How to Become a Successful Upcoming Artist in Nigeria 2024

People see the musicians on stages and screens flaunting wealth, then because of that they want to go into the music industry to make their own money, this is done in disregard to the challenges that come with being successful in the music industry.

This ideology is mostly carried about by the youthful males in the society and when they do not get what they want from the entertainment industry then they feel bad and cheated.

For you to be successful in this industry, you must know the steps needed in achieving success.

The entertainment industry (informally known as show business or show biz) is any business that generates value or income by providing people with something interesting to do or watch.

They control the manufacturing and distribution of entertainment.

The term show biz connotes popular performing arts such as music, plays, comedy, film, etc.

Meanwhile, the music industry is any business that generates value by composing songs, recording music, and sheet music, presenting concerts, as well as the organizations that aid, train, represent and supply music creators.

The music industry consists of artists, composers, songwriters, producers, recording studios, sound engineers, performers, record labels, entertainment lawyers, music lobbyists, etc.

Who Is an Artist?

 An artist is one is involved or engaged in an activity relating to any works art,

A person who generates authentic beauty in diverse forms could be a painter, sculptor, actor, dancer, musician, or writer, me who is able by imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.

It is a term used to describe anyone who creates or engages in arts.

Who Is a Music Artist?

A music artist is someone passionate about music, who creates, performs, and sings music. An Artist has a recognizable sound.

This includes their song arrangements as well as vocal style. They create a sub-genre of their own.

A music artist is different from a musician, as these words have been used wrongly. This is because most artists are not musicians themselves.

These artists will have a musical idea in mind, and find the right musicians for the idea, share their ideas with them and so execute it the way they want it.

Similarly, guitar players who contribute to an original song by adding their guitar patterns and riffs, are not just musicians but are artists contributing to art.

What Are the Challenges of an Artist?

There are numerous challenges music artists face in their careers. Some of them are

  • Motivation
  • Competition
  • Persistence
  • Funding
  • Piracy

How to Be a Successful Artist

Increase Your Creativity

Creativity has been one of the selling points for most musicians. Your ability to create something uniquely different from whatever other people are saying helps to sell you out in the music industry.

For this very reason if you must be a successful musician you must develop the passion to improve on your skills to meet with the trend of the contemporary community such that if the trend of music at a time is the jazz genre of music then you should improve your skill to that of a jazz singer.

Networking, Advertising, And Branding

For one to consider himself as being on the path to success in the music industry, he must know how to connect with the right people, who have already been in the business before him or her.

The music artist must also know how to advertise his talent and brand it to the pleasure of his audience. you can advertise your brand through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. this also helps in brand expansion as people will get to know you more in the industry.

Know The Demands of the Target Audience

Being successful in the music industry sincerely requires you to meet up the demands of your target audience.

This is also one of the reasons why as a music artist you must improve your skills as regards the trend of the society.

If you can deliver the right rhythm and playlist needed by your target audience at that period, your music will be successful, as people will like to stream thus bringing revenue.

For instance, if the trend of music is RnB and you produce a hit album that is RnB, you will see that, you will sell out the copies but your music might not sell if it is not aligning with the trend of that particular time.


Hard work and persistence has always been the bedrock of most successful artist in Nigeria such as Wizkid, Burnaboy, Olamide, etc. It can be said that it was not easy for them to reach the top of the chat in the music industry but hard work and persistence was their goal.

For you to be a successful artist you must have the zeal to be hardworking and persistent in performance.

You must be ready to be in the studio almost all the time, to create the best rhythm and beat for the target audience.


The mindset, in as much as it is one of the challenges of an artist, can also be the niche for a successful artist, this is so because in the world of business owners and entrepreneurs it is said that mindset is the first stage of achieving success or failure in a business.

So if a music artist must or ought to be successful in his expertise he must have a positive mindset about his venture.

This is done and evident when you disregard all the setbacks or excuses that will make you see reasons for not being successful and rather see reasons why your expertise should bloom beyond measures and you will see yourself excelling.

Other Forms of Artistry

Other different forms of artistry will be mentioned for studies in the cause of our discussion. These forms include:

  • Painting
  • Make-Up Artistry
  • Drawing

We will talk a bit about make-up artistry then we conclude.

Who Is a Make-Up Artist?

Make-up artists are those whose medium of art is the human body, these are experts that use make-up and prosthetics on others in the theatre, television, film, fashion, and other similar production aspects and the modelling industry intending to make the persons look beautiful.

Challenges of A Make-Up Artist

Creativity and Skills

As a make-up artist, your creativity ought to be top-notch as that is what your services hover around and if you cannot possess such a level of skill, then you cannot do well as a make-up artist in the field, as your potential clients will leave and go to another artist.

Finding The Right Platform

Finding the right platform to start your business as a make-up artist has been one of the major challenges of most make-up artists, this is so because the labour market in the recent dispensation is already populated with the services, as almost 60% of the youthful females in our contemporary society has ventured into this form of business.

Thus, in other for you to be a good make-up artist you must know how to create a great portfolio that you can use in selling your services out to the public and that can be achieved through different mediums such as networking and advertising your expertise to the public.

Bad Impression

These bad impressions are one of the challenges being faced by artists, these often come from customers or clients with which you have rendered services in the past and they were not impressed with your skill, while less often it comes from a fellow make-up artist.

However, these bad impressions can be prevented by developing your skills and making sure you meet the demands of your clients or customers. This is so because bad impressions bring about poor turnover in the business and loss of clients or customers.

How to Be a Successful Make-Up Artist in Nigeria

Developing The Right Mindset

The mindset, in as much as it is one of the challenges of an artist, can also be the niche for a successful make-up artist, this is so because in the world of business owners and entrepreneurs it is said that mindset is the first stage of achieving success or failure in a business.

Constant Improvement On Your Skills

Your skill is what proves your level or your professionalism of service, thus if it is not meeting the demands of the target audience then you are sure of losing customers or clients.

If you must be successful in your make-up artistry, then you must be constantly developing your skills and creativity to meet up the trends of the evolving society.

Finding The Right Marketplace

Generally, as someone who wants to be successful in a venture, this point should be one of the primary considerations you should put in place while opening the business.

After carefully considering these options, then you will know the best marketplace to site your business and expect a positive.

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