How to Legit Make Money Online in Nigeria 2024

Learning a lucrative digital skill is the best way to make money online in Nigeria. It is the fastest way to gain financial freedom.

Every day, you hear about how people are making money and cashing out online.

But, making money online is not as simple as ABC. There is no easy way around the process of making big bucks. For starters, you’d have to put in a lot of work before you rake in money on the internet.

The problem with many Nigerians is that they think they can blow and cash out overnight. It is not as easy as it may sound.

There is no quick way to make money online, not even if you become a yahoo boy or girl. So, do not get intimidated by anyone who says they made millions online within a week. It is all lies and not legit money.

It could take you between six (6) to twelve (12) months to earn money directly to your bank account in Nigeria. That is if you put in the necessary work.

In this post, I will walk you through the top online skills for Nigerians. All you need is your phone or laptop to learn a digital skill.

Let me know in the comment box below if you need further help. I would be glad to help you.

Making Money Online in Nigeria

The only way to make money online in Nigeria is to provide a service. It is by providing a solution to other people problems here in Nigeria and abroad.

The key to succeeding in an online business is patience, consistency and hard work. You must never make the mistake of trying to be a jack of all trades. I mean yourself trying to be a blogger this minute and a programmer the next.

You must decide on a digital skill to learn and stick to it. Do not go about learning this today and that tomorrow.

The perk about making money online is that you get paid in foreign currency. Imagine that you earn $5000 a month. Now, my friend, that is a lot of money to buy a house in Banana Island or get yourself a Lexus.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Here are practical ways on how to make money in Nigeria with your phone and laptop;

  1. Start A YouTube Channel
  2. Whatsapp Drop Shipping Monetization
  3. Learn A Programming Language
  4. Become A Niche Blogger
  5. Web Development (Frontend, Backend & Full Stack)
  6. Learn UI/UX Design
  7. Open A Facebook Group
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Web Design
  10. Cinematography
  11. Copywriting
  12. Become an Instagram Influencer
  13. Animation and Motion Graphics
  14. Video Editing/Mini Studio
  15. API Integrations and Development
  16. Ethical Hacking
  17. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  18. Microsoft Azure Administrator
  19. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  20. Trade Forex
  21. Content Marketing and Social Media Management
  22. Data Analyst and Data Science
  23. Become A Graphic Designer
  24. Call Center Analyst
  25. Cryptocurrency

Start A YouTube Channel

black dslr camera taking photo

Starting a YouTube channel is a sure way to make money online. You will earn money from the number of people that watch your videos. More viewers mean more money for you.

Today, there are a lot of Nigerians who are making money through YouTube monetization.

A YouTube channel is a collection of videos uploaded by an individual to the video platform.

In simple terms, people make videos and upload them online. These videos could be about anything from comedy to different kinds of tutorials.

Daily, billions of people watch YouTube videos based on their area of interest. I remember how I had to learn how to make Oha Soup using YouTube.

So, creating videos that solve problems or match people interests will give you legit money.

Many Nigerians jump on the idea of making money on YouTube without doing proper research. It does not end well for them.

To become a successful YouTuber, you must sit down and plan. Determine what you want to offer to people.

It is a good option if you start a channel about a skill or something you know well.

For example, you can start a channel on making Nigerian local foods.

You must develop a passion for the type of content you create for YouTube.

Now here is how you can make money on YouTube as a Nigerian.

How to Make Money on YouTube

Here are the ways on how to make money on YouTube as a Nigerian

  • YouTube Monetization
  • Sponsored Advert
  • Affiliate Marketing
YouTube Monetization

YouTube monetization is the easiest way to make money on the online video platform.

All you need is to get one thousand (1,000) subscribers and four thousand (4,000) watch hours within a year.

Then, you can begin to make money as people watch your videos.

Meeting the YouTube monetization requirements is easy if you upload engaging content.

Sponsored Advert

The sponsored advert are promotional clips included in your videos for brands.

Brands who want to promote their product may contact you to include their advert on your videos. You would become a kind of influencer for their product.

Of course, you will get paid when you promote products on YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to make money from your YouTube channel. It involves you recommending products to your subscribers.

