How to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria

Do you want a very professional job that allows you to see the world?

Have you been admiring those air hostesses because of how decent they look and serviceable they are?

If yes is the answer, worry no more. This article is for you. This article will give you full clarity on how to become an air hostess in Nigeria.

The main aim of this article is to remove this misconception you have on how to become an air hostess in Nigeria.

There is no how we will move to the main topic without giving you the definition of an air hostess.

Definition of Air Hostess

An air hostess may be referred to as a female gender who is employed to mind the affairs of the passengers on an aircraft. In order words, they look after or take care of them.

The Air hostess is also a partner of the aircrew who performs certain duties for the airline to accomplish the function of customer personnel.

Many people have this misunderstanding about what exactly are duties of an air hostess are?

Some people think that their duties are only to serve food and drinks to the passengers. This is not true.

Their main responsibility is the safety and comfort of everyone on that flight. Serving food to passengers is just a bonus to the passengers.

If safety was not a big issue on aircraft, there would be no air hostess.

Passengers’ safety is an air hostess’s top priority.

Generally, an air hostess performs the duties of a waiter in a hotel. They always wear smiling faces to attract people to their hostel. That’s how an air hostess should behave.

Working as an air hostess comes with lots of opportunities. You get exposed to many things concerning travels and you might get connected if you are a lucky person.

Words Associated with Air Hostess

  • Flight Attendant
  • Stewardess
  • Carbin Crew

These three words mean the same thing and should not be used interchangeably.

Qualities of an Air Hostess

Air hostess is a professional job. So, there are certain qualities one must possess before she aspires to be an air hostess.

They include:

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Positivity and Friendly
  • Understanding and Caring
  • Responsibility and Professionalism
  • Empathy
  • Physical Stamina
  • Teamwork

Customer Service Skills

An air hostess should possess customer service skills. Talk to them in the language they will understand.

Make sure that their needs are granted without delay.

Communication Skills

As an air hostess, you should have good communication skills. Your manner of speech shouldn’t be annoying and careless.

The approach used in talking to them determines how they will respond to you.  Your effective or beneficial communication skills will aid you to pass information to the passengers on flight rule safety.

An air hostess must be able to provide useful information. The way you present the information goes a long way to facilitating effective communication skills.

Positivity and Friendly

You must be positive, about things.

Be helpful and confident.

Always think about what is good in a situation rather than what is bad.

Make friends with them. Associate with them. Make them feel at home. No isolation is allowed.

Understanding and Caring

An air hostess must be caring and understandable. If you can’t control your temperament, you don’t deserve this job.

You need to understand the passengers. Give them what they want. Make them happy.

Serve them cheerfully. Don’t judge them according to their behaviour. Just do all you could to maintain peace and safety.

Responsibility and Professionalism

Serving food and drinks to the passengers on the plane is not the only responsibility of an air hostess as I said earlier. There are other responsibilities which the most priority is the safety of everyone.

You must be qualified all way round before aspiring to become an air hostess. If you are a competent problem-solver, you may excel in this kind of occupation.


They should have known how to understand people’s feelings and problems as an air hostess. Make them feel comfortable.

Bottom line: They should always tell the passengers what the most important part of a situation is.

Attentiveness: You should pay close attention to the passengers. You should make sure that their desire is being taken care of. An air hostess must be very concerned about the need of the passengers.

Physical Stamina

Stamina means the mental and physical capability to sustain or maintain activity for a long period. 

As an air hostess, you should have physical stamina.  They should have the ability to serve as many as many passengers as you can think of.


Your ability to work effectively along with the passenger’s matters a lot.

A person aspiring to be jovial and easy-going. She must always be calm in times of danger.

Looking good always should be her lifestyle. Being stunning does not only define beauty. Being appealing does as well.

Qualifications to Become an Air Hostess

Everyone can not become an air hostess. There are qualifications needed.

The lowest eligibility standard for working as an air hostess is a 10+2 diploma in any Science/ Commerce/ Arts. You must have a BSc in Airline, tourism, and hospitality.

Not only that, you should try and get the following qualifications:

  • BSc in Aviation and hospitality services.
  • BBA in Airport management.
  • BBA in Travel management, etc.
  • Certificate in Night rating.
  • Private pilot training.
  • Diploma in carbon crew training.
  • Diploma in air hostess training.
  • Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training with on-job Training.
  • Certificate in personal Pilot Training.
  • Bachelor in travel management.
  • PG Diploma in Airport Ground Services
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Aviation and hospitality services

Just to mention but few.

That qualification will give you ideas on how to become a successful air hostess.

