UNEC METAB Subjective Test Questions 2024

how to pass examination

This post contains likely subjective questions on the BIC 222 Metabolism test for second-year students in the College of Medicine, UNEC. BIC 222 is a second semester biochemistry course offered by the following departments in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus. Medicine and Surgery Dentistry Medical Rehabilitation Medical Laboratory Science Radiography Nursing Science Human Anatomy …

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UNN CHM 101 Note on Bohr’s Model of Atom (Hydrogen)

University of Nigeria, Nsukka

In 1913, Bohr put forward a theory based on the quantization of energy to improve upon Rutherford’s model of the structure of the atom. This theory also satisfactorily explained the line spectrum of the hydrogen atom. He postulated that; The electrons move around the nucleus in one of the several fixed circular orbits called energy …

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