How to Make Money During NYSC Service Year 2024

Making money during the one (1) year NYSC program is the best experience for Nigerian Youth Service Corpers.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a compulsory volunteer service scheme for Nigerian graduates.

As a youth service corper, you would serve in a different state from your origin or residence. Finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment can be a stressful experience in terms of finance and lifestyle.

Of course, the NYSC monthly stipends cannot cover your financial needs. Many corpers struggle to live comfortably at their primary place of assignment (PPA).

It is necessary to find ways to make money during your NYSC service year to attain financial independence.

Also, the business, handwork and digital skills you acquire during your service year would make you not depend on non-existing jobs.

I assure you will find this post helpful on how to make money during your NYSC service year.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarifications. I would love to hear from you.

I wish you a wonderful NYSC service year.

Making Money as an NYSC Corper

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There are three (3) ways to make money as a Nigerian NYSC youth corper during your service year;

  1. Business
  2. Handwork
  3. Digital Skills


Starting a profit-making business is an excellent way to make money as an NYSC youth corper.

There are businesses you can run as a corper to earn money. Your choice of trade depends on your location and engagement at your place of primary assignment (PPA).

For example, an NYSC corper in Benue State can start selling yam through transportation to major cities in Nigeria.

Also, there are businesses you can do within your locality that would fetch you money.


Learning lucrative handwork is the best way to make money as an NYSC youth corper.

Handwork skills like makeup, photography, and hairdressing can make you a lot of money.

It is more advantageous for corpers who already have a skill before going to the NYSC orientation camp.

Also, the skills taught at the orientation camp are a good opportunity for other categories of corpers to learn handwork.

Digital Skills

Digital skills are the most convenient way for an NYSC youth corper to make money during their service year.

The preference for digital skills is that it does not involve physical activities and energy like handwork or business.

Examples of digital skills to learn as an NYSC youth service corper include;

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video Editing
  • Programming
  • Web Design
  • Blogging
  • Vlogging
  • Mobile App Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Video Animation
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Digital skills are convenient for NYSC corpers because it does not require your physical presence. You can work from home over the internet.

How to Make Money During NYSC Service Year

The following are ways to make money during the NYSC service year from handwork, digital skills or starting up a business;

  1. Makeup Artistry
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Photography
  4. Blogging
  5. Sell Farm Produce
  6. Copywriting
  7. Video Editing
  8. Private Tutoring Teacher
  9. Programming
  10. Baking and Confectionery
  11. Web Design
  12. Vlogging
  13. Mini Importation Business
  14. Mobile App Development
  15. Data Analysis
  16. Video Animation
  17. Freelance Content Writing

Makeup Artistry

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Makeup artistry is the best lucrative handwork to learn as a youth corper.

Learning the skill is not limited to ladies. Male corpers can become makeup artists.

Makeup artistry is the application of cosmetics products on the face to enhance facial beauty.

Nigerian ladies like to look beautiful for events and photoshoots sessions. They would comply with the asking price of a skilful artist.

Also, movie directors, social media influencers and skit makers employ the services of a good makeup artist.

Becoming a makeup artist would not distract you from your duties at your NYSC place of primary assignment (PPA).

The jobs are usually available on weekends which would be convenient for you.

Another way to make money as a makeup artist is to teach people at your location the basics of makeup artistry.

Learning Makeup Artistry

makeup brush on dark container

An NYSC corper can learn makeup artistry by watching YouTube tutorials.

But apprenticeship at a makeup studio is the best method to learn how to do makeup.

The duration of learning makeup artistry is three (3) months.

Graphic Design

A person using a laptop

Graphic design is a moneymaking digital skill for NYSC corpers in Nigeria.

The best side hustle to learn to make money during your service year is graphic design.

Every advert and information from corporate to religious organizations use a graphical illustration for their advert.

On the street and gates of organizations, you find banners created by graphic designers.

Graphic designing is a flexible digital skill. You can work from anywhere at your convenience.

Apart from getting jobs from organizations at your location, you can work as a freelance graphic designer on Upwork, Fiverr, 99designs, etc.

Facebook, Nairalnd and Twitter are platforms to get graphic design jobs online.

Learning Graphic Design

Graphic designers use computer software like CorelDraw and Photoshop to present information in a graphical format like fliers and banners.

It is possible to learn graphic design using apps on your smartphone. The absence of a personal computer (PC) is not a limitation to learning graphic design.

Though, you would need to use computer software to create professional designs.

The duration to learn graphic design as an NYSC youth corper is three (3) months.


Nigerian photographer

Photography is a high-paying skill in Nigeria. There are plenty of job opportunities for NYSC corpers who are photographers.

Despite the technological advancement of smartphone cameras on devices like the iPhone and Samsung, photography is a striving business in Nigeria.

Photographers in Nigeria get jobs for photoshoots and events like wedding ceremonies, etc.

The popularity of social media has increased the opportunities for photographers.

Now, everyone wants to post their perfect pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

Photography is the best business to do as an NYSC youth corper because the jobs are usually on weekends which does not affect your work duties at the place of primary assignment (PPA).