You will get a commission fee when they buy a product via your recommendation.

For example, say you recommend a refrigerator to your subscribers. For every sale, you will make money from your suggestion.

WhatsApp Drop Shipping Monetization

Android smartphone beside banknote

Dropshipping on your WhatsApp status is a lucrative business online.

Yes, you can make money promoting products on your WhatsApp status.

The best part about dropshipping is that you do not need to buy what you promote.

This business model involves you approaching sellers of different products. You agree with them that you will get so and so commission for every buyer you bring to them.

For example, you can meet a car dealer. You snap different types of cars and post on your status.

To be successful in the WhatsApp drop shipping business. You must know the calibre of persons on your WhatsApp contact list. Trust me, advertising things irrelevant to people on your contact list is not profitable.

Learn A Programming Language

Picture of a computer screen

Learning a programming language is the surest way to financial freedom.

I bet you must have heard about programming. It sounded hard, right?

Programming is the act of writing programs in computer languages.

Many programming languages perform different tasks and functions.

For example, PHP is the programming language for Facebook.

Here is why programming language is a big deal.

The world is going digital on automation. We now have self-drive cars, smart houses, etc. Everything is now becoming automated.

It is programmers who write the code on how this new-age technology works.

There are many prospects for learning a programming language. Though, it will take a whole lot of dedication and hard work on your part.

You do not have to study Computer Science at the University to become a programmer. Many developers today are self-taught programmers.

But the truth is that programming is not for everyone. It is not all about the money, but you must first fall in love with coding.

You will struggle with programming if you do not have a natural flair for numbers.

I am not trying to say that you must be a guru in mathematics to become a developer. Not at all. Still, you must be ready to play with numbers and logic.

Programming Languages

Here are some of the programming languages that you can learn as a Nigerian;

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery
  • Angular
  • Code Igniter
  • PHP

There are two types of programmers; the front end and back end programmers.

Front End Programmers

Front end programmers are developers who code software, websites, etc., for users interaction.

You can read this post with ease because Studentship is frontend programming.

The following are frontend programming languages;

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Backend Web Development

Backend programmers create applications that you cannot interact with as a user.

As a backend developer, you will focus on databases and writing scripts.

Here is a list of the backend web development languages;

  • PHP
  • Ajax
  • MySQL
  • XML
  • React
  • Node.js
Higher Programming Language for App Development

These are programming languages for app development.

Here is a list of higher programming languages for App development;

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Objective-C
  • Java
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
  • Perl
  • Delphi

Learn Programming Online

You learn programming by taking courses online. These online platforms are a great place for learning to code for free.

The tutorials on these websites will give you the necessary knowledge of programming.

Here is a list of websites that you can learn programming for free;

  • YouTube
  • W3Schools
  • Codecademy
  • Sololearn
  • Coursera
  • edX
  • Udemy
  • Khan Academy
  • FreeCodeCamp
  • Codewars
  • Upskill
  • BitDegree

You can also learn programming at a teaching centre close to you.

Become A Niche Blogger

A student with a laptop

Becoming a niche blogger is the all-time best way to make money online. Blogging is all about putting your thoughts and ideals online in the form of a blog post.

A niche blogger is a person whose blog covers a particular area of interest. For example, Studentship is an educational blog.

I like to think of blogging as the easiest way to earn money online if you know what you are doing. But, it is not as easy as it sounds.

I have come across people who went into blogging and came out with regrets. They thought they would rake in millions within six (6) months. They have heard stories about successful bloggers in Nigeria like Linda Ikeji. So, they decided to give it a try.

Becoming A Successful Blogger

To become a successful blogger, you must be patient, persistent and understand SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

There are tons of articles on the internet. It is creativity and hard work you would be able to reach out to people through your blog post.

The first step to take as a blogger is to decide on a topic for your blog. It could be a relationship blog, finance blog, educational blog, etc.

But whatever you decide, do not blog about Nigerian entertainment or music blog niche. It is stressful and not profitable.

Never make the mistake of running a multi-niche blog where you write on different topics on the same blog.

