UNICAL Academic Calendar for 2024


  • Friday 3rd – Arrival of new students
  • Monday 6th – Registration of new students
  • Friday 10th – Arrival of returning students
  • Monday 20th – Lectures start for all students
  • Monday 27th – supplementary + long vacation exams ends

MARCH 2023

Monday 6th – Orientation of new students
Monday 13th-18th – Continuous Assessment
Monday 20th – Registration ends for new students
Friday 31st – Matriculation Ceremony

APRIL 2023

Wednesday 12th – INAUGURAL LECTURE
Friday 7th – Lectures End
Monday 10th – Revision
Monday 17th – Examination begins for all students

MAY 2023

Monday 1st – GSS exams begin
Wednesday 10th – INAUGURAL LECTURE
Saturday 13th – Exams end for all students


  • Lectures: 9 Weeks, 2 days
  • Examinations: 3 Weeks
  • 12 Weeks, 2 days of Academic Work

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