How to Check JAMB Admission Status on CAPS Portal 2024

According to the JAMB admission policy, you must accept your admission on the Central Admission Processing System (CAPS).

You only become a bona fide newly admitted student of your school by accepting your admission on the JAMB CAPS. It is the only way to verify your school admission even after seeing your name on your portal.

You can only get your JAMB admission letter after acceptance on the JAMB Central Processing System.

There are two methods to check your admission status in Nigeria;

  • JAMB Central Processing System (CAPS)
  • JAMB Admission Letter Printing

Both methods of checking admission status require a JAMB registration number or SMS from a line linked to JAMB.

Depending on your school, you would accept your admission to CAPS before the admission list by your school of choice is released.

For example, the University of Nigeria releases her admission list on the University portal after uploading it on the JAMB CAPS.

By checking their JAMB CAPS, applicants can know if they have been admitted to the merit list.

Many undergraduate students have the problem of their admission not being processed by the CAPS. It could be due to the failure to upload of O’level from the student or an error by the school.

Whatever challenge you have with the CAPS, you must ensure that you resolve the problem with your school admission office.

Today, many students encounter challenges with NYSC mobilization after graduating because they do not have a JAMB admission letter.

I experienced this problem many years ago. Luckily for me, my university admission office resolved the issue.

In this post, I will walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to check your admission status using a registration number or SMS.


The JAMB CAPS stands for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System.

It is an online database that manages the admission processing of students in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

The JAMB CAPS helps ensure that the admission processes in tertiary institutions are transparent. The CAPS certifies only qualified candidates get admission.

With the JAMB CAPS, you can accept your admission by your school of choice. The requirement is to meet the cut-off mark and upload your O’level result with the correct subject combination.

Requirements to Check JAMB Admission

Here are the requirements to check your admission status on the JAMB CAPS;

  • JAMB registration number
  • Email address
  • Mobile internet connection
  • Smartphone or Personal Computer (PC)
  • Payment for JAMB admission letter

How to Check JAMB Admission Status

Here are the procedures on how to check your JAMB admission status on CAPS;

A step-by-step guide on how to check your JAMB admission status on CAPS.

  1. Open Chrome or Safari browser on your phone

    Open the internet browser app on your smartphone or browser

  2. Visit the JAMB facility portal

    Enter as the web address on your browserJAMB efacility

  3. Click on Create e-Facility Account/Login

    Enter your JAMB email address and password to log inJAMB profile login

  4. Select your JAMB examination year

    Click on the dropdown menu to select your JAMB examination yearselect exam year

  5. Click on Check Admission Status

    Select the purple bar to check your JAMB admission statusCheck admission status

  6. Click on Access my CAPS


  7. Request for the Desktop site on your phone browser

    Click on the right menu bar of your browser to request for the Desktop siteDesktop site

  8. Click on Admission Status

    admission status

  9. Accept Admission

    Click on the left button to accept your admissionaccept admission

How to Check JAMB Admission Status Without Email Address

You can check your JAMB admission status without an email address using SMS on your phone. This process will cost you fifty naira (₦50).

Here is the procedure to check admission status without email;

JAMB admission status
  1. Open the SMS app on your phone
  2. Type 55019 or 66019 as the SMS recipient
  3. Enter Status + Exam year as your message. Example STATUS 2025
  4. Click on the Send SMS button
  5. You will receive your admission status via SMS.

It is advisable to check your admission status online on the JAMB CAPS.

JAMB CAPS Admission Status

The following are the different profiles for the JAMB CAPS;

  • Not Admitted
  • Admission in Process
  • Accept Admission

Not Admitted

Not admitting means that your school of choice is yet to consider you for admission. It could also mean that you are yet to upload your O’level result.

Check here to see how to upload your WAEC or NECO result to the JAMB portal.

Admission in Process

Admission in the process means acceptance by your school of choice. The CAPS system is currently reviewing your O’level result.

The process will fail if you are yet or recently uploaded your O’level result.

Accept or Reject Admission

Congratulations, you have been offered a provisional admission is a message you will see after final processing by the JAMB CAPS.

You can go on to click Accept.

Transfer of Admission

Transfer of admission means that your school of choice is considering transferring you to another department.

It happens when you do not meet the cut-off mark for the course of your choice.

Upload of O’level Result

Uploading WAEC or NECO results is necessary for you to get admission on the JAMB CAPS.

The JAMB CAPS must verify that you have the correct subject combination to accept your admission.

Check here to see how to upload your WAEC or NECO result to the JAMB portal.

School Admission

School admission is the list released by your school of choice.

Every tertiary institution in Nigeria has different methods of releasing its admission list.

  • PDF admission list
  • School Portal
  • Notice Board Publication
  • Newspaper Publication
  • SMS Notification

FAQ on JAMB Admission

Why is my admission status showing not admitted?

