Advice for UNN First Year Law Students 2024

First Year( Freshers) Law Students, University of Nigeria, Nsukka( Enugu Campus), we are glad to have you guys in UNEC and its environment – especially in the Faculty of Law, UNEC.

You will listen, hear, and argue about law courses and how passing Legal Method and Legal System from your senior colleagues is challenging. Regardless, they can be justified; few still passed and passed well- some As and some Bs.

This was the same thing that happened during UTME and POST UTME- many applied, but not all got their desired grades. Therefore, regardless of how complex, technical and rigid your questions are, some will get an A or B in such courses.

Just read- justify your conscience by doing your part. Read and solve past questions. Truthfully, you might not see any of the solved past questions, but it will increase your speed in writing.

Some fail to get As and Bs because of their inability to write fast- survival of the fastest and most innovative. Past questions play a compassionate role here.

Please, don’t brag in the law faculty, irrespective of how good your results are. Allow your friends and good-wishers to do the bragging on your behalf. Why? Many fluctuations go on in the faculty of law, UNEC, concerning grades.

You can make your A in legal Method and immediately decide to cause a nuisance in your class group just to show off; I do not pray for you, but you might get a C or D in Legal System. Be humble.

Don’t wait for days before exams to start reading. Well, if you’re an excellent crammer and highly smart, you can scale through – but beyond the grades, you ought to know all the bare essentials of your courses, not just getting As and Bs.

For those in my category, immediately after lectures start, your reading and note-making should kick off in earnest. Yes, you won’t rest till you’ve written your exams. Understand how your brain grabs and retains things.

Take your GS courses as seriously as your law courses. Your GS courses in the first year determine if you’re making a first class in your first year. They’re primarily 3units, so don’t joke with it. Getting As in both Legal Method and System and Bs in your GS courses would be a second-class upper- not bad anyway. Carry all your courses along.

You see, the Use of the Library is a trap. Don’t fall for it. A 2-unit course, regarded as irrelevant, has kept many from graduating. Read it. Pass it even if it’s unnecessary.

Do not joke with the God factor. If you’re an atheist, it’s your fundamental right; therefore, read, read, read. You don’t have a backup. If you are a Christian, read and pray. Sincerely, I can’t ignore God’s factor in the law faculty. He came through for me in all my courses, irrespective of how little I wrote in the exam. Pray. Pray.

Lastly, welcome to the faculty of law. Forget about the dangers of a single story- UNEC Law Faculty is unequivocally the best. To the returning freshers, safe journey, and come along with Munchies. I love eating it.


Abraham Chinedu

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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