PSTNET – The Premier Choice for Seamless AliExpress Shopping from Nigeria

PSTNET offers best virtual dollar cards specifically designed to facilitate hassle-free online shopping on international platforms like AliExpress. Tailored for Nigerian consumers, these cards bridge the gap in international e-commerce transactions.

After funding your account, you become the owner of a bank card that is easy to top up and has no limits.

How to Get Your PSTNET Card

  • Register on the PSTNET platform. (The first card does not require verification, subsequent cards require a simple KYC process)
  • Fund your account using any available method (cryptocurrency, Visa/Mastercard, bank transfers)
  • Choose the card that suits you (cards with 3D-Secure are available)
  • Make purchases and payments.

Key Advantages

  • Ease of Use: PSTNET cards are easily integrated with AliExpress, making transactions smooth and straightforward.
  • High Security: Enhanced security measures protect your transactions and personal information.
  • Competitive Rates: Enjoy some of the best exchange rates, reducing the cost of your purchases.
  • No Limits for Verified Users: PSTNET cards offer unlimited top-ups and spending for verified users, allowing for large purchases without any hassle.

By using PSTNET cards as your primary option on AliExpress, you can enjoy seamless, secure, and cost-effective shopping experiences, overcoming challenges associated with international payment restrictions.

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