How to Check JAMB Result with Registration Number 2021

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to check and print your 2021 JAMB result with your registration number.

The JAMB result 2021 is out. It is available on the Joint Admission Matriculation Board data via SMS.

The result is released about 24 hours after your JAMB examination. However, there may be a delay in the release of the JAMB result depending on certain factors.

There are instances when JAMB would have to review the result of some centre due to malpractice.

You do not need to panic if there is a delay in your result on the JAMB portal. It will be available in a few hours from now.

Comment with the date of your JAMB exam in the comment section. I will tell you whether or not your result is ready for checking.

Let me know if you have any question or encounter any challenges when you try to check your result.

Also, you can drop your JAMB registration number using the comment box below. I will help you to check your result free of charge.

Refresh this page in a couple of minutes or a few hours later to see your JAMB score.

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Method to Check JAMB Result

There are two methods that you can use to check your JAMB result 2021;

  • JAMB SMS Result Checker
  • JAMB Online Portal

It only through the SMS and online result portal that is available to check your JAMB result.

JAMB SMS Result Checker

You can now check your JAMB result by SMS using the SIM card you used to get your profile code during your JAMB 2021 registration.

Here are the procedures on how you can check;

  1. Open text message on your phone
  2. Type UTMERESULT in block letters as a text message
  3. Type 55019 as the number
  4. Click send a text message
  5. Wait for a response from the JAMB result portal

Note that you can only get your JAMB result through text message by sending the message with the SIM card you used for your JAMB registration.

The JAMB Result SMS checker cost N50. Keep calm if you do not get your result. It will be released very soon.

You cannot check your JAMB result with another SIM. Use the JAMB online result portal to check your JAMB score.

Also, you do not need an internet connection to check your UTME result through the SMS method. But it is advisable to check your result using the online platform.

Check JAMB Result with Registration Number

JAMB result

The JAMB online portal is the most recommended and reliable method to check your JAMB result with a registration number.

It is a quick and reliable way that you can use to check your score for each of the four UTME subjects.

Here is how to check your JAMB result using your registration number;

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your phone
  2. Visit the JAMB result checker portal
  3. Click on the JAMB result checker
  4. Enter your JAMB registration number or phone number in the box
  5. Click on the check my result button
  6. Allow the page to load to see your result.

Kindly note that you can now check your result online.

Print JAMB Result

You can print your JAMB result at any cyber café in your area. You will be required to give your JAMB registration number.

It is not necessary to print your JAMB result. It is the original JAMB result that you need for your clearance for admission.


Let me know in the comment box below if you have any problem checking your result.

Also, comment with your JAMB registration for me to check your result free of charge.

I wish you success in your JAMB and Post UTME examinations.

My advice to you is not to relax after seeing your JAMB result. Remember that you still have Post UTME to face.

Many JAMBites make the mistake of abandoning their books after the UTME exam.

I have written a detailed guide on how to prepare and pass the Post UTME exam. The tips will help you beat the cut off mark for your school of choice to gain admission.

You can also comment on your JAMB score and institution of choice so that I can give you a guide on what to target for your Post UTME.

Once again, I wish you success in your endeavours.

I will love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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    • What message do you get when you try to reset your password?

      Have you checked your mail address (also spam mail) for the link to change your password?

    • Yes, it is not working.

      At the moment, you can only check your JAMB result via SMS.

      The JAMB online result checker page will be activated very soon.

    • The JAMB result has been released.

      Send UTMERESULT to 55019 through the phone number you used to obtain your profile code during UTME registration

  1. Please ma, I wrote my jamb exam on Saturday morning, june 19 and I want to know when the result will be out. Thanks.


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