Tears of a Fall Guy: Book Summary


The story begins with Raymond Dimka who sat absentmindedly during a church service. The preacher Reverend Lazarus a tall and debonair man was preaching on the topic “The power of the mouth.” Seated 15 rows away from Raymond was Tamar Peters, a lady of extraordinary beauty. During the service, Raymond wished he had arrived service early to get the ample opportunity to sit beside Tamar.

None sooner than later, he fell asleep and dreamt of a romantic escapade between him and Tamar. He woke up only to discover that the service was over and he had gained nothing from the sermon. Raymond had previously made onerous effort to approach Tamar but he had chickened out in all occasions.

Tamar lived with her affluent parent in Mano hills and worked in Gold and Shekel Bank with a modelling career on the side. Raymond is a guitarist, a graduate of Music and worked as a producer and guitarist in Medolisa record, a leading recording firm in Eden. Gilbert Neya a legal practitioner and a friend of Raymond had advised Raymond severally to man up and approach Tamar and making his intention known to her. Gil held the belief marriage either ended in divorce or sad cohabitation for life.

After service, Tamar stood at a sycamore tree close to the church belfry. Raymond determined to make a move to approach her but when she looked at his direction, his courage failed him. Gilbert began to chastise Raymond on how he acts cowardly any time he is to approach Tamar. He informs Raymond that Felix the Casanova is already making romantic advances on Tamar.

Arriving at Raymond’s residence in Gilbert advised his friend on how to best woo Tamar. He used the Tantalus methodology describing that when someone yearns for something beyond his reach but he cannot see, he is said to be suffering from the fate of Tantalus. later day, Raymond ensconced on his settee, he began to think of his family, job and musical career. He thought of how he would reform the Rastafarian movement to Christafari when his musical career hits stardom. Before long he was asleep, his tired fingers resting inanimately on the strings of the guitar.


This chapter is espoused on the Medolisa record which was located in Donna avenue, the entertainment heartland of the city. Chief Melford Adisa is the President of Medolisa records. Ms Vera the head of the assessment unit was notably known for rejecting tapes that were not suitable to be released under the Medolisa record.

On this day, Raymond got a call from Gilbert challenging him to a table tennis match at the Eden sports club where both memberships had been revoked the previous year. Raymond would later spend an unproductive day in the office. His mind wouldn’t let go of thinking about Tamar. During a rehearsal session, Yebiah Adams the “Magic finger” noticed something was wrong with him which he confirmed by asserting that he was only exhausted from the previous day marathon session.

Later that evening, both friends set out to the club with them agreeing that whoever lost the game will buy the drinks. After a very tough game, Raymond had to accept defeat due to the devastating move put up by Gilbert who had acquired a private board at home and had been practising with players in his neighbourhood.

Both friends soon began to have a good time and exchanging banters as usual. Coincidentally, Felix walked in with his date Tamar. Raymond was thrown into a helpless situation and sought for instant advice from his friend who advised he do absolutely nothing. As Raymond gazed at Tamar, Felix sprang up confronting Raymond and Felix landed a slap on Raymond’s face. Gilbert intersected and Raymond left the scene dejected without reciprocating the assault he had just received. Before leaving the scene, Raymond informed Felix that he was going to deal with him. Back in his residence, he wrote the song title “Eli Eli Lama Sabathani.”


Throughout the night, Raymond ruminated about how unfair life had been to him so far. Trekking to work the next morning because the commercial vehicles and motorcyclist had embarked on industrial strike action. Inside spine street, a section of the city reserve for the rich, he walked absentmindedly. He bumped into a man and nearly fell as a result of the impact. Regaining himself, he discovered it was Sergeant Iggah the ruthless cop at the city crime unit who had bumped into. Raymond was relieved by the meekness of the sergeant reaction to the accident.

Back at work, Amigo, a calypso Cuba was back home in Eden and wanted to release under the Medolisa label a remix of one of his latest work on his hit parade. Also, Raymond began to apply a new idea on how to make his new song more melodious. He decided to visit Mount Golden because he needed a place that guaranteed absolute quietness.

The next day, he got a surprise visit from Gil at his place of work. The purpose of the visit was to inform him that Lady Fiona Hamba the mother of Felix had just been murdered in cold blood. Raymond began to see reasons why he should be worry following the Feud he had with Felix and because he did not want to be linked to the case of which he is innocent.


