Let me Live – Poem

And I hear the child cry

A cry of sadness

A cry of sorrow

A cry of fear


At the sight of the doctor’s scissors

At the stench of the concoction in mummy’s oesophagus

‘let me live mother! Don’t flush me away I beg of you’

The child continue to lament

Isn’t you that invited me?


Why are you sending me back in such a cruel manner?

What if I am a blessing to you and the world?

What if I am meant to be your saviour?

Isn’t enough crime that you invited me at the wrong time?

By doing it with the wrong person


Now you want to kill me

Do I deserve this cruelty?

You think of the shame I may bring

And refused to think of the pain of the massacre

The pain of the acidic liquor taking my breath slowly

Or the angry scissors of the butcher-doctor cutting me through


But what if something go wrong?

What if the butcher-doctor makes a mistake?

What if the concoction go a wrong track?

And you end up killing me and yourself


What will you tell God?

That you coupled fornication with murder?

Have a rethink mother

And let me live.


by Patience Ukamaka

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