UNIJOS Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation 2024

The university environment does not only influence but re-shapes one’s behaviour and way of life.

Which is the reason why individuals have preferences as to which place to live or not to live.

The environment in regards to its influence on the academic performances of the student is a factor to be considered, it is for that purpose why school hostel accommodation, as well as other external accommodations (off campus) surrounding the campus, are made available with little cost attached depending on the locality.

Hostel on campuses are buildings provided by a particular university with different rooms which students obtain at less cost.

UNIJOS is among the few universities that understand the importance hostel plays in the lives of her students.

To the institution, to better achieve high academic performance there should be available hostel accommodation conducive for learning, which is the reason behind the structures for her student’s accommodation.

This article seeks to help widen your knowledge about the institution’s hostel accommodation, procedures involved in securing an accommodation in UNIJOS, why and why not choose the institution’s hostel accommodation.

University of Jos (UNIJOS) Hostel Accommodation

The University of Jos has indeed made available quite several good hostels which can accommodate at least 5000 students with further plans of renovation to make it more comfortable for her students.

The university hostel accommodation is made available for most especially the fresh and final year students. It gives priority to both 100 level and final year students before students in 200 level, 300 level 0r 400 level as the case may be, will be considered.

The reason behind this is because it helps the fresh students to settle in easily and plan for a new phase of life, easy to access materials, tutorials, lecture halls and even their fellow new students and the hostel accommodation is based on the first come first serve basis. This applies to the final year students.

Even with all that has been said about the university hostel accommodation one cannot completely say that the hostel accommodation is conducive for students. The University of Jos has 5 hostels in number namely:

  • Naraguta-Hostel
  • Abuja Hostel
  • Student Village Hostel
  • PG (postgraduate) Hostel
  • Zion Hostel

UNIJOS Male Hostel

The University of Jos has part of the hostel allocated to the male counterpart different from the female hostel.

Parts of the hostels given to the male students are the block A and B of Abuja hostel, with part of PG and Naraguta hostel as well, and finally, 9 compounds out of the 13 compounds are also allocated to the male students.

UNIJOS Female Hostel

The female students just like the male have been allocated part of the hostel which suits them.

One of the hostels completely allocated to the female students in the University of Jos is Zion Hostel with the capacity of accommodating more than 100 female students, C to E of the blocks in Abuja hostel is also allocated to the female students as well the Naraguta hostel.

UNIJOS Accommodation Fee

The University of Jos hostel accommodation fee is structured in the order of facilities and convenience made available.

The fee ranges from the number of students a room can accommodate which could be a room of four, two and a single person accommodation. The information below

  • Naraguta hostel accommodation fee estimated at N30,000.00
  • Abuja hostel accommodation fee is N15,000.00 excluding another processing fee.
  • Student village hostel accommodation fee is N15,000.00
  • PG (postgraduate) hostel accommodation fee is N80,000.00
  • Zion hostel accommodation fee is N30,000.00

UNIJOS Hostel Clearance

The University of Jos hostel accommodation fee is not a compulsory fee for both the new and old students but an important one for freshers and final year students aside from its cost-benefit implication, the other benefits as mentioned earlier should be taken into consideration.

The procedures involved in the application of the university of Jos hostel accommodation fee by the newly admitted students as well as old students are listed below:

UNIJOS Hostel Application

Here is the procedures for UNIJOS hostel application process;

  • Visit the school portal via: https://portal.unijos.edu.ng and log in with your email and password.
  • Follow the steps required to make payment
  • Take your payment proof (online slip) to the student affairs division for documentation and hostel allocation.

UNIJOS Off campus accommodation

The hostel versus the off- campus accommodation is a debate among freshers and even among returning students that are not going to end anytime soon. While some students claim that living in the school hostel is the only way to achieve academic excellence.

The further argument posits that the school hostel will propel you to study better. Campus life is all about the experiences of interacting with other students.

No doubt, staying in the hostel will give you the best campus life experience. You will get to meet funny, annoying, intelligent and kinds of personalities.

In the same vein, others argue that academic excellence does not only comes from living in the school’s hostel accommodation but Living off-campus also is not dull. Some lodges are quite exciting similar to the hostel.

The thing with lodges is that people get to keep to themselves.

Well in my opinion living on or off-campus depends on personality, security, financial strength and so on. Academic excellence can be achieved irrespective of whether living on-campus or off-campus.

Different Areas around the Campus for Accommodation and the Average Cost

The University of Jos with its very large number of students cannot provide hostel accommodation for all the students.

For that reason, students go to areas around the campus for accommodation. The different areas around the campus in UNIJOS are listed below:

  • Rusau village is near to the student village hostel.
  • Farin Gada axis
  • Bauchi road axis
  • Angwan Rogo
  • Gidan mai
  • Angwa rukuba
  • Ring-road etc.