The case on the death of Lady Fiona was assigned to Sergeant Mark Iggah by the police commander Aaron. The sergeant worked tirelessly to unravel the person who committed the murder. Nevertheless, the sergeant was irritated about the fact that no form of security was assigned to a lady of such affluence. The commissioner quizzed the sergeant on how far he has gone with the case and also complained of how unprofessional he was with criminals that have not been condemned. Therefore, he must not kill his suspects as such misconduct would no longer be tolerated especially when handling a case as Hamba’s.

Sergeant Mark got the idea of obtaining a statement from the other members of the affected family especially with the fact the domestics workers were not providing any concrete fiancée at the Gold and Shekel Bank when the event took place. When the sergeant inquisitive to know if he knows anyone that would have had the intention of killing his mother or any member of his family. Reminiscing, Felix narrated to the sergeant that a young man promised to deal with him.


This chapter x-ray the background of Tamar who Raymond was deeply in love with. Tamar was born into a poor family, a past she was not proud of, and she loved to hide and forget her biological father who was a gravedigger, and her mother, a peanut pay nanny. When she was thirteen, a band of local ruffians kidnapped and murdered six soldiers sent on an undisclosed mission to her village. A week after the savagery, the soldiers carried out a horrendous massacre of the villagers at the end of which only a handful of women and children were left. She was spared on the account of her disarming beauty.

Members of the Eden Red Cross took her to the city where she lived in the Society’s orphanage till she was taken to live with Sir and Lady Jeremiah Peters a rich couple who lost all their children in a plane crash on their way to London yore years ago. At seventeen, she got admission into the university to study Banking and Finance. Upon graduation, she chose a banking job over the custom and excise department. The jobs were all gotten through the connections of Sir Jeremiah. She resolved not to go back to poverty which played a major role in her decision to marry Felix Hamba despite his arrogant, haughty and irascible and threw punches at the least provocation.

Back at Raymond resident, Sergeant Iggah came into his apartment with two other police officers. After confirming his identity, the sergeant informed him that he was under arrest for the murder of Late Lady Fiona Hamba. Raymond posited his innocence but it was already late. He was bundled into the Police SUV waiting outside and was subsequently transported to the State Police Headquarters.


Chief Gauis Hamba gave his wife an elaborate burial, an action which was not surprising because he was wealthy and an affluence fellow. Part of the ceremony was the celebration of his wife died as he recounted how and his wife lived like cats and dogs while she was alive. The couples did not consider divorce because they wanted to protect their public image, hence, had to put up with each other especially in public.

Gilbert who had been away attending the annual conference of the Bar Association in Hamdalla paid his friend a maiden visit at the police station. He nearly reeled back in horror when he saw his friend who was now a ghost of his former self. Gil still not convinced of his friend’s innocence inquired if truly he is guilty of the crime but Raymond reaffirmed that he knew nothing about the murder of the deceased. Afterwards, Gilbert met Sergeant Iggah in his office to throw his weight and see if his client can be released. However, the purpose of his visit was fruitless because Raymond was implicated deeply into the case.


Barrister Gilbert Neya is a legal counsel who always ensured that any case he handling was fought on the pages of the newspaper, especially where he had an upper hand. Gilbert resolved to represent Raymond at the court because according to the criminal procedure law of Eden, an accused who has no legal counsel are usually provided with a never do well lawyer. At around midnight, Sergeant Iggah opened Raymond’s cell that he should come out as they were going to his house for a search.

Raymond became scared and sceptical when he realized that they were heading in the direction of the wasteland. Iggah pointed the gun at his forehead but suddenly went cold when he realized that he was about to kill a supposed criminal for the umpteenth time and his action was going to instigate the wrought of his superior. The next day, Raymond was arraigned in court and Gil was able to make it on time to represent as his legal counsel. Raymond was surprised to see Ignatius in the law court as he wondered whether he was there for or against him.


The director of Public Persecutions acquitted Raymond of having a case to answer which made Barrister Gilbert know that his friend did not stand a good chance in the coming trial. Raymond colleagues comprising of Mariam, Dizzy and the rest of them visited him in prison for the first time since he was thrown into prison. The meeting was a very emotional one especially with the fact that they were not previously informed of the misfortune that has befallen him. It took the effort of Mariam for them to come to the knowledge that he has been imprisoned. During the court session the next day, his case charge number EDHC/139c/2040.

The case of Raymond Dimka was called in the absence of his lawyer Gil. Later on, Gil agreed that the trial of Raymond should commence which was to be presided by Judge Hezekiah. After a serious of questioning of the witnesses by Gilbert, he was unable to get anything to defend his client. After the court session, Raymond was taken to a new prison called Stonewall fortress. Sooner than later, he discovered that he was now in a hostile environment compared to this former prison. When he got to his new cell, he and other new inmates like himself received a memorable hostile orientation of how the leadership structure operates in the cell.


