How to Pass and Score High in JAMB Mathematics Examination

Most students have become Jambites because of mathematics. At times, they pass other subjects and fail mathematics. For this reason, they are denied admission.

If you are among them, don’t panic. This article is for you. Before the end of the article, you will be able to find out how to pass mathematics in JAMB.

As an expert, passing mathematics in JAMB is very easy if you’re ready and prepared to answer sixty (60) objective questions within a given period including the other three subjects.

I could remember many years ago when I was preparing for JAMB.

As a person who needed to study Mathematics Education, writing maths in JAMB was inevitable since the course is concerned with maths.

I kept late nights just to pass. I learned the shortcuts of solving mathematics problems so as not to spend all my time on maths questions alone.

In summary, I passed all the subjects including mathematics. Mathematics was my highest-scored subject.

Passing mathematics in WAEC is almost the same as JAMB but with a little difference.

In WEAC, Mathematics is compulsory but in JAMB, writing mathematics depends on your preferred course to study in the high institution.

How to Pass JAMB Mathematics Exam

The following are the tips to pass and score high in the JAMB Mathematics examination;

  1. Believe in your Abilities
  2. Know the Exam Format
  3. Prepare Early
  4. Get the JAMB Mathematics Syllabus
  5. Buy JAMB Past Questions
  6. Set a High Target Score
  7. Study Consistently
  8. Ask for Assistance
  9. Use JAMB Textbooks
  10. Join JAMB CBT Tutorials
  11. Manage your Time
  12. Learn Shortcut
  13. Avoid Distractions

Believe in your Abilities

student studying with a laptop and book

Most students look down on themselves. They think mathematics is only for some students not all.

Mathematics is for everyone. No matter how difficult you see mathematics, just believe you can pass it.

Immediately you believe it, self-doubt, fear for the subject, etc will leave you instantly.

Have it at the back of your mind that mathematics is easy and people like you can pass mathematics.

Know the Exam Format

Woman sitting in front of a MacBook

JAMB questions consist of four (4) subjects. There are two hundred (200) questions to answer.

English is compulsory with any other three subjects. If you’re offering any mathematics-related course, then mathematics is compulsory.

Suppose you want to study Mathematics/Statistics, your JAMB questions will be gotten from the following subjects;

You are supposed to be aware that JAMB exams have a time limit. If you don’t finish in time, your system will shut down and you have no score because you didn’t submit before time.

JAMB exams are written with a computer which implies that you must be computer literate.

Knowing the exam format will help you pass mathematics with good grades. You try your best to submit your answers before time.

Prepare Early

A student reading a book

To pass mathematics in JAMB, start preparing early.

Don’t wait until you register for JAMB before you commence practice.

In SS1, you are aware that you’re going to further your education after you finish your WEAC.

Start then to prepare.

An adage says that “Early preparation prevents poor performance”

There is this conviction that students who prepare early don’t fail JAMB because they are usually acquainted with what they are to encounter during exams.

Get the JAMB Mathematics Syllabus

Nigerian student

Studying without a JAMB syllabus is just like studying irrelevant topics.

This syllabus is a book whereby all the expected mathematics topics to be answered in JAMB are written.

Buy it or you can borrow it from a friend.

Make sure you study almost all the topics.

Once this is done, there will be no reason you will fail mathematics in JAMB again.

Buy JAMB Past Questions

Woman holding a book

JAMB past questions facilitate students’ progress since some questions are being repeated.

Not only that, it guides you on what JAMB mathematics questions look like and how technical they are in setting them.

You can buy the compiled ones from 2004 to 2024. Take note of the repeated questions as you study.

By studying past questions, they might repeat some questions which you are already conversant with.

Try to get JAMB past questions with answers so that you can reflect on them when needed.

Set a High Target Score

revise post utme question

This is a very important way to pass mathematics in JAMB.

It helped me during my time. I set a high target score in JAMB, mathematics to be specific and it worked for me.

Try and set a high target score and press forward to get the desired score and you will.

Study Consistently

online cbt test practice

A student preparing to write mathematics in JAMB should study always.

Study as many topics as you want.

Mathematics is a mentally consuming course, if you study consistently, it leaves you.

As you’re studying, monitor your progress, within four (4) months, you will marvelled at your progress.

Test your Performance

Nigerian student studying

Studying without testing your performance doesn’t help.

After subsequent studies, try to check out your abilities and the time wasted on a particular maths problem.

Find solving maths problems interesting.

Get questions from textbooks, JAMB notes, past question papers even online just to know how perfect you have become.

Curb the use of phone apps or copy from your note.

Do it by yourself. Once you’re done, you can now compare your answers and correct your errors.

Ask for Assistance

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Many students always see assistance as a way of showing off their low IQ over something. It’s not true. No one knows all things.

Ask for assistance over a particular maths problem you couldn’t solve on your own and get the formula and procedure.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed.

This helper could be your teacher, your colleague, or even your friends and family.

Your main goal is to make sure you pass mathematics JAMB and nothing more.

Create awareness and get your problems solved.

Use JAMB Textbooks

Books in a trolley

Every year, JAMB recommend textbooks for JAMB.

Purchase the one for mathematics.

It will give you a guide on the topics that are more relevant to JAMB officials.

Get it, study and practice it.

Then expect a good result.

Join JAMB CBT Tutorials

To get good grades in mathematics, join JAMB CBT tutorial classes.

This will help you know how JAMB questions and patterns look like.

It is also there that you find answers to the questions you jotted down while studying.

Here, you are taught how to start and submit your answers.

Manage your Time

get rid of distraction

WAEC and JAMB are not the same, although they are both sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

As earlier hinted, JAMB has a specific time of two (2) hours.

If you don’t submit before the time, your time will elapse and there is no extra time.

So to pass, manage your time.

Don’t spend all the time solving one particular mathematics problem when you have other questions to attend to.

Learn Shortcut

student studying with laptop

This one is applied during JAMB where all the questions are pure objectives.

You are expected to attempt all the questions within a short period.

In JAMB, showing full work is not allowed; you have to be as fast and accurate as possible so as not to miss your points.

So when rehearsing try to learn a shortcut strategy to solving different mathematics problems.

Avoid Distractions

students in a lecture auditorium

This distraction could come from anywhere like companions, social media, etc.

During this period, make sure you curb irrelevant things that won’t add any value to you as a student preparing for JAMB.

Join a study group if you want and concentrate on your studies.

Final words

Passing JAMB is very easy once all these beneficial guides are followed.

As a student, all that is expected of you is to pass your JAMB exams.

Curb distractions.

Study consistently and expect good results.

I wish you all the best.

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