Air Hostess School in Nigeria

Remember that becoming an air hostess is practical work.  Participating fully during your class will be a very good notion.

For you to obtain the above-mentioned qualifications, you should get yourself enrolled in any of the following  air hostess institutes such as;

  • Eagle Air Flight Training Centre Minna, Niger State
  • Anis International School of Aviation and Transportation Studies,  Lagos State
  • Nigeria College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria, Kaduna State
  • Universal School of Aviation, Lagos State
  • YMS Aviation Schools Lagos State
  • YMS Aviation Schools
  • International Aviation college
  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Eagle Air Flight Training Centre Minna, Niger State

This particular institution is very good at the provision of outstanding flight training to the enrolled students.

They make sure the students are trained comfortably and the accomplishment of their recent status is guaranteed.

Not only that. They train the students to progress towards their goals and objectives which brought them to the institution.

Anis International School of Aviation and Transportation Studies, Lagos State

This school focuses on training the students in travel and tourism and also provides standardized aviation training programs to the students in the area of travel and tourism.

The reason for that is to make the students achieve their personal and professional goals.

So if you want to study travel and tourism. That institution is recommended for you.

Nigeria College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) Zaria, Kaduna State

This is one of the recognized ed flight schools in Nigeria.

They train students on the flight.

Universal School of Aviation, Lagos State

Aside from being a well-recognized school. This school equips students to become outstanding in their several fields.

There is an attachment of various travel organizations to students who are registered so that the application of their academic experience to real scenarios is made easy. 

YMS Aviation Schools Lagos State

This concentrates on offering numerous cabin crew training programs. This gives the students the qualification they desire that made them be registered into that institution.

Here, the air hostess is trained to secure the passengers. During practical classes, they are thought how to use some of the safety equipment in the aircraft.

Furthermore, they are taught how to attend to the passenger’s needs or requests, serve any kind of food. How to attend to the sick is also among the training they undergo.

Apart from the schools I mentioned above, there are so many other aviation institutions you can get enrolled like:

  • YMS Aviation Schools
  • International Aviation college
  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS), etc.

You can make inquiries and try to get yourself enrolled in any of them or any other institution that studies related courses with.

Undergoing cabin crew training is also important.

Hence, this article has exposed you to some certain things you need to know.

Now, let’s discuss the main topic of the article.

How to Become an Air Hostess in Nigeria

Air hostess is a female job. It doesn’t require hard labour because they are termed weak vessels but there are some steps you must follow to become one.

The following are the listed steps:

  • Self-development
  • Attend an Air hostess institution
  • Be Fluent in at Least Two Languages
  • Get an International Visa
  • Apply for Air Hostess Job


This is the major step that is required of everyone who aspires to be an air hostess. You ought to work on yourself.

Your temperament, manner of speech, sense of reasoning, etc should be worked on.

As an air hostess, you are going to have different kinds of passengers in the aeroplane from different families, different cultures, different attitudes, different exposure.

So if you don’t understand them, meeting their need will be very difficult.

Cultivate the habit of familiarity because you are going to deal with passengers with different personalities. If not, you will end up quarrelling with one of them and you will be fired.

Attend an Air hostess institution

Being competent enough to handle the duties of an air hostess, you need to undergo some certain training. Study courses about air hostesses.

There is no shortcut to a professional job. Necessary is required.

An Air hostess is not like a vehicle conductor. It requires literacy.

Just apply for the position of air hostess via email or you write an application letter to the institution.

You will be trained like a cabin crew. Also, how to operate on commercial air transportation and how to treat passengers will be taught.

Attending their institution is very important because your narrow view concerning air hostess is made wide.

Be Fluent in at Least Two Languages

Since the air hostess is concerned with talking to people. Knowing only your mother tongue is not very necessary because most of the passengers might find it difficult to understand you.

For example, you are from Lagos state and the only language you can speak is Yoruba. You will only talk to people who the Yoruba language and cheat the rest.

To prevent such, fluency in speaking official languages like English and any other one is very necessary.

Get an International Visa

Air hostesses are travellers. So there is a need for international visas to avoid embarrassment.

Without an international visa, it will be difficult to board any international flight.

Getting your international passport is a very vital step before you become an air hostess.

Apply for Air Hostess Job

Getting all the requirements is good but if you don’t apply for the job, you won’t be known. And the knowledge you acquired will be a waste.


To become an air hostess isn’t a big deal. You go through the mentioned steps.

Make sure you undergo training in a good aviation institution filled with qualified teachers and adequate infrastructure to be well trained.

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