Delta State University of Science and Technology School Fees

This post contains the breakdown of the Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro (DSUST) school fees.

The Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro (DSUST) acceptance fee is thirty thousand naira (₦30,000).

The school fees are in two categories;

  • Indigene School Fees
  • Non-indigene School Fees

DSUST School Fees

Departmental Teaching Material₦6,000₦6,000
Development Level₦18,000₦18,000
Entrepreneurship Training₦13,000₦13,000
General Studies (GST)₦5,000₦5,000
ID Card₦7,000₦7,000
Technology Fee₦4,000₦4,000
Maintenance Levy₦11,000₦11,000
Health Service₦10,000₦10,000
Result Verification₦7,000₦7,000
Student Facilities Maintenance Dues₦10,000₦10,000
Accreditation Levy₦13,000₦13,000
University Policy Manual₦5,000₦5,000
Security Charges₦8,000₦8,000
This table contains the school fees schedule for the Delta State University of Science and Technology, Ozoro.
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75 thoughts on “Delta State University of Science and Technology School Fees”

    • Hello,

      The Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST), Ozoro, HND-to-BSc conversion program is a regular program. This means that students will attend classes on a full-time basis, during the regular academic year. The program is typically completed within two years.

    • Yes, you can still get your certificate from Delta State University of Science and Technology (DSUST) even if you graduated 6 years ago. However, you will need to clear any outstanding financial obligations and complete all necessary clearance procedures.

      Here are the documents you need to bring for your clearance:

      1. Original admission letter
      2. Original statement of result
      3. Original ND certificate
      4. Evidence of payment of all school fees and other outstanding charges
      5. Two passport photographs
      6. Medical clearance certificate
      7. Any other documents required by your department

      If you have lost any of the required documents, you may need to apply for a replacement. You can contact your department or the student affairs office for more information.

      Once you have all of the required documents, you can proceed to the clearance office to begin the process. The clearance office is located in the main administrative building of DSUST.

      Here is the clearance process for OND graduates:

      1. Submit all of the required documents to the clearance officer.

      2. Pay the clearance fee.

      3. Collect your clearance certificate from the clearance officer.

      4. Proceed to your department for final clearance.

      5. Collect your certificate from your department.

      If you have any questions or concerns about the clearance process, let me know.

      I hope this information is helpful.

  1. Is it possible for a University student In dsust to pay half the school fees in 100 level then pay the remaining half in 200 level

    • Hello Hycient,

      The POST UTME form is no longer on sale. You can try applying at UNIDEL if they offer your course of Study.

    • You can only get your matriculation number after the completion of your clearance.

      It depends on if the school will clear you with part school fees receipt.

  2. Please this school fees should be reduced way more than this…I never knew its still going to be 168k for deltan after so much plea…it was just like nothing was even taken from it at all?come to think of the non_deltans…its day passes without i and my roommates heart beating seriously because of this fees….how do you expert an average Nigerian parents to pay this huge amount… rent is not there,nor foodstuff,please you guys should think about this,everybody are not that rich nor lye on bed of roses..people like us really want to be educated and go far in life but seeing this now how do I even start?dreamz are going to be shattered……this kind of fess is only a discouragement to even be in school……I beg all of you that are in charge including the delta state governor and all..on behalf of every average students that really wants to be in school…some of us do train ourselves….please show mercy….this fees is just too much please it should be reduced????????

  3. I think the school fees is on the high side , some of the fees are duplicate and unnecessary, poor people cannot go to school, this is too much , is synonymous to private school , school fees

  4. Is it compulsory that I must pay school fee before resuming in the school

    And second is it compulsory I submit the acceptance fee receipt before the deadline

    • You can resume lectures without paying your school fees.

      But, payment of acceptance fee is compulsory.

      It is advisable to make payments as soon as possible.

  5. Pls o can’t they find a way to reduce d school fees cause its too much not all our parents can afford such amount of money,some of our parents are struggling to send us to school and wen dey found out d school fees is too much they have not withdrawals cause dey can’t afford it pls they should reduce it and beside its not a private university


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