Wellhead Installation, Maintenance & Repair Training Course in Nigeria

A wellhead is an oil drilling equipment called a Christmas tree installed on the ground level or cellar of an oil well.

It performs the function of providing a structural surface for oil and gas drilling equipment and pressure stabilisation.

The two types of wellheads used in Nigerian oil are;

  1. Projection Well: Extracts oil underground.
  2. Ejection Well: Ejects water or gas from the oil reservoir.

You can learn wellhead installation, repair and maintenance in Nigerian oil and gas training institutes.

The price of learning wellhead installation, repair and maintenance is between one hundred and fifty thousand three hundred thousand Naira (₦150,000 – 300,000) for less than a month.

In this post, you will see wellhead installation, repair and maintenance training courses in Nigeria.

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Wellhead Components

The following are the components of a wellhead;

  • Tree cap
  • Swab valve
  • Production wing
  • Upper master valve
  • Lower master valve
  • Tubing hanger
  • Casing head

Wellhead Training Courses in Nigeria

The following is the course outline for the Christmas tree and wellhead equipment operations;

Group of students staring at a laptop

Introduction to Wellhead Operations

  1. Wellhead Equipment
  2. Purpose of the Wellhead
  3. Major Components of the Wellhead
  4. Purpose, Design and Operation of each Wellhead Component
  5. Xmas Tree
  6. Tubing Hanger
  7. Production Packers & Landing Nipples
  8. Health, Safety and Environmental Concerns
  9. Subsurface Control Valve Packer Setting and Testing

Types of Wellhead and its Applications

  1. Normal Wellhead and Xmas Tree
  2. Water Injection Wellhead & Xmas Tree
  3. High Pressure and Anti-Sulfide Wellhead & Xmas Tree
  4. Offshore Wellhead & Xmas Tree
  5. Lifting Concepts
  6. Analyse Operating Conditions for Lifting

Types of Wellhead and its Applications

  1. Double-channel Thermal Recovery Wellhead Equipment
  2. Off-centre Rotation Wellhead & Xmas Tree
  3. Thermal Recovery Wellhead & Xmas Tree
  4. Theft Prevention Wellhead & Xmas Tree 

Wellhead Servicing

  1. Visual Inspections
  2. Valve selection & calibration
  3. Function and Pressure Testing of Valves, Chokes and Actuators
  4. Lifting Equipment and Valve Mechanics
  5. Inflow Testing
  6. Wellhead Safety Valves and Control System
  7. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Wellhead Maintenance

  1. Gauge Calibration and Replacement
  2. Seabed Inspection
  3. Lubrication
  4. Part Procurement and Replacement
  5. Improve Well Performance

Wellhead Training Institutes in Nigeria

Oil platform in the sea

The following are training institutes in Nigeria to learn wellhead installation, repair and maintenance;

  • HSETrain International Limited
  • Well Fluid Services Limited
  • RCES Oil and Gas Training
  • RIJ Engineering and Technical Services Limited (RIJETSL)
  • Rikline International Limited
  • Oil Train
  • Rig Tech HSE & Oil Field Training Centre
  • OilDynamix Limited
  • AgesRoyal Nigeria Limited
  • PLANTGERIA Company Limited

HSETrain International Limited

HSETrain International Limited is a registered oil and gas safety training and consulting services provider with Registration number RC 1514909.

They are passionate about workers’ occupational health and safety and the environment in the oil and gas and maritime industry.

Their courses are of international standard by the following:

  • National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), UK
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), USA
  • Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), UK

Apply for the HSETrain International Limited wellhead training maintenance course using the link below;

Well Fluid Services Limited

Well Fluid Services Limited regularly run Professional Oil and Gas Training to bridge the gap in Technical competency in the Oil and Gas Industry in West and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Their Professional Training school offers a multifaceted competency improvement program for assessment.

They not only assist graduate trainees in having a complete and comprehensive first-time experience in oil and gas technical operations, but they also provide technical learning for accelerated career development, professional certifications, and postgraduate degrees.


Course TitleAmount
Slickline Course₦300,000.00
Slickline Course₦300,000.00
Intermediate Surface Well Testing Course₦450,000.00
Basic Surface Well Testing Course₦350,000.00
Well Head Maintenance Course₦250,000.00
Basic Surface Well Testing Course₦350,000.00

RCES Oil & Gas Training

RCES Oil and Gas Ltd is a company based in Nigeria and established on a foundation of hard work, integrity and commitment to quality service delivery to provide Safety Consultancy, Training and Manpower Outsourcing services in the Oil & Gas industry.

Over the years, RCES Oil & Gas Ltd has built up a reputation of trust and reliability as a provider of health and safety training and consultancy, resulting in an enviable clientele throughout Nigeria and Overseas.

RCES Oil and Gas Ltd provides professional health, safety and environmental training and consultancy services across the public and private sectors.

RIJ Engineering and Technical Services Limited (RIJETSL)

RIJ Engineering and Technical Services Limited (RIJETSL) is an independent and wholly (100%) indigenous engineering consultancy and Manpower Supply company dedicated to providing responsive, high quality and cost-effective services to clients, mainly in the oil and gas production, gas processing, Crude oil refining and for Government and Higher Institutions.

Rikline International Limited

Rikline International Limited is a training provider with facilities and representation in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Established in 1991, the company commenced training business in Well control in 2010. Rikline Training Centre provides the world with an array of courses, allowing companies and individuals to broaden their skills and optimize opportunities. Our major training course is IWCF Well Intervention Pressure Well Control certification.

Rikline Training Centre trains an average of 120 personnel per year in our Iwcf Well Intervention Pressure Control Certification course to enhance the quality of personnel available to the Oil and gas Industry.

Oil Train

Oil Train Is an indigenous limited liability company that offers quality Training, certifications and other oil and gas-related services.

Oil Train is an internationally recognised institute, a big player with rich industry experience; over the years, they have provided dependable training, auditing and certification services to multinationals all over the world, even in Nigeria.

Oil Train is staying very relevant in the oil and gas industry because it has a strong affiliation with significant oil and gas standard organizations, and we keep to standards.

They have our corporate office and training outlet spread across Nigeria states, and we also conduct training and services in clients’ chosen venues.

Rig Tech HSE & Oil Field Training Centre

Rig Tech HSE & Oil field training centre, Kochi, was started to impart training to needy candidates in HSE and Natural Oil & Gas sector.

Rig Tech is an ISO 9001-2015 certified institute by DNV-GL and has accreditation from NEBOSH – UK (Centre No- 864) and approval from IOSH – UK.

Rig Tech has Dock Safety approval by DGFASLI under regulation 1990 by the Govt. of India for Dock Workers (Health, Welfare & Safety).

AgesRoyal Nigeria Limited

ANL is willing to spread our accumulated technologies gathered through decades of active participation in the oil and gas sector to the worldwide engineers in the industry.

ANL delivers a wide range of high-quality technical training programs, contributing to significantly enhancing the skills of people working in the petroleum industries or university students with an interest in the O&G sector.

They also execute workshops to impart our know-how in solving technical issues
to the participants, as well as reservoir simulation, drilling support, process facilities, and HSE technical training courses.

ANL’s training programs aim to share and transfer the knowledge and know-how we have accumulated through domestic and international studies on reservoirs and research and development of the latest technologies.

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