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Discover the gateway to academic excellence at the University of Ibadan (UI) as we unveil the departmental cut-off marks, setting the standard for admission into various programs. From engineering to humanities, explore the competitive benchmarks that define your academic journey at this prestigious institution, where dreams meet opportunity.

University of Ibadan (UI) Departmental Cut Off Mark 2024

The University of Ibadan department cut off marks for the current admission year are out.

All students who participated in the recent UI Post UTME exams can now check their admission status with the officially released cut off marks for every department at the University of Ibadan.

Let me know if you have any questions about the University of Ibadan admission using the comment box below. I will love to assist you.

UI Departmental Cut Off Mark

The following is the departmental cut off mark for the University of Ibadan (UI);

AgricultureAgric. Economics55.055.055.0
Agric. Extension and Rural Devel.
Crop Protection and Horticultural Sciences50.050.050.0
Soil Resources Management50.050.050.0
Animal Science50.050.050.0
Crop Protection and Environmental Biology50.050.050.0
Arabic Language and Literature50.050.050.0
Classical Studies50.050.050.0
Communication and Language Arts63.7563.7558.375
European Studies – French50.050.050.0
European Studies- German51.051.051.0
European Studies- Russian50.050.050.0
English Language and Literature61.87561.87560.5
Islamic Studies50.050.050.0
Linguistics- Igbo50.050.050.0
Linguistics- Yoruba50.050.050.0
Religious Studies50.050.050.0
Theatre Arts57.557.552.75
College of MedicineBiochemistry61.561.555.5
Environmental Health Science50.37550.37550.375
Human Nutrition and Dietetics57.7557.7557.375
Medical Laboratory Science67.12567.12561.625
Medicine and Surgery797972.125
Nursing Science72.572.567.125
Economics & Mgt ScienceEconomics60.060.059.25
 Banking and Finance55.055.055.0
 Marketing and Consumer Studies50.050.050.0
EducationAdult Education50.050.050.0
Business Education50.050.050.0
Early Childhood Education50.050.050.0
Education and Arabic Studies53.053.053.0
Education and Biology50.050.050.0
Education and Chemistry
Education and Christian Religious Studies50.050.050.0
Education and Communication and Lang Arts53.62553.62553.625
Education and Economics50.050.050.0
Education and English
Education and French50.050.050.0
Education and Geography50.050.050.0
Education and History50.050.050.0
Education and Islamic Studies50.050.050.0
Education and Mathematics50.050.050.0
Education and Physics50.050.050.0
Education and Political Science50.050.050.0
Education and Yoruba
Educational Management50.050.050.0
Guidance and Counselling50.050.050.0
Health Education50.050.050.0
Human Kinetics50.050.050.0
Library, Archival and Information Studies50.050.050.0
Special Education50.050.050.0
Environmental Design MgtArchitecture50.7550.7550.75
Estate Management50.050.050.0
Urban and Regional Planning50.050.050.0
Quantity Surveying50.050.050.0
Renewable Natural ResourcesAquaculture and Fisheries Management50.050.050.0
Forest Resources Management50.050.050.0
Wildlife & Ecotourism Management50.050.050.0
Social and Environmental Forestry50.050.050.0
Computer Science70.7570.7558.625
Industrial Chemistry50.550.550.5
Social SciencesGeography50.050.050.0
Political Science58.87558.87554.125
TechnologyAgricultural and Environmental Engineering53.053.053.0
Civil Engineering62.12562.12557.5
Electrical and Electronics Engineering62.62562.62555.5
Food Technology50.050.050.0
Industrial and Production Engineering53.053.053.0
Mechanical Engineering66.566.560.75
Petroleum Engineering60.2560.2556.125
Wood Products Engineering50.050.050.0
 Automative Engineering60.37560.37560.375
Veterinary MedicineVeterinary Medicine60.12560.12560.125

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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      There is no date for acceptance fee payment.

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  1. Sir my aggregate score in the ui post utme exam is 56.875 and being that the cut off mark for theatre arts is 57.5 can i still be considered for admission 1

    • Olumide,

      Check the table to see the cut off mark for Communication and Language.

      Let me know if you have further questions.


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