How to Check JAMB Result with Registration Number 2023

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to check and print your 2022 JAMB result with your registration number.

The JAMB result 2022 is out by sending UTMERESULT to 55019 using the phone number you used for your registration.

It is available on the Joint Admission Matriculation Board database via SMS or JAMB result checker portal login 2022.

The result is released about 24 hours after your JAMB examination. However, there may be a delay in the release of the JAMB result depending on certain factors.

There are instances when JAMB would have to review the result of some centres due to malpractice.

You do not need to panic if there is a delay in your result on the JAMB result checker portal. It will be available a few hours from now.

Comment with the date of your JAMB exam in the comment section. I will tell you whether or not your result is ready for checking.

Let me know if you have any questions or encounter any challenges when you try to check your result.

Also, you can drop your JAMB registration number using the comment box below. I will help you to check your result free of charge.

Refresh this page in a couple of minutes or a few hours later to see your JAMB score.

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Method to Check JAMB Result

There are two methods that you can use to check your JAMB result in 2022;

  • JAMB SMS Result Checker
  • JAMB Online Portal

It is only through the SMS and online result portal that is available to check your JAMB result.

JAMB SMS Result Checker

You can now check your JAMB result by SMS using the SIM card you used to get your profile code during your JAMB 2022 registration.

JAMB SMS result

Here are the procedures on how you can check your JAMB result with your mobile phone number using SMS;

  1. Open text message on your phone
  2. Type UTMERESULT in block letters as a text message
  3. Type 55019 or 66019 as the number
  4. Click send a text message
  5. Wait for a response from the JAMB result checker portal

Note that you can only get your JAMB result through text message by sending the message with the SIM card you used for your JAMB registration.

The JAMB Result SMS checker cost fifty naira (₦50). Keep calm if you do not get your result. It will be released very soon.

You cannot check your JAMB result with another SIM. Use the JAMB online result portal to check your JAMB score.

Also, you do not need an internet connection to check your UTME result through the SMS method. But it is advisable to check your result using the online platform.

Check JAMB Result with Registration Number

JAMB result

The JAMB online portal is the most recommended and reliable method to check your JAMB result with a registration number.

It is a quick and reliable way that you can use to check your score for each of the four UTME subjects.

Here is how to check your JAMB result using your registration number;

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your phone
  2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal
  3. Click on the JAMB result checker
  4. Enter your JAMB registration number, email or phone number in the box
  5. Click on the Check my Results button
  6. Allow the page to load to see your result.

Kindly note that you can now check your result online.

Print JAMB Result

You can print your JAMB result at any cyber café in your area. You will be required to give your JAMB registration number.

It is not necessary to print your JAMB result. It is the original JAMB result you need for your clearance for admission.


How do I check my JAMB result from last year?

1. Open your phone browser
2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal login page
3. Enter your JAMB registration number, phone number or email address
4. Click on Check My Results

Can I still print my 2022 JAMB result?

Yes you can print your 2022 JAMB result on

How much does it cost to print the original JAMB result?

It will cost you the sum of one thousand naira (₦1,000) to print your original JAMB result from the online portal.

Can JAMB original result be printed twice?

Yes, you can print your JAMB original result for three (3) times on the JAMB online portal. It is a better option to save your original result on your phone as a PDF file.

Is JAMB original result compulsory?

Yes, the JAMB original result is compulsory for your first year clearance after admission to your school of choice. It will be requested by your school’s Faculty clearance admission officer.

How can I get my JAMB email and password?

Send “PASSWORD email” to 55019. For example, your text message should look like this – Password


Let me know in the comment box below if you have any problem checking your result.

Also, comment with your JAMB registration for me to check your result free of charge.

I wish you success in your JAMB and Post UTME examinations.

My advice to you is not to relax after seeing your JAMB result. Remember that you still have Post UTME to face.

Many JAMBites make the mistake of abandoning their books after the UTME exam.

I have written a detailed guide on preparing for and passing the Post UTME exam. The tips will help you beat the cut off mark for your school of choice to gain admission.

You can also comment on your JAMB score and institution of choice so that I can give you a guide on what to target for your Post UTME.

Once again, I wish you success in your endeavours.

I will love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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252 thoughts on “How to Check JAMB Result with Registration Number 2023”

  1. Please ma I just made a payment to print my original jamb result from jamb portal after making the payment I put my exam year and reg number so I saw print I tap on it and I was told that I’ve use it before and I’m using my phone I didn’t see anything like save as pdf and when I checked my payment history I saw paid used so I don’t know what it means though I saw print receipt there so I want to know if I can still print it out cos when I later tap on print result slip again a payment option pop out again so I don’t know If the payment I made has been expired

    • Hello Tina,

      Sorry about your experience.

      Simply go to the print admission letter and tap on the JAMB portal.

      You will be able to get your JAMB letter.