The cost of accommodation off-campus around those areas listed above ranges from forty thousand to sixty thousand naira for single rooms and sixty thousand naira to a hundred and twenty thousand naira for self-contain.

Pros and Cons of Living in School Hostels


Nearness to lecture halls makes it easier for students in the hostel can get to class from their room in less than 5minutes.

But the case is different for students living off-campus because they will have to walk a long distance or enter the school shuttle to get to the class which could be a problem where there is an emergency fixed class or test.

Sanitation: Sanitation is nothing to write home about in the school hostels ranging from their surroundings to the restrooms.

His is due to the nonchalant attitude of some lousy students who use the restrooms without flushing and dumping refuse at the slightest space.

In terms of academic performances, it has been observed that students who live in the hostel perform well in their academics.

This is because students in the hostel have the advantage of going to their classrooms or common rooms at any time to study and even organise tutorials. Though that does not mean that only those who live in the hostels will get a high CGPA.

Staying off-campus is not a gateway to failure. There are lots of students living off-campus who are doing well in their academics.

Therefore, passing your exams depends on your source of motivation to study.

Study Environment: A study environment is a place where you can read your books and understand. For many people, it can be in a noisy or serene environment. A student that can study in a noisy environment would prefer to live in the hostel.

But a student who needs a serene environment to read may have to consider living off-campus. It is important to note that some off-campus lodges can be noisy due to the playing of loud music, etc.

Student Privacy: Living in the school hostel gives little or no privacy. Your business is also your roommate’s. You can rarely get free time to yourself in the room. But staying in a lodge off-campus will give you access to unlimited privacy.

You can do whatever that you like inside of your room if you live alone. Privacy is very important; this is because you can do whatever you desire to do without external interference.

Finance wise: Living in the school hostel is much cheaper than staying off-campus. Hostel accommodation does not exceed eighty thousand naira (N80,000). But a self-contain lodge off-campus might cost as high as one hundred and fifty thousand naira (N150,000).

So thus, it is cheaper to live in the school hostel than off-campus. Also, you will not have to struggle with paying utility bills like electricity bills, water bills, etc. To stay in the lodge, you need to be buoyant financially.

Hostel Security: Security is a concern for many students due to the insecurity challenges facing the state. It is no safer today due to the recent attacks on schools and students. It is assumed that most of the notorious students live off-campus.

Stealing is more common in the school hostel. These thieves are usually fellow students who sell stolen properties to third parties. It is worse if one of your roommates is a thief. On off-campus, stealing does not occur like in the hostel except for arm robbery. Wherever you stay, it is necessary to protect your personal belongings from thieves.

Privacy: It is rare for school hostels to have accommodation for students who wish to stay alone. Most often than not, it would be required for two or more people to live in a room.

In this setting, your privacy is threatened. Staying off campus affords you a choice to choose whether or not you will stay alone, that is if you can afford it.

Independence: Living off-campus gives the feeling of independence and freedom. It also means no more curfews and dorm rules; you get to do what you want when you want and with who you want, unlike in hostels where there are restrictions as to your actions and how you conduct yourself.

Work: Students who school and work would not do well in hostels. This is because the work may require you to work odd hours, do work assignments in a serene and peaceful environment free from noise.

Living off campus gives the benefit of relaxing and calm, without having to deal with roommates and noise.

Roommates: In school hostels, you don’t get to choose who your roommates are, as they are chosen for you by the school authorities.

Problems could arise where the roommates are incompatible and don’t get on with each other.

Living off campus gives you the independence to choose who gets to be your roommate and who wouldn’t.


One major characteristic of schooling in the university is the fixed classes at different departments which are as a result of the borrowed courses and course, faculty courses.

Socialization and Networking: Living in a hostel allows you to network with people in other faculties and allows you to make friends with them.

Makes life easier: the timetable for lectures could have free periods of like three to four hours before the next class. What most students who live in hostels do are that they go to their hostels only to come out for the next class.

This luxury cannot be afforded by students living off campus, as they would be left to stay and hang around till the next class.

Availability of resources: resources like the library, computer rooms, Wi-Fi (could be used to download movies and apps to help assist students) and other centres available to help students study life easier and better are mostly in the university environment, meaning it is on campus.

Being on campus, it is easier for students living on campus to access them than students living off campus, as it would most likely be inconvenient for them.

Cheaper living cost: the cost of living for students living on campus is relatively low. Everything is cheaper compared to living off-campus, from food to the internet (the free Wi-Fi means little to no bills paid for internet), water, and accommodation. You will not have to pay bills for electricity or security or even water.

Cost of Transportation: Living on campus means there would be little to no need for transportation as the hostels and classes are located in the school. Transportation, if needed would be at little to no cost.


In conclusion, from the above one could observe and be convinced beyond reasonable doubt that environment (living in the school hostel or off-campus) influences a student’s attitude and way of life including academic performances.

It is therefore advised for parents or students to choose accommodations that best suit their personality.

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