The Harvest of Trust

The Chapel became reverberated with resounding applause and joyful noise as a member of the Harvest Committee announced to the congregation that there is enough food and drink and even extra for us to take back to our hostels. As I heard these words, I smiled with reckless abandon like a fellow who had just received clearance to enter heaven. After the sweet announcement, the recessional hymn “Now Thank we all our God” was taken and followed by benediction prayer by the Chaplain. 

Immediately, I carried my Bible and walked out of the Chapel towards the venue for the Love Feast. Just like a hungry Lion, I walked energetically to the canopy reserved for Youths to secure a seat because I did not want to dull myself especially in matters arising. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the Canopy stand I discovered that all the seats have been occupied by sharp Lions and Lionesses. As a Warri boy who cannot carry last, 

I scanned the area as I took a chair and sat under a tree where there were already coded guys seated and waiting for the package. “Nna ehn… Hope that people serving the serve food will know we they here o. I don’t want to shout” I prayed silently. God who does not sleep answered my prayers instantaneously. In less than 5 minutes, ushers began to share Can drinks around our area. As one of the ushers beckoned on me to take the 60cl coke, I sluggishly collected the drink like an ajebutter as if I did not want to take it. “Man gat to package na.” 

While waiting for the main package also observing the area so that my blessing does not pass me by, my attention was captured by a man and his adorable daughter who were playing “catch.” He placed her on top of a table where she does a free fall hoping that her dad will catch her. Each time her dad catches her, she will give out a beautiful smile wanting to free fall again. “Chai! How I wished I was a child” I thought with a smile. 

As a child, we all had the sense of free fall trust for our parents and caregivers with the belief that they won’t allow any harm to come near us and that they are capable to meet every of our needs. As we grow and become adults, this ultimate trust depreciates. We begin to have doubt’s that our caregivers and the care given to us are inadequate. This experience makes us lose the free fall trust and to make up for this trust, we begin to derail while trying to find the way. We Forget that the free fall trust is total and not partial reliance on God. 

The free fall trust between the cute little girl and her father is borne out of unconditional love. It is the overload of the love between them that gives her the assurance that her daddy will never leave nor forsake her. Our lack of love for God and his commandments makes us lose his trust. For us to trust God with all our hearts, we must first love him by adhering to the instructions stipulated in the scripture. We must never try to help ourselves through dubious means by compromising. When we have this love in us, we can study and free-fall in our exams, brainstorm and free-fall in our business, exercise and free-fall in our health. It is the love for the father that… 

“Who want soup?” An usher announced. 

I quickly jerked back to life as I looked at the tray and saw an unfamiliar soup but having big meat inside with dry fish laying helplessly. I observed that nobody was willing to go for the soup. “what kind of negative vibe is this o.” I cried inside of me. 

“Anybody want soup” The usher queried again. 

“Me,” I said with a low tone raising my hand stylishly so as not to appear desperate. Unfortunately, the usher did not hear my voice nor saw my wave. As he was about leaving, I and the guy seated at my back cried in unison “Bring the soup na abi make we shout.” 

As I balanced the soup and pounded yam on my lap still oblivious of the soup I was about to devour, I knew I was about to consume another sumptuous Igbo delicacy. “All die na die.” As I swallowed a morsel of the pounded yam lubricated with the thick soup accompanied with a piece of dry fish and the coke to wash down, I immediately realized that “The Dream is Here”. 


8th December 2019 

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