Becoming a Photographer

Becoming a professional photographer involves purchasing equipment like;

  • Digital Camera
  • Photo Printer
  • Sped Light
  • Prime Lenses
  • Photography Background
  • Tripod Stand
  • Reflector

It doesn’t mean you cannot become a photographer in Nigeria without purchasing the essential equipment.

You can begin your photography career by using your phone to take pictures.

Also, you could apprentice at a photography studio at your location. This option allows you to learn with the equipment at the studio.

The duration for learning photography is three (3) to six (6) months.


A student with a laptop

Starting a niche blog is the most profitable way to make money during your service year.

It is the best option for NYSC youth corpers who have a passion for writing.

Blogging is writing and publishing content on the internet via a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, Medium, etc.

Everybody uses Google to search for solutions to their problems. You came across this article by searching on your phone about how you can make money during your NYSC service year.

As a youth corper, you could also start writing articles on topics you know like Finance, Religion, Relationship, Gaming, Education, etc.

A niche blog is a website centred on one topic, for example, a blog about Personal Finance.

Starting a niche blog requires a domain name and hosting account.

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is necessary to become a successful blogger in Nigeria.


Let me know in the comment if you want to become a blogger. I will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Sell Farm Produce

Nigerian man in the farm

Sell farm producing is a profitable business to do as an NYSC youth corper.

Your place of primary assignment (PPA) can provide you with opportunities to sell agricultural farm produce like yam, tomatoes, garri, palm oil, etc.

This business opportunity is available only to corpers in places like the North where agricultural farm produce is cheap.

For example, a corper in Benue State can sell yam to Lagos to make money.

Selling farm produce is possible due to the chain of logistics businesses in Nigeria. It means you can easily transport farm produce without embarking on any journey.

To start this business, meet the farmers and negotiate on price for buying large quantities.

Then arrange with transporters how to move the farm produce to the destination of your choice.

Research the profitability and durability of the agricultural products you want to sell.


A person typing on a laptop computer

Copywriting is the digital skill of selling products online with written content.

Nowadays, people are repulsed or overwhelmed by advertisements. It does help the sales potential of many companies.

For this reason, business agencies hire writers that can sell their products through storytelling.

As an NYSC youth corper with a passion for writing, you can make money by becoming a copywriter.

You would be in charge of writing sales ads and marketing materials.

Copywriting is a productive skill to learn during your service year. The job opportunities for copywriters allow you to work for companies overseas from your place of primary assignment (PPA).

Video Editing

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Video editing is a gainful skill for NYSC youth corpers. It is a sure way to make cool cash during your service year.

The concept of video editing is using computer software to edit videos by trimming, adding effects, text, overlays, etc.

Video content creation is an emerging field in the digital space. The number of YouTubers and Vloggers has increased over the years.

Video content creators hire professional editors to make their videos perfect for posting online.

You can work online as a freelance video editor for businesses and individuals that need your services.

Video animation is another skill to learn to make money.

Private Tutoring Teacher

Becoming a private tutor for students in Primary and Secondary School is a sure way to make money as an NYSC youth corper.

Many parents in Nigeria like to hire tutors to help their kids with tough subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, etc.

These categories of parents prefer to hire NYSC corpers. They trust a corper can provide the best tutorship for their kids.

Meet with parents around your area to inform them of your intention of organizing after-school lessons for kids.


Picture of a computer screen

Programming is using codes to carry out real-time instructions using artificial intelligence.

The world is now going automated with the human task assigned to computers.

Learning how to code is a lucrative skill for an NYSC youth corper. The opportunities in programming are limitless.

Programming is suited for corpers who have a passion for mathematics and logic.

Programming Languages

The following are a light of programming language you can learn during your NYSC service year;

  • HTML and CSS
  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • C++
  • C#
  • R

Let me know in the comment if you want to learn to program.

Baking and Confectionery


Cooking are baking are high-income businesses to do during your NYSC service year.

There are various ways to make money from cooking or baking. It is more profitable if you teach in a school. Teachers and students would patronize your baking business.

Baking cakes and other confectioneries is a good business for NYSC youth corpers. Also, you can start making chin-chin, meat pie, small chops, or peanuts to sell.

The success of your business would depend on your location. It is also possible to create time as a youth corper to create time for baking.

Cooking noodles and food delivery is a profitable business for NYSC youth corpers.

Web Design

flat screen computer monitor

Web design involves using HTML, CSS and plugins to create user-friendly websites.

Every business is now online for content promotion and eCommerce sales.

Website development is a high-income digital skill to make money during your service year.

Wherever you are, you can create websites for businesses and individuals. Also, you can get web design jobs online to work as a freelancer.

Mini Importation Business

Woman sitting in front of a MacBook

Mini importation is a well-paying business for NYSC youth corpers.

Importation of items at a cheap rate and selling to people around you is profitable.

All you have to do is to identify what people need around you. Order the items from China using Aliexpress or Alibaba.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarifications. I would love to hear from you.

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