Your blog must focus on one general topic. A food blogger post must focus on food and not relationship tips.

I hope that you get the drift now.

Learning Blogging

You can learn the basics of blogging yourself without buying any online courses or paying a dime.

Blogging is like other digital skills that require you to put in your money and effort. Yes, that is correct. You must spend money to get a domain name and set up your blog on

Never make the mistake of starting up on the Google Free Blogger platform. There are many limitations on there. Do not waste your time trying to create a free blog in Nigeria.

With less than ten (10) thousand naira, you can set up a blog in Nigeria.

You can drop a comment below if you want to start a blog. I will give you further guidance.

How to Start Blogging Business in Nigeria

Here is how to start and make money with blogging business in Nigeria;

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Post
Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the best way that Nigerians monetize their blog.

Most of the Nigerian blogs you visit are running on Google Ads. Yes, these publishers get paid when users see ads that interest them.

Other monetization options are Ezoic, PropellerAds,, Monumetric, InfoLinks, etc.

You will start to make money when you drive lots of genuine traffic to your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a monetization technique where you promote e-commerce products.

For example, if you run a Parenting blog, you can promote children products from Jumia on your blog. You will get a commission fee when a reader purchases an item using your link.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is also a profitable way to make money with your blog.

Content creators reach out to successful bloggers for collaborations. Companies could also contact you to promote their brands or product.

These collaborations are not free of charge. Usually, you can charge at least $100 for a sponsored post.

The more collaborations you make, the more money you get as a Nigerian blogger.

Web Development (Frontend, Backend & Full Stack)

flat screen computer monitor

A website developer is a person that creates a website for the internet. The architect or every website you visit is by a web developer. These are people who use a programming language to put a website together.

A website developer can specialize in frontend, backend or full-stack development.

As you know, every business and institution now needs a functional website. You can make money by creating responsive websites for individuals and companies.

Learning web development will take you about three (3) months or thereabout. After which, you could get jobs online or offline.

To become a website developer, you can register in any training centre close to you. You could also learn by taking tutorials online.

Learn UI/UX Design

MacBook pro beside apple magic mouse

UI stands for the user interface. UX means user experience.

UI/UX design is the art of creating software and app with great user experience and interface. UI designers work on finding out how users interact with a different kinds of software.

The job of a UI designer is to make a platform easy to navigate.

For example, UI/UX designers design your mobile banking app to be easy to use.

UI/UX designing is a profitmaking skill. It is now rated as one of the top digital skills in the world to earn money online.

Learning a programming language like JavaScript is necessary to become a UI/UX designer. Knowledge of HTML and PHP is an added advantage.

Here is a list of websites where you can learn user interface and experience design;

  • SuperHi.
  • Coursera.
  • Skillshare.
  • UX Academy.
  • Interaction Design Foundation.
  • Lynda.
  • Udemy.
  • CareerFoundry.

Open A Facebook Group

Person holding iPhone

Many Nigerians are making money today from running a successful Facebook group.

Yes, you can make money by moderating a popular group on Facebook.

Facebook has the option for group admins to publish sponsored posts.

For example, if you have a Facebook group about relationships and lifestyle. You can publish an advert on skincare products, etc.

To make money on Facebook, you have to build a large online community. That way, you would reach a kind of celebrity status online. Then, you would begin to get promotional offers.

It is not as easy as it sounds but possible. Think about a topic that people on Facebook would find interesting. Launch a Facebook group for it and see yourself becoming successful.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is the most profitable and reliable way to make money online. It involves you promoting products and getting a commission fee for every sale.

Sometimes, it is not only about the product that you recommend. You can make money when your followers buy other products from your link on an eCommerce website.

The profit margin for affiliate marketing is high compared to other options.

You would need to watch YouTube tutorials and read about affiliate marketing to become one.

There is no shortcut to succeeding as an affiliate marketer in Nigeria. You need to build trust among your followers in the online community.

