Just Like the Water

It has been three months now since the light in my street mysteriously got bad without any iota of hope for any repair to take place.

As a student, it has been a daily experience of agony and pain as one tries to resist the avalanche of disadvantages that accrue to darkness.

The brokenness and heartache I experience when passing through the houses of people with power supplies are indescribably painful.

I usually begin to think about all I would have achieved if only I had light in my room. The opportunity of being able to charge my electronic gadgets once a week is a source of depression for me. 

I remember waking up that Thursday morning to the chant of Okpa di oku. Chimo! I’m late, I said to myself as I hurriedly entered the bathroom to take my bath. Sadness enveloped me as the Nsukkated cold water trickled down my body without pity.

After the gruesome experience in the bathroom, I quickly arranged my bag and set out for school walking as fast I could.

Arriving at the Jackson Marion Building popularly known as GS Building, I discovered the building was not open because of the National public holiday.

“Oh No!” I said to myself with a teary eye. Like a fallen Lion, I began to make my way back to my house amidst being drenched by the heavy rain.

Just before passing through the famous Odim gate, I looked at the gutter by the deputy Vice-Chancellor house and I got the message.

Just like the water running through the gutter, I had to contend with the deprivation, frustration and struggle. But the water was different. Not relenting, it continued to flow oblivious of the various kind of barriers on its path.

Life is a Fluid

Water is a transparent chemical substance regarded as a fluid because it can flow. Just like the water, life is fluid, that is the ability to flow from one point to another.

We have stagnant water that does not flow. It begins to stink and harbour all forms of disease-causing agents. In life, we can decide to be like the stagnant water clouded by dirt and negativity.

We need to flow to harness our God-given potentials and cause positive change in our present dispensation. We must allow our light to shine. Resist the temptation of being idle, push to be an agent of positive change and keep flowing just like the water.

Way Maker

One of the most astonishing characteristics of flowing water is the ability to find a way irrespective of the barrier along its path.

To emphasize the ruggedness of flowing water, dams made of concrete can give way because of the forces exerted by the water. The water can create a path for itself to flow.

Just like the water, we must always recognize opportunities and we need to create positive energy that will enable us to circumvent the travails of life. The scripture in Isaiah 41:13 gives us an assurance that God will not forsake you at the time of your need.

Never give in to that problem because you are destined to flow in dominion. Just like the water, permeate to glory.

You Need Connection

A particular stream of water does not flow in isolation to the river. Rather, it joins with other streams to exert a greater force whilst flowing. Just like the waters, we must make a conscious effort to build positive relationships with people around us. These people are paramount for the attainment of our goals.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 133:1 how we should associate peacefully with one another. It is bad to have the “pull-down syndrome” by propagating evil. As posited in 1 Corinthians 15:33 tells how bad company will corrupt your good behaviour.

It is not enough to make connections, but just like the water, we must make connections that will catalyze the attainment of our desired goals.


Water an agent of erosion carries everything along its path provided the material is less dense than the water.

Never be deterred by the speed of other people because we all have our race to run with different destinations. Speed is not relative to success.

According to Hebrews 13:16, the scripture tells us that doing good brings honour to God. As you pursue success, ensure you motivate and assist as many people as you possibly can.

You’ve got nothing to lose by lighting to candle others. Just like the water, erode the life of people around you positively.

As I walked past the gate, I bought #100 Okpa, got home and ate to my satisfaction. Today I’m a happy Lion with two beautiful rechargeable lamps.

There is never an excuse for failure. Let’s continue with the struggle because “failure na scam.” The difference is just the taste and the taste remains the difference.


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