      Let me know if you encounter any further challenges.

    • Hello Alade,

      Unfortunately, I cannot check it out for you. You can only do so using your phone number.

      What’s the difficulty with checking it yourself?

  2. Pls sir, I lost my phone all together with the Sim I used in my Jamb affair, I know I’m late but I really need your help right now and I also wrote the mop up jamb exam . Reg no 202211357093CF
    WhatApp- 07045359854

    • Hello Austin,

      I’ll recommend you retrieve your sim. I can’t check your result.

      If you cannot retrieve your sim, then visit the JAMB office.

  3. Pls sir I wrote the mop up jamb exam but when I tried checking the result through SMS it keeps writing network error. Reg no 202210646012ff.

    • Chinenye,

      Are you attempting to check your JAMB result using the SIM card linked to your NIN?

      Maybe you should try again as it may be a network error.

  4. WhatsApp number 08102476889They’re make mistake during registration here is my registration number 202210154354DA

  5. Good day to u sir
    Can u please help me check my jamb result
    I lost the sim card I used for my registration and I was not the one that registered will u please help me check
    This is my registration number and my WhatsApp number 202211012996GA 07030043988

  6. Please sir the sim I used to register for jamb have been stolen and I don’t know how i can check my result,
    These is my registration number
    These is my phone number
    I will be glad if my request is considered favorably sir

  7. Please sir/ma help me and check my result , I am not in Nigeria now , I am in Benin republic, but I wrote My Jamb this year . But I cannot check my result over here because is not connecting. Please help me
    Thanks God bless

    • Maybe your result was withheld.

      You would have to wait for the result to be released on the online portal.

  8. Please sir, help me check my sister result, this is my registration number and WhatsApp number 202211598287IA, 08072338720 thanks

  9. Please sir, help me check my sister result, this is my registration number and WhatsApp number 202211598287IA, thanks

  10. Here is my registration number 202210709799df
    WhatsApp number
    Send it to my WhatsApp number sir

  11. Please my sim card is lost, please help me check mine reg no.202210363022hf.pls you can help me send it to my new number 08145695736

  12. I have tried checking my result twice through SMS but it’s not going sir.I wrote the exam on the 6th of may.
    My reg no:202210187896JA

  13. Pls assist check the result. The Sim used for registration is blocked.
    Jamb registration number:202210172998AF.

  14. Please help me check my result


    Please send to my WhatsApp number.
    Thanks so much

  15. Good day, pls my phone got stolen and my JAMB SIM was taken. This is my Registration number: 202211573287GA. Sir pls it will be helpful if u can check it for me. Thanks

  16. Good morning please kindly help me to check my jamb result sir.
    This is my registration number sir.
    My phone number is 07011991824 & my WhatsApp number is 09066385113

  17. Hello Sir/Ma this is my registration number
    Please help me check my result
    This my WhatsApp number 08162893659

  18. Please sir I need your help
    I want to check my results
    Have been trying it since I don’t even get it 202210377625CA
    I did it on 6th

  19. HEllo sir pls I need ur help on seeing my result I lost my phone. The one my email was in like the email I gave them for registration of jamb sir so pls can u help me out with the checking of my result.registration no sir 202210284355BF

  20. Hello sir have been trying to check my result with jamp portal but not available I also use 55019 says your time result is not available now and I wrote my exam may 6.

  21. Good afternoon sir
    I tried checking my results but
    When I go to the portal they ask me to use my email and password but during registration it wasn’t linked I tried Linking it later via SMS but it still didn’t work
    Please help me out

      • Please sir help me check my own result. 202211536204DF. I wrote it on the 10 of this month. Please sir help me check if mine is out. If it’s out you can message me on whatsapp. This is my whatsapp number 08121045513

  22. Have done jamb regularization and have been offered admission, but when I wanted to print it, I selected the year and out the reference number as the registration number, but it’s telling me that they selected year did not match the registration number
    Kindly help

  23. Pls how can I check my jamb original result and how to print admission letter via using my Reg No:21590943FF pls help me with it pls……. if you can help me with it pls just WhatsApp me on 09072182025… May almighty Allah be with us all 🙏🙏

  24. Pls how can I get my jamb original result and admission letter with my registration number…… please help me with it pls
    Reg No: 21590943FF….. pls WhatsApp me on this number if you can help me plss 09072182025…… may God almighty be with us all 🙏

    • What message do you get when you try to reset your password?

      Have you checked your mail address (also spam mail) for the link to change your password?

    • Yes, it is not working.

      At the moment, you can only check your JAMB result via SMS.

      The JAMB online result checker page will be activated very soon.

    • The JAMB result has been released.

      Send UTMERESULT to 55019 through the phone number you used to obtain your profile code during UTME registration

  25. Please ma, I wrote my jamb exam on Saturday morning, june 19 and I want to know when the result will be out. Thanks.


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