Affiliate Marketing Platforms in Nigeria

Here is the list of websites that you can make money as a Nigerian;

  • Expertnaire Affiliate Program
  • Jumia Affiliate Program
  • Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Clickbank
  • Konga Affiliate Program
  • Wakanow
  • ShareASale
  • Kartra
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • ClickFunnels
  • Payporte Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Travelstart
  • FlexOffers
  • JVZoo
  • Luno Affiliate Program
  • Avangate


Man holding dslr camera

Everybody loves to see a great movie in the cinema or their mobile devices. It is the outcome of good cinematography work.

Cinematography is the art of capturing the action of a scene for an audience.

These cinematographers work on the elements of lighting, camera movement and exposure.

Film making is an activity that requires manipulations to produce a great movie.

Over the last few years, the services of cinematographers have skyrocketed. The demand for filmmakers is at its highest.

Even so, YouTubers hire cinematographers for making their videos.

You can learn cinematography at a film school here in Nigeria. Better still, you could take courses online.

Here are some of the cinematography courses that you can take online;

  • Cinematographers Preparation
  • Fundamentals of DSLR Filmmaking
  • Shooting the Scene
  • The Art of Filmmaking and Editing
  • Taking Flight: Drone Photography & Video
  • How to Use GoPro for Outdoor Photography


A person typing on a laptop computer

Copywriting is a crucial part of any business. It is a tool for companies to reach out to consumers with their products and services.

Copywriters are people who write articles for the sole purpose of conversion. Conversion here means the ability to make users take action.

Action in the sense of filling an online survey, email sign up or buying a product.

Today, every company use the services of copywriters. It is how brands can connect with their customers through words. The goal of copywriting is to increase conversion rates.

A lot of people do not find compelling adverts interesting. They want companies to connect to them on a personal level. It is a copywriter that does this through storytelling.

You can learn copywriting for free on the following online platforms;

  • YouTube
  • Blackford Centre
  • Udemy
  • edX
  • Coursesity
  • Alison
  • Coursera
  • Copyblogger Pro
  • Skillshare
  • Kopywriting Kourse

Do well to check out any of the following online platforms to begin your journey as a copywriter.

You will make a lot of money if you become a good copywriter. There are plenty of jobs available for copywriters on freelancing websites.

Become an Instagram Influencer

Woman holding a book

Becoming an Instagram influencer is a sure way to make money on the internet here in Nigeria.

Instagram influencers are people with a large number of followers. They are celebrities or people that post engaging content online.

Brands pay for the product reviews that you see on Instagram. The perk is that you get those products free of charge. If you review a weavon on your Instagram page, you get the weavon for free of charge.

Becoming an Instagram influencer would take a lot of hard work. People would only follow you when you post engaging content.

You can get brand collaborations with your large followership on Instagram.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Toy story anime

An animation is a helpful tool for advertising products.

People prefer to see a video than to read content online. The attention span of people has reduced over the years. It is why video garners more likes on Facebook than a word post.

Animators are people who can convey messages using 2D or 3D animation.

You will make a lot of money in Nigeria if you learn animation for advertising.

You can start learning animation on YouTube and download the necessary software.

Video Editing/Mini Studio

Nigerian student studying

Video editing is a necessary skill for video makers.

People do not post their videos without proper editing. It is the editing that makes the video to be viewable and enjoyable.

Many YouTube creators and content creators do not know how to edit their videos. You can get a long term job to edit their videos. That will serve as a good source of income for you.

You can learn video editing by downloading the necessary software online. YouTube is a great place to learn how to use video editing software.

Video Editing Software

Here is a list of free video editing software;

  • Shortcut
  • OpenShot
  • ActivePresenter
  • Video Grabber
  • Kinemaster
  • VideoProc
  • Davinci Resolve
  • iMovie
  • Lightworks
  • HitFilm Express
  • Blender
  • Ice Cream Video Editor
  • VideoPad Video Editor

API Integrations and Development

MacBook Pro

API means application programme interface. It is a tool that allows the interaction between applications to work together.

With API, developers can add functionality to their applications.

API allows systems to interact with one another without any loss of data.

The following are the types of API

  • JSON
  • SOAP
  • XML
  • REST

ECommerce websites and online shopping platforms use API integrations.

