A Letter to My Crossover Self to UNEC Campus

Dear Blessing,

You have crossover to the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

Well, congratulations on the completion of your year one courses at the Nsukka Campus.

I am not particularly elated to welcome you to UNEC Campus because things are about to get messy.

The experience here at UNEC is way more than you can envision.

On this Campus, dreams come true, and destinies change.

Don’t panic yet.

I am not saying this to put you afraid of the battles you are about to encounter at the UNN College of Medicine.

Like the Bible says, the race is not for the strong or the wise. The winners will be those who are ready to pay the ultimate price.

You need to know that the Campus will try to control most aspects of your life.

At some point, you will lose control over your free will.

It will come to a stage where your mental health will get threatened.

I feel for you because life on Campus will not be easy. But do not make it hard for yourself by failing to follow simple instructions.

For you to survive in UNEC, you must never give to emotion.

There is no deadline in UNEC because there is always a way out. Note that I am not encouraging you to flaunt deadlines. But never enter panic mode.

In UNEC, there is always a solution to every problem. Learn to gather positive energy and find a way out of every ugly situation.

Your success here at the UNEC Campus is more on the resilience of your mental health. Protect your mental health like a guardian of the galaxies.

Get a good playlist for your morning walk to lectures. It will help to keep you prepared for the day’s stress.

Never go close to or associate with toxic people on the UNEC Campus. You will put yourself in deep shit.

Last but not least. I must tell you to always put yourself first in everything you do at UNEC Campus.

Learn to struggle and achieve success alone. Do not become dependent on anyone because you alone can determine the path to your destiny.

Once again, I welcome you to the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.

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