How to Become a Party Delegate in Nigeria Primary Election 2024

A party delegate in Nigeria is a party member elected by members of a Ward for presentation at the Local, State and National levels during Ward congress.

The members of a Ward are responsible for the election of delegates at the primary elections in Nigeria.

According to the Nigerian Electoral Act 2022 section 84 (12), Ward delegates have the power to vote for political aspirants at primary elections.

In this post, I will walk you through how to become a party delegate in Nigeria.

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Primary Election in Nigeria

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Primary elections are a preliminary election to pick aspirants for elective positions. For example, a political party like LNP would have to conduct governorship primary elections to determine who would be the party flagbearer at the general elections.

There are two types of primary elections in Nigeria;

  • Direct Primary Election
  • Indirect Primary Election

Direct Primary Election

A direct primary election is a party election where all card-carrying members of a political party vote for their party’s candidate to represent them at the general elections.

Indirect Primary Election

An indirect Primary Election is a type of party election where party members in a Ward elect representatives to choose the party’s candidate at the convention.

INEC Ward of Political Parties

The INEC Ward of a political party is the smallest political unit of a political party. It starts from Ward to Local Government and the State.

Each of the Local Government Areas in Nigeria comprises a list of INEC wards. For example, there are eleven (11) wards in Ughelli North Local Government Areas of Delta State.

Check the INEC Wards in your State or Local Government Area using the link below;

Delegate Geo-Political Zones

A political party delegate comprise of delegates from the following geo-political zones in Nigeria;

  • South-South – 927 delegates
  • South East – 838 delegates
  • South West – 1,568 delegates
  • North Central – 1,278 delegates
  • North East – 1,212 delegates
  • North West – 1,924 delegates

How to Become a Party Delegate in Nigeria

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Three delegates from each of the Local Government Areas in every State of the Federation are elected.

At least one of whom shall be a woman, all of whom shall cease to function after Congress.

Here are the procedures to become a party delegate in Nigeria’s primary election;

Time needed: 2 minutes

A description of how to become a party delegate in Nigeria.

  1. Join a political party in Nigeria

  2. Register with the party by purchasing a registration form

  3. Submit the required documents

  4. Pay your registration fee at the Party’s Ward secretariat

  5. Collect your Party membership card

  6. Develop popularity in your Ward

  7. Build grassroots support from members at your Ward

  8. Indicate interest to be a delate at the ward congress

  9. Win the election to be a delegate from your Ward

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