Requirements for Canadian Student Visa to Study from Nigeria

Applying for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria is not easy, in the same vein; it is not a Herculean task.

To be successful, you are required to get all the validities right.

The Canadian Embassy decline many applications because applicants neglect the rules of application.

If you want to get optimum knowledge about everything you have to know about the requirements for applying for a Canadian student visa in Nigeria, then you are at the right place.

Brief Notes On Canada

I’m sure you would have heard so much about the country, good and bad.

One thing I’m sure you’ll hate is the kind of snow that you’ll encounter there.

There is a picture I saw one time, a man forgot his coffee in his car for two days, what he came to find later was solid ice! I’m sure you’ll have your own stories to tell as well.

To this end, you must be prepared, it will not be easy. Nonetheless, the snow is just one tinny tiny bit of the characteristics of the beautiful country of Canada.

Did you know that Canada is the largest country in the whole of Northern America and also the second biggest in the world? Well, now you do.

Many know Canada particularly because of its enormous terrain, and also because of the multifaceted history and indulgent mixture of differing peoples.

It is also regarded as one of the prosperous countries in the world and a leading destination for tourists.

The country is of British ancestry and many Canadians you will meet are delighted by this.

According to history, Britain and France have largely impacted Canada, which is the reason why a couple of parts of the nation like New Brunswick and Quebec mainly speak the French language.

So yes, Canada is a great choice for you if you would like to study in an enabling, peaceful, prosperous and serene environment.

That said, let us proceed to discuss what a visa is.

Canadian Student Visa

A Canadian student visa is what you need if you have the motive to study in Canada, that is a fact.

The visa performs the job of permission for immigrants who would want to live and in this context, study within Canada.

Officially, it is dubbed a ‘student permit’ and you can acquire it here in Nigeria, as long as you have all the necessary papers required.

The Canadian Visa Application Center, which is the CVAC is approved to approve applications and also process Canadian student visas in Nigeria.

It is their office you’ll go to, if you want to apply and when you follow their stated procedures, obtaining the Canadian student visa in Nigeria would be easy.

Studying in Canada

You might consider this question irrelevant because you already have your reasons. But then, are the reasons candid and solid enough to hold your motivation? Follow me.

Universities in Canada are rated in the top 100 credible universities worldwide! For this reason, over 100,000 students register globally yearly.

Universities in Canada are known globally for giving high valued and research-based tuition. The schools are less costly if you compare them to the ones in the UK and the US.

Canadian Student Visa Requirements for Migrating Nigerians

Being a Nigerian citizen that is applying for a student visa in Canada, there are necessities you have to fulfil before you begin to process your visa application to make it easy and to avoid undue difficulties.

The papers you would be required to have before beginning the processing of your visa application are as follows:

  • National Passport
  • Photographs
  • Flight Reservation
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Cover/Motivation Letter
  • Proof of Acceptance
  • Proof of Financial Support
  • Medical Report
  • Certificates of Social Ties
  • Foreword Letter from a Former Employer
  • Police Certificate
  • Academic Certificates

National Passport

You would be required to present an original and a photocopied copy of your Nigerian Passport.

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months or the duration of your stay in Canada and should have at least two blank spaces.


You would need two-coloured, recently taken photographs. Confirm that the snapshots show your full profile.

It MUST also be apparent and taken with a flat background. Its dimension should be about 35-40 mm.

Flight Reservation

You would also be required to submit a flight ticket reservation.

This should indicate the airline, date, and time of your entrance into Canada.

Hotel Reservation

Well, it’s your first time there, and you probably don’t know anyone. It could also occur that your school does not have any provision for lodging; you should arrange for and present evidence of a hotel reservation.

Cover/Motivation Letter

A cover letter elucidates your biography and your agendas for the study.

It should also contain some details that would help to convince the consular officer that you are enthusiastic about your program of study and therefore merits a study visa.

Proof of Acceptance

You would have to apply for it if studying in Canada is your goal. The university you intend to study in will send you a letter of acceptance as evidence that you have been granted access to study there.

This letter should be accompanied by your student permit request.

Proof of Financial Support

Before you can be granted the Canadian student visa, you must prove, beyond reasonable doubt that you have adequate funding that will cover your needs while you live and study in Canada.

