Passed or Failed JAMB? Here’s How to Conquer the Next Admission Stage

JAMB results are finally out, and I know how stressful this time can be. Whether you’re jumping for joy or feeling a little down, this post guides you on what to do next after seeing your JAMB score. So, take a deep breath, hit that subscribe button, and let’s dive in!

So, you have seen online posts about people scoring 300+ in their JAMB and heard about the highest JAMB scorer who attended one of the most expensive private secondary schools in Nigeria. And you are wondering what your chances of gaining admission to study your dream course are.

Well, in my case, I was devastated when I saw my first JAMB result way back in 2012. 

Guess what it was? My JAMB score was 181; the funny thing is that I applied for Medicine and Surgery at the University of Port Harcourt and the University of Benin as my first and second choice, respectively.

That was back in 2012 when you could get admission with 180, but not for Medicine and Surgery. However, the case is quite different today as the cut-off marks of universities keep increasing yearly due to the competition for a few admission slots.

I went on to sit for the JAMB exam four more times due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. Of course, you will not end up like me because I am here to share my mistakes and give you the best candid advice you won’t find anywhere.

So this is not a post where I will encourage you by saying don’t worry, keep pushing. Your Post UTME score will cover you. My goal is to advise you as I would to myself in 2012.

Evaluate your JAMB Score

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Refrain from rushing to apply for or start preparations for the Post UTME exam. 

First, you must evaluate your JAMB score to determine your best chances for admission to your school of choice and course of study. Don’t make the mistake of saying I will score high in my Post UTME even though my JAMB score is low.

A few weeks ago, I was sad when a young lady informed me she was not admitted to UNN despite getting 305 in her JAMB. If she had met me earlier, I wouldn’t have advised her to apply to Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nigeria with that JAMB score.

The truth is bitter, but now is the best time to make critical decisions. For proper understanding, I will break this section of the post into two;

  1. Course of Study 
  2. School of Choice

Course of Study

You have applied to study your dream courses: Law, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Political Science, Nursing, etc.

The question is if your JAMB score suits the course you have applied to study. For example, you need a JAMB score of over 250 to study Law in most universities. An applicant with a lesser score will find it challenging to get this admission.

It is the mistake I made for five (5) years. I applied for medical courses with low JAMB scores.

As you must know, every course requires a suitable JAMB score. For medicine, you need 300+; for social sciences, you need more than 200.

Competitive courses require a higher JAMB score than less competitive courses.

My job here is to give you the best advice. So, comment on your JAMB score and the course you have applied to; let me tell you if your score is suitable.

School of Choice

Your school of choice is the second criterion determining your admission chances. You see, there are different categories of higher institutions in Nigeria, which include;

  1. Federal Universities
  2. State Universities
  3. Private Universities
  4. Polytechnics
  5. College of Education
  6. School of Nursing
  7. College of Health Science

The admission requirements for these institutions vary. The excellent thing is that you can gain admission to either one of these schools regardless of your JAMB score.

Do you remember I told you about the lady who got 305 in her JAMB but could not get admission to UNN for any course? If she had applied to a State university like DELSU, she would have stood an excellent chance in Medicine and Surgery.

The institution you choose is significant regarding your JAMB score. Federal Universities require a higher JAMB score due to the many applicants. It doesn’t mean they are necessarily better than State Universities.

Whatever your JAMB score, you stand a chance of admission if you make the right decision about the school you are applying to. A Bsc certificate in Mass Communication from UNILAG is the same as that from LASU.

So don’t make the mistake of applying to schools where your JAMB score cannot guarantee admission to study your desired course, all in the name of your wanting to attend a federal university.

Tell me in the comment about your JAMB, course applying to study, and school of choice to know your chances for admission. If your admission chances are low, I will give you the best alternative school or course to apply to.

Post UTME Preparation

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After you are sure you have made the right choice regarding your school of choice and course of study, The next step is to start preparing for your Post UTME exam or screening immediately.

Most universities conduct their own entrance exams after JAMB. Research your chosen schools and find out their Post-UTME details – registration dates, exam format, cut-off marks.

You must know the Post UTME format for the school you are applying to. There are three Post UTME screening formats;

  1. Post UTME exam
  2. Online Post UTME exam
  3. Post UTME screening using O’level results

Let me know in the comment if you need clarification on the Post UTME format for your institution of choice. Also, check out my post in the description on how to pass your Post UTME exam.

Past Questions

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Get your hands on past questions for your school’s Post-UTME. Studying these will familiarize you with the format and content of the exam. 

You must know that various schools have their format for the Post UTME examination. Some schools conduct aptitude tests, while others use your JAMB subject combination.

Stay Informed

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Staying informed on admission updates for your school of choice is necessary. Keep an eye on your desired schools’ websites and social media pages. They’ll announce important updates like registration dates, exam schedules, and cut-off marks.

It is easy because you can join my Facebook group, dedicated to students sitting for the Post UTME examinations, to get up-to-date information. Click on the link in the description box to join now.

Alternative Programms

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Explore pre-degree programs or foundation courses that some institutions offer. These can prepare you for the rigors of university and improve your chances of gaining admission next year.

However, you must be careful when selecting a school for this program. Some institutions are notable for not giving students admission after the one-year pre-degree program. 

Also, note that admission to competitive courses like Medicine and Nursing is only possible if you are among the top students in the program.

I recommend registering for a pre-degree program because it helps you prepare for the next JAMB exam and offers double admission chances.

Alternative Institutions

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There are viable alternative institutions you can explore, commonly for science students to gain admission—some options include the Polytechnics, School of Nursing, and College of Health.

You can pick the form for these schools instead of waiting at home for an extra year. Do not think you must enter the university when your JAMB score is low.

The good thing about this decision is that you can still gain admission into the university through direct entry after two or three years of the program.


I know you have found this post helpful. Remember, your future is bright!  Leave a comment below, letting me know your JAMB score and next steps. I am here to advise you.

I am here to support you on this educational journey. Hit that like button and subscribe for more helpful content. Until next time, keep pushing forward!

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  1. I had a jamb score of 193 in the just concluded exam. I am applying for pharmacy at UNIPORT, what are my chances? What jamb score do I need to aim at to get a chance if I miss out on it this year?

    • Hello John,

      Your JAMB score is low for Pharmacy. I advise you change to another course.

      Let me know if you have further questions.


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