JAMB Syllabus for Geography & Recommended Textbooks 2024/2025

The JAMB Geography syllabus is the topic you must study for the UTME examination.

Using the JAMB syllabus to study for your examination is the open secret to getting a high score.

The JAMB Geography syllabus also contains objectives for each topic. These objectives are what you must know for every topic you study.

This post contains the complete list of topics in the JAMB Geography syllabus.

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JAMB Syllabus for Geography

Human Geography

  • Population
  • Selected Economic Activities
  • Settlement with Particular Reference to Western Europe, The USA, Middle East and West Africa

Physical Geography

  • Soils
  • Denudation Processes in The Tropics
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Environmental Interaction
  • Environmental Resources
  • The Earth as A Planet
  • The Earth Crust
  • Vegetation
  • Volcanism and Earthquakes
  • Water Bodies
  • Weather and Climate

Practical Geography

  • Elementary Surveying
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Interpretation of Statistical Data, Maps and Diagrams
  • Map Reading and Interpretation
  • Maps
  • Scale and Measurement Distances

Regional Geography

  • Broad Outline of Nigeria
  • Economic and Human Geography
  • Adeleke, B.O. Areola .O. 2002 and Leong, G.C. Certificate Physical and Human Geography for Senior Secondary School (West African Edition), Ibadan: Oxford.
  • Bradshaw, M. et al (2004) Contemporary World Regional Geography, New York: McGraw Hill
  • Bunet, R.B and Okunrotifa, P.O.(1999) General Geography in Diagrams for West Africa, China: Longman.
  • Collins New Secondary Atlas, Macmillan.
  • Fellman, D. et al (2005) Introduction to Geography (Seventh Edition) New York: McGraw Hill.
  • Getis, A. et al (2004) Introduction to Geography (Ninth Edition) New York: McGraw Hill
    Iloeje, N. P(1999) A New Geography of West Africa, Hong Kong: Longman.
  • Iloeje, N.P(1982) A New Geography of Nigeria (New Education) , Hong Kong: London.
  • Nimako, D.A. (2000) Map Reading of West Africa, Essex: Longman.
  • Okunrotifa, P.O. and Michael S. (2000) A Regional Geography of Africa (New Edition) , Essex: London.
  • Udo, R.K(1970) Geographical Regions of Nigeria, London: Longman.
  • Waugh, D. (1995) Geography an Integrated Approach (Second Edition) .
  • Adegoke M.A (2013), A Comprehensive Text on Physical, Human and Regional Geography.

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