Separate from tuition fees, the Canadian administrations expect that you set apart around CAD 11,000 for your sustenance.

Your proof of financial abilities can be in form of your statement of account or that of your app posters. If you submit your sponsor’s bank statement, you should also submit a supporting affidavit to your papers.

Medical Report

Your medical report is of paramount importance. The report should comprise your medical record and proof of your good health.

Certificates of Social Ties

They include:

  • Your marriage certificate, that is if you are married.
  • The birth certificate(s) of your children if you have children.

Foreword Letter from a Former Employer

It is expected that you have worked in organizations or corporations, you must have experience of followership of some kind, your employer, therefore, would give testimony of your character and behaviour at work. This letter will be part of the assessment tools for your visa.

Police Certificate

A statement from the police station asserting that you do not have any unlawful records of any kind will be required.

Academic Certificates

These are the most important.

You will be required to acquire all the certificates that you have earned from all the previous institutions that you have attended.

How to Apply for a Canadian Student Visa in Nigeria: Step by Step guidelines

The first thing you have to have is the desire to study there.

Travelling abroad is not an easy task, you’ll be leaving your whole life behind and starting a new one over there, you must be prepared.

For a simple Canadian student visa application in Nigeria, we have outlined step-by-step guidelines that will guarantee you easy processing and fast acceptance of your application.

  • Gain Admission
  • Gather Supporting Documents
  • Submit at the CVAC
  • Collecting Your Passport

Gain Admission

First off, you have to apply for entry into a Canadian academic establishment.

Significantly, you obtain admission first before you make any move because one of the basic prerequisites for a Canadian student visa application is a letter of admission and approval from an institution in Canada.

Gather Supporting Documents

The next thing after being admitted is to fill the student license form. Then you gather all the documents that we have outlined above.

These papers are significant because they symbolize your application at the embassy. You should make photocopies of each paper and scan them into an electronic gadget like a computer system or a flash drive.

Submit at the CVAC

The next thing is submission at the Canadian Visa Application Center.

After this submission and making payments, an acknowledgement slip will be handed out to you, which would comprise a tracking number.

You will use the tracking number to follow the advancement of the visa application procedure. At that stage, start getting ready for an interview.

Collecting Your Passport

The last step to note is to stop by the visa application centre to collect your visa by the time it is available for collection. You will be informed when it is ready.


Canada goes on to entice a steadily increasing number of students from Nigeria, with the current state of the nation, it is most likely expected.

But then, obtaining entry into Top Universities in Canada requires an outstanding academic score, plus the approval to study there is authenticated by a Study Permit.

You must note that if you desire to take educational, proficient, and or vocational training in any educational establishment in Canada, you will require a study license before you can be granted access to enter Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start aiming for my studies in Canada in advance? How far in advance?

Of course, you should.

It is advised that Nigerian students who wish to study in Canada should commence plans for their study, 4 to 12 months in advance. It is crucial because it could take the CIC up to 3-5 months to do the workings of an application for a study visa to Canada from Nigeria.

How long will it take to secure entry into a Canadian college or university?

It could vary from 1 to 8 weeks, hanging largely on the Canadian educational institution. Graduate or doctoral (PhD) programs have a faster response time than undergraduate ones.

Can I do a Master’s program in Canada with HND or Third Class?

No, you cannot, but there are other ways.

Canadian educational establishments do not receive HND or Third Class undergraduates, into their Master’s program. You will have to first go for a post-graduate diploma (PGD) or post-degree certificate/diploma or an advanced certificate in Canada.

Another option will be to use your HND or Third Class degree to go after an undergraduate degree. Some courses will be removed so that you will only get to spend 2-3 years to achieve the undergraduate degree.

Is an English Language Proficiency Test required? (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)

Some universities excuse Nigerians from submitting proof of English language Proficiency. Yet, others do not.

Would I be expected to write GMAT or GRE for a Masters’s Degree in Canada?

There are educational organizations that do not require a GMAT/GRE for a Masters’s Degree. Nonetheless, if you want more options, you would have to write the GMAT/GRE.

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa?

The processing time for a Canadian study visa is around 3 to 5 months; I advise that you apply as soon as possible.

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