Best UK Universities for Nigerian Students 2024

The United Kingdom is one of the best study locations for Nigerian students.

Universities in the UK offer world-class standard education to local and international students. It is why students want to study in these universities.

The decision to study in the UK has to do with these two decisions;

  • Cost of University education (Tuition fee, accommodation, etc.)
  • Best UK university

It is necessary to study in a UK school that has worldwide recognition.

This post contains the list of the best UK universities and their tuition fees for Nigerian students.

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Best UK Universities for Nigerian Students

University campus

According to the Times Higher Education, the University of Oxford is the best University in the United Kingdom (UK).

Here is the list of best UK universities for Nigerian students;

RankUK UniversityInternational Tuition Fee
1University of Oxford9,250 GBP
2University of Cambridge21,732 GBP
3Imperial College London9,250 GBP
4University College London (UCL)9,250 GBP
5London School of Economics and Political Science18,408 GBP
6University of Edinburgh23,200 GBP
7King’s College London18,100 GBP
8University of Manchester21,000 GBP
9University of Warwick18,480 GBP
10University of Glasgow16,350 GBP
University of Bristol18,300 GBP
University of Birmingham14,550 GBP
University of Sheffield17,625 GBP
Queen Mary University of London9,250 GBP
Lancaster University18,168 GBP
University of Southampton9,000 GBP
University of Leeds9,250 GBP
University of Nottingham9,250 GBP
University of Exeter17,500 GBP
Newcastle University9,000 GBP
University of Sussex9,250 GBP
University of Aberdeen13,000 GBP
Durham University16,900 GBP
University of York9,000 GBP
University of Liverpool9,000 GBP
University of East Anglia14,500 GBP
University of Leicester15,290 GBP
Cardiff University17,500 GBP
University of Bath18,500 GBP
Brighton and Sussex Medical School9,000 EUR
University of Dundee9,000 GBP
Queen’s University Belfast13,280 GBP
University of Reading6,850 GBP
St George’s, University of London£13,000-31,690
University of St Andrews20,770 GBP
University of Surrey17,000 GBP
Swansea University9,000 GBP
Anglia Ruskin University ARU9,250 GBP
University of Essex12,950 GBP
Birkbeck, University of London13,350 GBP
Bournemouth University13,500 GBP
Brunel University London17,500 GBP
City, University of London9,250 GBP
University of Kent9,000 GBP
Loughborough University14,950 GBP
Royal Holloway, University of London15,600 GBP
University of Stirling1,820 GBP
Aston University14,630 GBP
Bangor University13,300 GBP
Goldsmiths, University of London12,710 GBP
This is a table of the best Universities in the UK and their tuition fees for international students.

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