Felix with the support of his father joined the race for the senatorial seat under the auspices of the Social Democratic Union and the party is favoured to sweep the polls. Initially, there was concerned about Felix running for the office of a Senator especially with his attitude and lifestyle, but Chief Hamba was determined to place his son in the spotlight no matter the consequences. Back in prison, the musical inequity of Raymond was discovered and this was a great relief to the inmates who now had a medium to pour out their frustrations to the law and the society through songs. Later on, the new inmates received a controversial lecture from Togo titled “Why it is good to be a thief.”

During the next court session, Ignatius was called upon by Chief Shagaya to testify narrating his of the confrontation between Felix and Raymond at the sports club. After Raymond returned to his cell, he began to regret why he was foolish to suffer this was because of a lady who does not even know him from Adam neither is a desire to marry her.


In the next two months, the city of Eden was agog for Felix and Tamar wedding. The wedding was highly published and Chief Hamba made elaborate preparations. During the wedding ceremony, heavily armed police officers and the private security agency “The Cobra” secured the venue to ensure maximum safety and order. Expensive gift items were given out to guests as souvenirs. Chief Hamba was satisfied with the large turnout of politicians at the wedding which is indeed a reliable confirmation that he was still very much relevant in the political sphere.

Another thing that brought joy to him during the ceremony was the presence of Miss Lola who had agreed to marry him by showing up at the wedding. Lieutenant Bonaventure Henshaw was saddened after the marriage event because he did not receive full payment from Chief Hamba for the services his security agency rendered during the event and with the fact that he used the initial payment to purchase sophisticated security equipment’s. However, he had just realized that there is no way he would get his money back from the mogul as advised by his fiancée Paulina.


Dizzy, Yola and Mariam had set up a “Save Raymond Fund” to enable Gil to have the monetary agility to continue with the case. Unfortunately, During the next court session, the Judge sentenced Raymond to death by hanging having been found guilty for the killing of Lady Fiona. After the verdict, Gil considered to go for an appeal but he knew the possibility was very slim because it will cost an arm and a leg and not talk of the fraudulent Registrars, clerks and bailiffs. Despite other political parties merging in a bid to defeat the ruling party, Felix swept the polls of his senatorial district with a great margin.

In stonewall fortress prison, Raymond was transferred to a new cell meant for inmates on death roll. Here, he met Christian who narrated his experience so far in the cell and how some persons have tried to hold religious beliefs hoping that the situation will be savaged only to be disappointed at the end of the day. On a particular evening, Raymond got hold of a newspaper and flipping through the pages, he saw the wedding photograph of Tamar and Felix, this made is heart to ache the more.


Tick tuck tick time passed. It was four years since Raymond was sentenced to death. Christian his confidant in the dungeon had been hanged and to make matters worse, he was unsure whether he was alive or dead especially with the weird dreams he had been dreaming.

Gil is a friend has since left him to his fate. He had written to the Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy but to no avail. Nevertheless, his former colleague at Medolisa record showed strong solidarity for some time, but their support dwindled as years passed on.

Dizzy came up with the idea to release Raymond’s songs into the market at least to preserve his legacy. After much consideration by Chief Medolisa, he gave his approval for the release of the songs. Surprisingly, the song titled “Eli Eli” took the music scene by storm in the month of release. Mariam visited Raymond’s in the prison where she played his songs that have been released via her Nokia phone. While she was leaving, Raymond gave her lyrics for a new song.


While Lt. Bona was flipping through the pages of a newspaper during a traffic jam, he saw a picture of his childhood friend indicating that he is the murderer of Lady Fiona. Bona meeting with Raymond got a full narration about what transpired and how he got to be where he is now. Bona was touched deeply and he saw the obligation to assist his friend whichever way. In other news, Tamar lost her pregnancy after Felix kicked her to the floor after she inquired about the whereabouts of her drunk husband for the past five days. It took the intervention of the domestic servant’s in assisting her to the Ocean View Estate Medical Centre where she spent a week and eventually lost the pregnancy after much effort from the Medical personnel.

Due to the situation at hand, Bona decided to visit his Fiancée Paulina a Nurse at the Central Hospital. There, Paulina advised that he should get a lawyer and file for an appeal. Taking the advice to heart, Dona visited Donald Jimi and Association where he was received by Morga a serious-minded advocate. After the briefing, the lawyer agreed to file a Notice of appeal and a motion for extension of time within which to appeal. The next day,

Bonaventure informed the lawyer that in an addendum to the legal approach, he is going to embark on a private investigation to dig out some facts. Almost immediately, Chief Hamba was informed by the Registrar of the high court of Eden that an appeal had been filed against the condemnation of Raymond Dimka. Springing to action, he dialled the Superintendent of Stonewall Fortress Prison where he expressed his disappointment to why Raymond has not been executed.

