Sidi: A Short Story by Umeh Prisca

Sidi was impressive. A small man and thin correctly dressed, but never fussily so, he always displayed good taste.

He stood gallantly in front of the elegant and magnificent construction company with the bold inscription: “SETZ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY” with great confidence. 

He adjusted his neat knot necktie and observed his dressing to make sure his carefully ironed clothes weren’t rumpled.

Just then, he noticed dust on his polished shoes which were as a result of the dusty vicinity caused by the harmattan season.

He pulled out the tissue he reserved for that purpose. Satisfied with his appearance, he gave out a smile and made to enter the building.

Walking straight towards the reception office without the necessity of an oral description as he had been there weeks earlier to submit his credentials.

“Good morning ma’am” he greeted the Secretary who just lifted her head from the screen of her computer system to give a brief nod in acknowledgement.

He advanced to sit with his colleagues.

The queue was quite lengthy and it seemed to him that it will be ages before it gets to his turn but in what seemed to be a twinkle of an eye, it was his turn to be interviewed.

“Hello, Good evening Sir, please am I speaking with Mr Sidi Ogunyemi?”.

“Yes,” he replied calmly.

“I’ve been asked to inform you that you’ve been hired by Setz Construction company and you’re to report to work on Monday. We sincerely apologize for the wrong message sent earlier.”

Regaining his consciousness, he muttered, “Thanks” as the call ended.

He looked at the screen of his phone, blinked twice and yelled, “Yes!!!! I’ve been hired”.

Breathing steadily and with head high, he marched into the office praying silently in his heart. Minutes later, the question battle was over and he marched out of the office with a daunting smile like a warrior who has just won a battle.

He was satisfied with his performance. He went home with hopes very high and great expectations.

Weeks after the interview he received the long-awaited text message from the company but unfortunately, it was negative.

Taking down the content of the message with great disappointment and frustration he shook his head slowly and put the phone aside and was lost in his thought.

Overcoming the perplexity of the whole situation wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

On a cool evening, as he sat at the balcony of his apartment enjoying his sweet solitude and listening to the chirp of birds and distant cries of babies, his phone rang.

He fell on his knees and thanked his Chi

© Umeh Prisca

(Miss Pearl)

MLS ‘023

University of Nigeria


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