The Redemption Fire

This morning I stepped into the Chapel of Redemption University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. I immediately caught a familiar exhilarating feeling but this time around a confirmation that the dream is finally here. As I took a seat, my heart became heavy with my legs shaking.

At that moment, I knew something had changed inside of me. It was an indescribable experience with an invitation of my soul clouded with an unusual shade peace.

The service started at 8 am with the singing of the hymn “God is working his purpose out.” The elegant white blouse and gorgeous blue George wrapper with an embroidery worn by the women gave the church auditorium a more exquisite frame-up. The first and second lesson was read.

Afterwards, a young man delivered a spoken word presentation. In his alluring presentation. He explained how our experience of salvation should be the bedrock of our message of evangelize. The service conductor signalled the choir to pilot the Praise and Worship session.

As the choristers began their renditions, the University Community became electrified as I couldn’t help but shake my adipose tissue spicing it up with a little Ogene dance swerving my waist. An intensified Intercessory prayer session for Nigeria, Families and Nigerian Universities was conducted afterwards.

As Prof. Mrs Edith Nwosu Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC), University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus climbed the pulpit in sync with the rendition of the song “Fountain” by Judikay. The atmosphere was set ablaze. It was an uncontrollable experience as the Holy Spirit moved in the congregation with the bursting of tongues.

In her sermon titled “Burning for God” (Romans 12:11). She divulged that as Christians, we cannot burn for Christ when we are not connected to the fire. We are like a gas burner and the word of God being the gas in the cylinder. It takes the ignition of the Holy Spirit to set us ablaze for the manifestation of God’s nature in us. It is this fire that distinguishes us and makes us Christ-like.

Our lowest point in life is not when we fail an exam, do not have food to eat, or afflicted with sickness. This low point is when we lose intimacy with the Holy Spirit. We are the first to know when we begin to burn out. It is that time when the spiritual fuel in our spiritual vehicle is on the reserve. At this point, we’d need to go to the spiritual filling station to refuel to get the redemption fire because the journey is indeed a long one.

Our heart cry becomes “Oh Lord! Set my heart on fire for you” because only he can meet your needs. When we get filled with the Holy Spirit, it will no longer be “I” but “Him” and only then can true intercession begin. There is a fire that must be ablaze in our heart that the world must hear.

There is a place of fire, it is the place of communion with God. The word of God is fire. The fire makes us valiant for the truth. Your heart gets pricked when you see contradictions and compromise taking place around you. Our zeal to burn for Christ must be contagious. Out of our belle must flow rivers of living water by connecting to Jesus because he is the fountain that never runs dry.

After the stirring message by Prof. Mrs Edith Nwosu, the Chaplain Rev. Ifeanyichukwu Agu supplemented with an admonition on why God-fearing Christians must occupy strategic positions in Nigeria for the Nation to experience a divine turn around. “There is a revival move taking place, the reality can only be facilitated when Christians take charge,” he said.

The Children, Youth Men and Women were called out for Thanksgiving. A special Thanksgiving was also conducted. I was fascinated by the way Principal officers, Lecturers and Non-academic staffs of the University danced as David danced

After the recessional hymn “Lead us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us” The Chaplain echoed “May the Peace of God is with you throughout this week”. “Amen,” The congregation iterated.

I stepped outside of the Chapel with a realization that there is a fire ablaze in my heart that the world must hear and that Jesus is the only way, truth and life.

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