JAMB Syllabus for Government & Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025

The JAMB Government syllabus is the topic you must study for the UTME examination.

Using the JAMB syllabus to study for your examination is the open secret to getting a high score.

The JAMB Government syllabus also contains objectives for each topic. These objectives are what you must know for every topic you study.

This post contains the complete list of topics in the JAMB Government syllabus.

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JAMB Syllabus for Government

Part I: Elements of Government

  • Arms of Government
  • Basic Concepts in Government
  • Citizenship
  • Constitution
  • Forms of Government
  • Political Ideologies
  • Political Parties and Party Systems
  • Pressure Groups
  • Principles of Democratic Government
  • Processes of Legislation
  • Public Opinion
  • Structures of Governance
  • Systems of Governance
  • The Civil Service
  • The Electoral Process

Part ii: Political Development in Nigeria

  • Constitutional Development in Nigeria
  • Imperialist Penetration
  • Institutions of Government in The Post-Independence Nigeria
  • Local Government
  • Political Parties and Party Politics in Post-Independence Nigeria
  • Post-Independence Constitutions
  • Pre-Colonial Polities
  • Process of Decolonization
  • Public Commissions Established by The 1979 And Subsequent Constitutions
  • Public Corporations and Parastatals
  • The Military in Nigerian Politics
  • The Structure and Workings of Nigerian Federalism

Part iii: Foreign Policy and Nigeria’s Relations with The International Community

  • Foreign Policy
  • Nigeria in International Organizations
  • Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
  • Relations with African Countries

Part iv: International Organizations


Candidates should be able to:

i. evaluate the operations of these international organizations.

ii. assess the role of these organizations in world affairs.

iii. appreciate the challenges of these organizations and how they can be overcome.



(b) OAU, AU.

(c) Commonwealth.

(d) OPEC.

(e) UNO.

(f) African Petroleum Producers Association.

– Origin, objectives, structure, functions, achievements, problems and prospects of these organizations.

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    • The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) syllabus for Government includes the following topics:

      1. Introduction to Government
      2. Types of Government
      3. Constitutions
      4. Political Ideologies
      5. Public Opinion
      6. Political Parties
      7. Elections and Electoral Systems
      8. Pressure Groups
      9. The Executive
      10. The Legislature
      11. The Judiciary
      12. Public Administration
      13. International Relations
      14. Nigerian Government and Politics
      15. Comparative Politics

      Each of these topics is broken down into subtopics that you can find in the JAMB syllabus for Government.

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