Admission status showing not admitted means you are yet to be accepted by your school of choice. It could also mean you have admission but failed to upload your O’level.

How much is the uploading of the O’level result?

The uploading of O’level on the JAMB portal is free at the CBT centres.

Can I use my JAMB registration number to check my admission status?

Yes, you can use your JAMB registration number to check your admission status on the JAMB CAPS.

Can I check my O level results online?

Yes, you can check your O level (WAEC or NECO) results on the JAMB CAPS portal.

Can I post two (2) results in the JAMB portal?

Yes, you can upload two (2) results in the JAMB portal. Tertiary institutions in Nigeria accept two (2) sittings results.

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129 thoughts on “How to Check JAMB Admission Status on CAPS Portal 2024”

  1. Sir, I can’t access the Jamb Caps because I didn’t get the password Jamb sent to the linked number nd the number belongs to a friend which I have lost contact with. What can I do?

    • Hello Olamide,

      For your case, I advise you visit the JAMB CBT centre. They will try to reset your password.

      Did you use your friend’s NIN for your JAMB registration?

  2. Sir please my agric was removed from my jamb caps and I used agric to replaced my biology for industrial chemistry..I have gone for reuploading and it is still not showing my agric.what can I do sir

    • Hello Abigail,

      It is a general glitch with the JAMB CAPS portal.

      Since you have reuploaded your O’level result, it will reflect very soon.

      Give it about two weeks.

      Let me know if you encounter any more challenges.

  3. Sir pls i can’t access my jamb caps,its showing me your connection is not private
    Attackers may be trying to steal your jamb,what does it mean sir

    • Fikayo,

      Try again, you should be able to access the JAMB CAPS portal.

      Let me know if you encounter any more challenges.

  4. Hello sir. I’ve been unable to use my phone to check my caps, my browser will stop loading once I click on Access caps

    • Rabiu,

      Change your Chrome browser to desktop mode.

      Check the post to see how to change your browser to desktop mode.

      Let me know if you encounter any more challenges.

  5. My jamb caps is showing not admitted and the school released first and second batch so why can i do.

  6. Good morning sir plz I did my OND in the year 2014 and I have graduated since last year but they asked me to do my jamb regularization which I have done since last year March and submitted to the school which I did my OND but when checking my identity form school has approved it since last year March but the state and jamb headquarters has not approved it yet plz what might cause such?

    • If you have checked your identity form and it shows that your school has approved your regularization, then the most likely reason is that there is an error in your application or that there is a backlog of applications. You can contact your school or JAMB headquarters to inquire about the status of your application.

      I advise you visit the JAMB State office for further assistance.

  7. Hello sir my admission is still showing not admited bot on jamb caps & school portal;while i did my olevel upload,what do i have to do now?

  8. Sir, my Jamb caps is showing not admitted but my school portal is showing “Your submitted application is being processed”what does that means

  9. Please I really need your help; I took jamb on 26th but anytime I tried checking my result by sending “UTMERESULT” to 55019, they’d say “Your message could not be processed at this time. Please try again later. (err=requestfailed)”
    It’s the same phone number I used in registration that I used in checking it.

    • Hello Bassey,

      What service provider are you using?

      It could be network problem.

      Try again at night. But if the problem persist, then visit the JAMB office for further assistance.

      Good luck.

  10. Each time I try to create my profile they keep tell me. WE ARE SORRY
    The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed or has processing error or is temporary unavailable for over a two weeks now

  11. Hello sir, the school that I applied for has given me admission but the jamb CAPs says admission is in progress. What do I do?

    • Hello Alex,

      Congratulations on your admission.

      You are seeing admission in progress because JAMB is trying to verify the O’level results you uploaded on the portal.

      In a few days, you will be able to accept your admission.

      Congratulation once again.

    • Hello Alex,

      Congratulations on your admission.

      You are seeing admission in progress because JAMB is trying to verify the O’level results you uploaded on the portal.

      In a few days, you will be able to accept your admission.

      Congratulation once again.

    • No, Udeme

      You can only print out your JAMB admission letter from the JAMB portal.

      Are you experiencing any challenges?

  12. Hello sir, I have accepted admission on jamb caps but my school dashboard is still showing not yet admitted. Pls What’s wrong?

  13. Hello sir, I have gotten admitted, but when I want to verify as student, it shows invalid or not given admission yet

  14. Sir I can’t check my jamb Cap
    When I try it will show create account before I don’t understand I need the step please

  15. please Sir, i checked my admission on my jamb caps but it’s showing nothing, it was blank I don’t know what’s wrong, any help please ?

  16. Sir,pls my admission status have been showing admission in progress for the pass two weeks now ,sir is the admission still possible or is this any problem ?

