How to Become a Popular & Famous Celebrity in Nigeria 2024

Becoming a popular and famous celebrity in Nigeria takes a lot of effort and work.

In a country of over 200 million population, there are many challenges you would encounter before you can roll with the elites in the entertainment industry.

A celebrity in Nigeria is someone famous in the music, comedy, sport, movie and entertainment world. Popular social media influencers, models, photographers and writers are also celebrities in Nigeria.

The advantage of becoming a celebrity in Nigeria is that you make money by working with major brands. People get to respect you and treat you like a celebrity.

This post is about how you can become a popular or famous celebrity in Nigeria.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance. I would love to hear from you.

Here are the tips for becoming a popular and famous celebrity in Nigeria;

  1. Become Friendly with People
  2. Be Active on Social Media
  3. Build a Loyal Fanbase
  4. Generate Controversy on Social Media
  5. Relocate to the City
  6. Attend Events
  7. Become an Entertainer
  8. Showcase your Talent
  9. Run for a Major Political Office
  10. Start a Romantic Relationship with a Celebrity
  11. Become an Activist
  12. Get a Good Smartphone or Digital Camera
  13. Become a BBNaija Housemate

Become Friendly with People

Foreign students at the University

The first step to becoming a celebrity in Nigeria is to become friendly with people.

You must act nice and smile when you meet new people or your friends.

Every celebrity must be someone people love. They are people pleasers because they tolerate all kinds of behaviours. These conduct could be positive or negative but matter less when you become a celebrity.

The public image of a famous person is necessary for the public. Ensure you develop a friendly attitude towards other people to become famous.

Be Active Social Media

Person holding iPhone

Social media platforms are the best tool to become a celebrity in Nigeria. It is where people will get to know you or discover your talent.

Anybody can become popular with the help of social media apps like Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Open a profile account on all the popular social media platforms. The more followers you have, the higher your chances of becoming a celebrity in Nigeria.

The following is the list of social media platforms to become a popular and famous celebrity online;

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube Vlog
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Build a Loyal Fanbase

People sitting beside table

Building a loyal fanbase is the open secret to becoming a popular and famous celebrity in Nigeria.

Fanbase means to get followership online or in real life.

Having large followership on social media would help you get a loyal fanbase. These fans would ensure that your posts go viral on the internet.

To build a loyal fanbase, you would have to do the following thing;

  • Make posts about what people love to read online.
  • Support the public opinions
  • Giveaway money and data
  • Promote other people’s business
  • Post inspirational messages on your social media

Generate Controversy on Social Media

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Generating controversies on social media platforms is the fastest way to become popular in Nigeria.

The Nigerian entertainment space runs on controversies. The celebrities who get the most attention in the Nigerian internet space are highly controversial.

People will not notice you if you are calm with no interesting story.

You have to find a way to draw attention to yourself through your lifestyle.

Relocate to the City

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Staying in major cities like Lagos is a huge boost to becoming a popular and famous celebrity.

It is in major cities where events and auditions take place. The ceremonies that can bring you to the limelight are in the metropolis.

If you don’t live in the city, consider moving to a place where there is entertainment paparazzi.

Attend Events

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Attending popular events like the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) is necessary to become a celebrity.

Popular events come with red carpet segments that can get you the attention of the social and print media.

You cannot become a sought-after celebrity in Nigeria by staying indoors. Come out of your shell to interact with other persons in the show business.

Become an Entertainer

a woman performing at a Lagos concert

Becoming an entertainer is the best way to become a celebrity in Nigeria.

Entertainers in Nigeria are individuals into music, comedy and online skit making.

The best way to become a celebrity in Nigeria is to become a talented entertainer.

Some musicians got signed to a record label by doing covers of trending songs.

Showcase your Talent

Nigeria music

Showcasing your talent is one of the ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria.

For example, winning the Voice Nigeria talent show will take you to the next level.

The following is the list of popular talent shows in Nigeria;

  • The Voice Nigeria
  • Guilder Ultimate Search
  • MTN Project Frame
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
  • Maltina Dance
  • Nigeria’s Got Talent
  • Nigeria Idol
  • X-Factor

Run for a Major Political Office

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Running for a political office in Nigeria is one way to get recognition in Nigeria.

Nigerians talk about politics all the time. You will gain the attention of people and the media when you contest for a political office.

The good thing about this approach is that you don’t have to win an election. All you have to do is to be critical of national issues. Have a sort of contrast view in the Nigerian political space.

People would like to know. Then you get large followership to become a celebrity.

Start a Romantic Relationship with a Celebrity

woman in a white flora dress

Being in a romantic relationship or a baby mama to a celebrity will make you famous.

Nigerian entertainment bloggers are always searching for who is dating which celebrity.

People will follow you on social media when they find out you are in a romantic relationship with a celebrity. They would like to know your lifestyle.

Also, you get to hang out with the big names in the entertainment industry.

Become an Activist

Nigerian MC

Becoming an activist fighting for the right of people is the best way to become an influencer in Nigeria.

People on the internet love those who fight for other people’s rights.

Twitter is the top social media platform for activists.

Ensure that you have a way for people to reach you to post their experiences on the internet.

Get a Good Smartphone or Digital Camera

social media

Celebrities need a high-performance smartphone or digital camera to take good pictures.

Regular posting of your pictures or videos on social media platforms is one of the ways to become popular in Nigeria.

Ensure you get an iPhone or an Android device to meet your photography needs.

Also, you will have to learn how to take sultry pictures for the internet.

Become a BBNaija Housemate

Nigerian actress

Becoming a BBNaija housemate is the fastest way to become a celebrity in Nigeria.

The BBNaija show is the number reality show in Africa.

Nigerians love to follow and support their favourite housemates.

You can gain popularity by being a housemate in the show. Viewers of the show would vote for you to win the show if they like your personality.

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