UNN Admission Information 2022/2023

Candidates whose names appeared in our current 2022/2023 Supplementary Admission lists, including Advert/Shopping list, whose names appeared in their shopped courses or who were recommended for courses that were not their first choice courses are expected to do the followings:

  1. If you are notified by JAMB that UNN wants to transfer you from your first choice program/course to another program/.course and that you should ACCEPT OR REJECT the transfer, you are advised to ACCEPT the course as transferred to enable further action on the admission. You are also required to print out you Admission Status from JAMB CAPS and submit to Admissions Office to facilitate further admission processes.
  2. After accepting the transfer, you should;
  3. Visit the UNN Portal
  4. Go to Undergraduate Students
  • Sign Up
  1. Enter Your JAMB Reg. No. and Screening RRR
  2. Login to the UNN Portal with the login details provided
  3. Complete Profile
  • Proceed to generate Invoice for Acceptance fee.
  1. All candidates whose names appeared in our Admission lists in their first choice courses should check their Admission Status in JAMB CAPS, if status is still showing “Not Admitted”, should check whether O/Level upload was successful, print status and evidence of O/Level upload and submit to Admissions Office to formalize their admissions
  2. Candidates should always ensure they properly upload their O/Level Results in the JAMB CBT accredited centre.  The University will not be held responsible for any candidate whose admission fails to be uploaded in JAMB CAPS due to non or late upload of O/Level Results.


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