get a business website, or better still, build outstanding social media platforms to market your passion.

Online/Offline Travel Planner

air hostess wearing facemask

With the high rate of travelling this day, travelling planning is the best business, to begin with, a little capital.

So many people are seeking ways to save their hard earn money, therefore, if you can render such services to people to help them plan their travel without spending much money, then this can become the best business, to begin with, a little or no capital.

Interior Designer

white leather couch

Interior designing is the best business, to begin with, a little capital. Like every other business, it also needs a good business plan to run.

To start your entrepreneur journey, you can consider this line of business.

The interior design industry is fast growing with a lot of competitors because of the high rate of income it generates, this business has some areas people can specialize on, areas like:

  • Workplace projects
  • Commercial projects
  • Residential projects and lots more.

Interior designing has a lot of people already in the business, so to stand out from your competitors, you should consider having a unique business card in form of an advertisement.

Tips to Run a Successful Business

Here are ten (10) tips that will help you run a successful business in Nigeria;

  1. Have good selling products/services.
  2. Look for a good site that suits your business before you start.
  3. If you have the funds Register your business with CAC.
  4. Have a functional business bank account.
  5. Try to do all business transactions through the bank.
  6. Keep proper financial RECORDS.
  7. Have good management skills.
  8. Adjust your business earnings into another new business that will generate daily income.
  9. Learn to have a good relationship with your customers.
  10. Finally, if you want to get a loan to help your business, lending institutions don’t want to hear “the business is doing well”. they need to see how far your business has gone, to know if your business is doing well or not before they can lend you some money.


Thankfully, the era of “I don’t have enough capital to start a business has gone”, now there are opportunities made available for best businesses you can begin with just that little capital at hand.

If you’re about to start a new business, I hope this article will help put you through the right track that will help you run your smooth and successful business.

Good luck as you start your entrepreneur business journey.

Let me know in the comment box below if you have any questions. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. I have a Laundry shop.. and the business challenges are much, going to generator issues, and other few minor issues do some can be fixed but to the main one, the rent is well dued.. but my main challenge is getting a generator, I believe it’s a way to make services quicker than formally… Please give me a unique process over this..

    • I understand that you are facing some challenges with your laundry shop, and that the generator is one of the biggest issues. Here are a few ideas that might help you get a generator and overcome this challenge:

      1. Talk to your landlord. Explain the situation to your landlord and see if they are willing to work with you on the rent. They may be willing to give you a break on the rent until you can get a generator, or they may be willing to let you install a generator on the property.

      2. Look for financing options. There are a number of financing options available for small businesses, including loans and grants. You may be able to get a loan to purchase a generator, or you may be able to get a grant to help you cover the cost.

      3. Start a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is a way to raise money from a large group of people. You can start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to purchase a generator.

      4. Partner with another business. If you know another business owner who is also facing generator challenges, you could partner with them to purchase a generator. This would help you save money on the purchase price and on the operating costs.

      5. Consider a solar generator. Solar generators are becoming increasingly popular, and they can be a good option for businesses that are located in areas with good solar resources. Solar generators use solar panels to generate electricity, so you would not have to worry about running out of fuel.

      I hope these ideas help you find a solution to your generator problem. Good luck!

    • Hello Toheeb,

      Here are a few ideas that you can consider:

      1. Retail Business: Open a small retail store selling essential items like groceries, toiletries, snacks, or beverages. You can also focus on a specific niche, such as selling organic or health food products.

      2. Mobile Phone Accessories: Set up a shop or kiosk where you can sell mobile phone accessories like phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, earphones, and power banks.

      3. Fashion Accessories: Start a business selling affordable fashion accessories like jewelry, handbags, wallets, or sunglasses. You can either have a physical store or consider selling online through social media platforms or online marketplaces.

      4. Fast Food Stall: Consider opening a small fast food stall or kiosk, serving popular snacks, fast food items, or local delicacies. You can focus on specific items like Shawarma, grilled chicken, or local street food.

      5. Beauty and Cosmetics: Start a beauty supply store selling cosmetics, skincare products, hair extensions, and beauty accessories. You can also offer services like makeup application or hair styling if you have the skills.

      6. Printing and Photocopying Services: Set up a printing and photocopying shop near educational institutions or commercial areas. Offer services such as printing documents, photocopying, laminating, and binding.

      7. POS

      8. Farming & Poultry

    • There are many profitable businesses that you can start in Nigeria. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

      1. Food delivery: The food delivery industry is growing rapidly in Nigeria, as more and more people are looking for convenient ways to get their meals. You can start a food delivery business by partnering with restaurants or by creating your own menu.

      2. Fashion design: Nigeria is a fashion-forward country, and there is a growing demand for high-quality, locally-made clothing. If you have a talent for fashion design, you can start your own fashion line or open a boutique.

      3. Beauty services: The beauty industry is also booming in Nigeria. If you are skilled in hairstyling, makeup, or nail art, you can start your own salon or spa.

      4. ICT-based business: The ICT sector is growing rapidly in Nigeria. If you have skills in web development, graphic design, or social media marketing, you can start your own ICT-based business.

      5. Education: The education sector is also growing rapidly in Nigeria. You can start an education business by offering tutoring services, online courses, or even starting your own school.

  2. I ave a shop dat I sell things like food provisions,but after paying huge amount 4 the shop,there is no sales,coz people selling d same product are much.
    Wat is ur advice plz,coz d rent wil b due soon also.am just wasting t.fare and buying fuel almost 2-3times a wk.
    Plz ur advice

    • I understand that it can be challenging to run a business when there is a lot of competition in the area. Here are a few suggestions that might help you improve your sales and attract more customers:

      1. Consider diversifying your products: If you notice that many other shops in the area sell the same products as you, consider offering some unique items that aren’t commonly found in the area. This will help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

      2. Build relationships with your customers: Make an effort to connect with your customers by providing excellent customer service and being friendly and approachable. This can help build a loyal customer base that will keep returning to your store.

      3. Consider moving your shop: If you’ve tried all of the above and are still struggling to attract customers, it may be time to advance your shop to a different location with less competition.

      Regarding paying the rent, it’s essential to communicate with your landlord and explain your situation. They may be willing to work with you on a payment plan or negotiate a lower rent if you struggle to meet ends. It’s always better to be upfront and honest with your landlord than to ignore the problem and risk eviction.


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