You can learn API on the following online platforms;

  • YouTube
  • W3School
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Udacity
  • Alison
  • FreeCodeCamp

Ethical Hacking

Picture of a hacker

An ethical hacker is a person that detects vulnerabilities in an application system.

Ethical hacking is legal and is one of the best ways to make money online as a Nigerian.

A cyber security expert ensures no vulnerability in a system to prevent a cyber attack.

Ethical hackers check for risk in a system to prevent access by cyber hackers. They think like a hacker to detect vulnerabilities in a network system.

Ethical hacking covers six (6) different phases;

  1. Reconnaissance Phase
  2. Scanning Phase
  3. Gaining Access Phase
  4. Maintaining Access
  5. Clearing Tracks
  6. Reporting

Becoming an Ethical Hacker

To become an ethical hacker, you need to get the following skills;

  • Knowledge of operating environments such as Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Learning Programming Language
  • Know security laws

You can learn ethical hacking on YouTube and other online platforms.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Data server

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular web cloud platform.

Today, many online platforms are running on AWS. It is cheap, fast and reliable.

Learning how to host websites and applications on the AWS platform can make you a lot of money.

You can learn more about AWS on YouTube and other eLearning platforms.

Trade Forex

Digital trading

Forex trading is the biggest market in the world. The forex market determines the exchange rate of currencies all over the globe.

You can make money trading forex as a beginner. Though, forex is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take persistence to make money on the forex market.

To make money in the forex market, you have to buy currency at its lowest rate and sell high.

For example, you can buy Euro and exchange it for Dollars for profit.

Succeeding as a Forex trader requires that you understand the market.

To learn Forex trading, you need to watch YouTube tutorials.


picture of a man holding a phone

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency serving as a medium of exchange. It has the same value as the physical currency.

It uses a peer to peer (p2p) technology.

You can make money from cryptocurrency in Nigeria by airdrop and arbitrage.

To get started on cryptocurrency, you need to read about digital currency online. Also, YouTube is a great platform to learn about digital currency.

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Data server

The demand for Azure administrators in the online space is high.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform for hosting websites and applications. It is like Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You can become an administrator by learning how to install networks in the cloud space.

YouTube and other online platforms are places to learn about the Azure programme.

Data Analyst and Data Science

students sitting at a table

A data analyst is a person that collects and analyze data from different sources.

There are many opportunities for a data scientist in Nigeria like:

  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Deep Learning Engineering

Data science is a lucrative career with massive pay.

You can learn about becoming a data scientist by watching videos on YouTube. Taking an online course is also a recommendable way to begin your journey as a data scientist.

Check out this thread on Nairaland to start your journey of becoming a data scientist.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Data server

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a cloud computing service provided by Google.

You can use the cloud service to host your website and application online.

The advantage of cloud services is the number of data servers present in different parts of the world.

You can take a course on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on YouTube and other online platforms.

Content Marketing and Social Media Management

laptop computer

Content marketing and social media management is one way to make money online.

Every company now want to build a large social media followership. It is easier to connect with customers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Companies hire people to manage their social media accounts.

You need creativity to put out engaging content.

To get this job, send your applications to companies with a vacancy for social media managers.

Become A Graphic Designer

A person using a laptop

Graphic design is a combination of two words; graphic and design.

Graphic means visuals associated with art, expression and imagination. It has to do with colour, typography and shape.

Design is an expression of an idea to determine how it will look.

Graphic designers are people who can communicate information.

Advertising, branding, web design and infographics make use of graphic design.

To become a designer, you need to learn Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop. This software would get you started on creating beautiful designs.


Making money online in Nigeria requires hard work, diligence and patience. There is no overnight success in the digital space. You must take time to learn a digital skill. As the saying goes, nothing comes easy.

Everything that you need to know about any digital skill is on YouTube. Find out your passion and learn a corresponding digital skill.

The world is now a digital space. You must learn a soft digital skill to make you some money online.

At the beginning of your journey, you may not make any money. But, do not lose focus because the best days are yet to come.

I would love to hear from you. Let me know if you need further guidance on making money online.

Also, you can comment on how you are currently making money online.

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        • There are many ways to make money online. Here are a few of the most popular options:

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