  17. Good day sir
    Sir I’m having some issue, my sim got stolen and I can’t remember the gmail I use to access my jamb cap sir, and I’ve been given admission in my first choice university sir. I just need to accept it on jamb but I can’t because I don’t know my gmail and password sir

    Please help me sir

  18. Ive Been checking my caps to accept my admission turns out they’ve not given me the admission yet. I had to do change of course because they said my results doesn’t match the first course I put. But still yet, no admission, this is frustrating ?

  19. Good afternoon sir
    Please I really need your help for the past 6 month now I register for jamb regularization and I have not been given admission meanwhile all my friends have received their congratulatry message

  20. during my jamb registration
    I cant even remember which person email I use there
    And I don’t eve know the password
    . I can accept my jamb c

  21. Linked my Email to jamb but they havent sent my password

    Even if i typed the email to 55019 it will send “can’t charge, network error”

    Please what should i do

  22. I used a mail different from my jamb mail for my school post utme registration. I hope it won’t affect me when I want to accept my admission on jamb cap

  23. Sir I wrote jamb this year
    I have been trying to check through jamb caps,I was told to put my reg number and password.
    How do I know my password

  24. Please sir
    Can I re upload my email?
    The one I used is incorrect then
    And have lost my sim
    Can’t be retrieve
    I can’t have access to my jamb portal sir?

    Please help me

  25. I have downloaded the JAMB Mobile app
    I placed the correct information but it won’t work
    It keeps replying”error in connection”
    I don’t know what to do

  26. Sir please help me,

    My O ‘level results have been uploaded successfully for this year but it’s adding a subject that I did not do.
    I did jamb last year and this year

    • Hello Santo,

      If you follow the instructions in the post, you’ll be able to check your admission status.

      But at the moment, this might not be feasible for you if you wrote JAMB this year.

  27. I can’t login to jamb caps it saying invalid email and password i linked my email last month together with changing of institution.

  28. Pls sir I wrote jamb 2021, and now 2022 again, will I still use same email linked with my 2021 Jamb profile or I need to update my jamb profile again with another email

    • Hello Leona,

      You have nothing to fear, the details of those that wrote JAMB this year have not been updated on the JAMB portal.

  29. Good evening sir
    I entered my email
    After acceptin d caps
    It’s brought out University of ilorin instead of kwara poly
    And have done change of institution already
    How come

    • Dear Samuel,

      I believe you should visit the nearest JAMB office to know if you’ll redo a change of course back to UNIILLORIN or take a different course of action.

  30. I wrote jamb 2021 and I register for another one this year but we are to use the last year profile code which will automatically link the last year email to this year(2022) now I’m unable to access my 2022 Caps portal

  31. Zainab,
    I can’t access to my 2022 jamb caps ,dues to my mistake on linking my email
    Instead of [email protected] I use [email protected],that ennysam is my username not email.And have tried all my possible best to login all to no avail
    I need your assistance to put me through on how to go about it pls

    • Hello Zainab?

      Sorry about your experience with linking your email to your JAMB profile.

      You will have to visit the JAMB CBT center to correct the linked email address to the correct one.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  32. I can’t access my 2022 jamb caps, i wrote jamb in 2021 but during email linking I mistakenly supplied a wrong email to jamb, instead of sending [email protected] I sent [email protected] rather, i.e omitted 001, and it happened that someone had already opened an email address with that same email, I tried severally to contact the owner but to no avail, so I sent password with that wrong email attached to 55019 via sms and my caps password was sent to me, and that was how I accessed my caps in 2021, but it happened that I couldn’t get my desired course in that 2021 so I retook jamb this year being 2022 in the course of the registration I was told that I can’t generate a new profile code since I already have the one of 2021, I used my 2021 profile code to register for jamb 2022 and there’s no way I could link a new email ‘cos was told by one of the jamb attendants in jamb office that it can only be linked once, now I can no longer access my 2022 jamb caps with that same email, I’ve sent password with that email attached to 55019 for a new caps password but the password I received from jamb still didn’t grant me access to jamb caps it keeps telling me invalid email or password,
    Pls I really need your help, because without my access to jamb caps there’s no how I can accept my admission and there’s no how I can get my original jamb result and other important documents needed for admission clearance, pls bear with me for the long text

    • Hello Nelson,

      Sorry about your experience with accessing your JAMB CAPS.

      Have you notified the JAMB officials at the JAMB office of your mistake in linking the wrong email to your JAMB profile?

  33. Sir,what about those that have been offered admission by the school and also have uploaded their o level on jamb, but their caps is still showing not admitted, what are they going to do? Please help?

    • Hello David,

      After uploading your certificate, it can take up to a month for the JAMB CAPS to resolve the issue with your O’level result.

      You will have to exercise a little patience.

  34. Pls I don’t think the person that registered me registered my email address with jamb.pls what should I do? Cuz I need to check my jamb caps admission status


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