How to Get Through University When You Hate It

Getting through university when you hate it is pretty damn hard. It is worse when you are studying a course with no prospects.

It could be that you are studying at a university or a course that you hate. Sometimes, you can lose interest in academic work.

Well, I want to let you know that you are not alone.

I have been in the situation myself. It was a painful experience because I was studying a course that I did not like one bit.

In this post, I will show you helpful tips on how to go through university when you hate it.

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How to Go Through University When You Hate It

  • Accept Your Fate
  • Change Course or University
  • Develop Passion for Your Course
  • Join A Student Group On Campus
  • Learn A Skill
  • Speak to A Counsellor
  • Do Research On Your Course of Study

Accept Your Fate

Accepting your fate in your new school or course of study is the first choice to make here. This decision is not compulsory but could make things easy for you.

You can start by developing an interest in your current course of study. Going down this road is necessary if you cannot change your field of study or university.

I know this is difficult, especially when you want to quit school. But you need to come to terms with the fact that you’d be in your school for the next couple of years.

Look for an Alternative

Changing your university or course is the best solution when studying what you do not want.

You can start by finding how you can switch to another course. This way, you’d love what you study.

Also, many universities accept inter-university transfer applications. With this process, you can transfer to any university of your choice.

It will not solve your dilemma if you have lost interest in academics. The other tips in this post will show you how to develop a passion for school work.

Develop Passion for Your Course

Developing passion for your course is the best way to go through university when you hate it.

The passion would serve as a drive to persevere the academic regime in your school. Studying a course that you like gives you the ability to endure academic stress.

Now is the time for you to find out why you hate your school or course. Then, you’d need to look at the pros and cons of your course/university.

You know that not everything about your school is off. Know the perks of your course. This way, you will get inspiration.

Join A Student Group On Campus

Interaction with other students is a great way to love your course of study. You can do this by joining several student groups on campus.

Sometimes, your low enthusiasm could be because of a lack of social interaction. Getting to meet new people can be an exciting experience.

This way, you will come to love your school environment.

Volunteer and join a student group on your campus. It would make a lot of difference for you.

Learn A Skill

Learning a skill is a great way to become productive.

You can learn a digital skill or handwork. It will keep you engaged and elevate your enthusiasm.

Being productive will help you to get through a university that you hate.

Speak to A Counsellor

Speaking a counsellor can help you go through university when you hate it.

Getting help from a professional will help you in the long run.

Also, you can speak to your university Professor about your lack of passion for your course.

You will get advice on the best strategy to cope with your low-interest level in your course of study.

You must speak to someone that can help you. Also, letting your parents know about your dilemma is a good decision.

Do Research On Your Course of Study

It is about time that you do some research on your course. It could be that you have had some misconceptions about your field of study.

All courses at the university have prospects one way or the other. You can find out how to make the best of your current course of study.

Ask questions and try to network with professions in your field of study. Reaching out to them would help you develop a passion for your course.

It would not seem like your time in school is a total waste of time.

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Through University When You Hate It”

  1. Hello, I’m a student of a private university, my dad got me
    To the school because of the previous strike, I really hate is here and I tried accepting my fate but it’s so hard because I’m an introverted person so it’s hard for me to make friends, the place and the people are completely strange and different from where I’m from and sometimes it’s too hard to deal with and it gets me depressed no matter how I try to accept my fate I just hate it here so I am thinking of writing jamb this year again to gain admission into a federal university with my sister but I want to know is there another way of transferring from a private university to a federal university?

    • Hello Hauwa,

      Sorry about your experience at your current school.

      Yes, you can apply for transfer to a Federal or State university. That way, you will not have to sit for the JAMB examination.

      Are you studying a course that you love?


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