The superintendent reply stated that there are procedural steps that must be taken before a convicted felon can be hanged especially with the fact that there is only one hangman in the entire country owning the fact that nobody wanted the job. A moment later, the superintendent informed Chief Hamba that the high court has just come to serve a notice of appeal which implicates that Raymond cannot be executed pending the appeal.

The next evening, Bonaventure proposed to his heartthrob Paulina at an eatery to the admiration of everyone around. The next day, he visited the high court impersonating as a journalist from a reputable news agency. With this, he was able to get relevant documents relating to the case of Raymond and even the picture of Lady Fiona taken at the crime scene.

After going through the documents in his office, he decided to Visit the Eden sports club because after all, that’s where the whole trouble started. At the sports club, he met with Evelyn the receptionist whom he took to dinner to get more information. During the outing, Evelyn informed that she was convinced that Raymond is the innocence of the accusation and how she knows that Ignatius was abused by Lady Fiona.


While Raymond was suckling to death in Stonewall Prison, his music Album “Eli Eli” was out there riding on the crest of a wave. The album won the Best Album of the year award, in all categories of music at the Annual Eden Music Award. Dizzy Yola received the award on behalf of Raymond and during his speech presentation, he informed the audience that the actual songwriter was behind bars waiting to be hanged for an offence he did not commit.

After the presentation, Mr Sargay informed him that he would relay Raymond’s plight to his company for prompt intervention on the case. The day after the award, Mariam visited Tamar at her residence. During the meeting, Mariam informed Tamar how she was connected to the whole mishap that has befallen Raymond. Also informing how Raymond was deeply in love with her which resulted in the feud between Felix and Raymond yore years ago.


At the close of the next court proceeding, Bona found a Nokia cell phone belonging to the scrabble genius Ignatius. For him, this was a perfect opportunity to strike a conversation with him when he returns the phone to back to him. Out of curiosity, he decided to strive through the phone’s gallery. Shockingly, he saw a picture of the corpse of Lady Fiona that was different from what he obtained in the court. Later the next day, he visited the photographer who was hired to take pictures at the crime scene. The photographer affirmed that he took only one clear picture of the deceased which was what was tendered in the court.

In another situation, Tamar received news that Chief Hamba had collapsed and is down with massive stroke.


A week after chief Hamba was hospitalized, Felix began to experience the heat of the political scene because everyone thought his father was good as dead and was not in any way coming out of his predicament. Before now, with the influence of his father, he had no political opponent but right now, he now has to contend with other three opponents including Engineer Emecheta who is even favoured to win the primaries. Back in his home, Tamar moved out of their matrimonial home and Felix reciprocated by briefing Chief H. B. T to legalize their separation. Vanessa Felix new mistress equally moved in with him.

Bonaventure visited Sergeant Iggah at the city Crime unit. After introducing himself and receiving a warm reception from the Sergeant. He went on to present fresh fact which implicated that Ignatius masterminded the killing of Lady Fiona. He had carried the odious act because of how the woman maltreatment him during his stay with the family.


Chief Hamba had soon slipped into a coma with multiple medical complications. Felix had lost the party primaries to Dr Cheta Emecheta. He resolved to go to New York with Vanessa to get away from all the misfortunes that have befallen him.

Sergeant Iggah, Lieutenant Bonaventure and a uniformed corporal named Cosmos entered the Eden sports club to arrest Ignatius. When Ignatius saw the uniformed men, he became alerted and began to run. Sergeant Iggah warned that he should stop running but he declined the instruction. The Sergeant went on to gun him down by aiming for his leg.

After much conviction and on hearing that that Chief Hamba was dead and his son had eloped to America after losing the election, Ignatius breathed heavily, shut his eyes, and confessed that he killed Lady Fiona. He went on to state the reasons why he killed her.

The next day, news reached the whole city that the real murderer of Lady Fiona has been apprehended. The music association came out smoking and led a delegation to the state Governor who was glad to receive them as it was a means to score cheap political points.

Raymond was released that evening. In the waiting room of Morga Chamber, Tamar appeared to the astonishment of everyone. Turned that out that she was an anonymous monetary donor to the sustainment of the case. Raymond ran, blinded in tears into the open arms of Tamar and they both broke down in tears and wept.

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