How to Calculate LAUTECH Screening Aggregate Score for All Courses

Admission into Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) is a goal for many students aspiring to pursue their academic dreams.

To gain admission, prospective students must meet specific requirements, including a calculated aggregate score.

This article aims to clearly understand how LAUTECH calculates the aggregate score, which consists of two main components: the JAMB point (75%) and the O’level point (25%).

JAMB Point Calculation

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination is a crucial factor in the admission process at LAUTECH. To calculate the JAMB point, the following steps are generally followed:

  1. Obtain your JAMB score: After writing the JAMB examination, you will receive a score based on your performance in the exam.
  2. Divide your JAMB score by 8: LAUTECH divides your JAMB score by 8 to obtain the JAMB point. For example, if you scored 280 in JAMB, your JAMB point would be 280/8 = 35.
  3. Multiply the JAMB point by 0.75: Multiply the JAMB point obtained in step 2 by 0.75 to determine the contribution of your JAMB score to the overall aggregate score. Using the previous example, 35 x 0.75 = 26.25.

O’level Point Calculation

  1. Assign numerical values to your O’level grades: Use the revised grading scale to assign numerical values to your O’level grades: A1 = 6, B2 = 5, B3 = 4, C4 = 3, C5 = 2, C6 = 1.
  2. Calculate the O’level point: Sum up the numerical values of your five required O’level subjects. Depending on the chosen course, these subjects usually include Mathematics, English Language, and other relevant subjects.

For example, let’s assume your total numerical value is 18.

  1. Multiply the O’level point by 0.25: Multiply the O’level point obtained in step 2 by 0.25 to determine its contribution to the overall aggregate score.

Using the previous example, 18 x 0.25 = 4.5.

Calculating the Aggregate Score

To calculate the LAUTECH aggregate score, combine the JAMB point (75%) and the O’level point (25%) as follows:

Aggregate Score = (JAMB point x 0.75) + (O’level point x 0.25)

Using the previous examples, assuming the JAMB point is 26.25, and the O’level point is 4.5, the aggregate score would be:

Aggregate Score = (26.25 x 0.75) + (4.5 x 0.25) = 19.6875 + 1.125 = 20.8125.

LAUTECH Aggregate Score Exam

Assuming the student’s O’level result consists of five subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and the grades obtained are as follows:

Mathematics: B2 English Language: C4 Physics: C5 Chemistry: B3 Biology: C6

Using the revised grading scale you provided, we can assign numerical values to these grades:

B2: 5 C4: 3 C5: 2 B3: 4 C6: 1

O’level Point

Now let’s calculate the O’level point:

O’level Point Calculation: O’level Point = Numerical value of Mathematics + Numerical value of English Language + Numerical value of Physics + Numerical value of Chemistry + Numerical value of Biology

O’level Point = 5 + 3 + 2 + 4 + 1 = 15

JAMB Point

Next, we’ll calculate the JAMB point:

JAMB Point Calculation: JAMB Point = JAMB score / 8

JAMB Point = 240 / 8 = 30

Now, we can calculate the aggregate score:

Aggregate Score = (JAMB Point x 0.75) + (O’level Point x 0.25)

Aggregate Score = (30 x 0.75) + (15 x 0.25) = 22.5 + 3.75 = 26.25

In this practical example, a student with a JAMB score of 240 and an average O’level result would have an aggregate score of 26.25.

Remember, this is just an example, and the actual LAUTECH admission requirements and grading scales may vary. It’s always important to consult the official guidelines provided by LAUTECH or contact their admission office for precise instructions and requirements.


To ensure accuracy in calculating the LAUTECH aggregate score, using the correct numerical values assigned to each grade is essential.

By applying your revised grading scale, prospective students can accurately calculate their O’level points and overall aggregate score.

Understanding the calculation process will help students make informed decisions and increase their chances of securing admission into LAUTECH.

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