Course Outline for Medical Laboratory Science 2023

This post contains the course outline (first & second semester) for students in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science.

First Year

First Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1CHM 101Basic Chemistry2
2PHY 111Physics I2
3MTH 111Mathematics3
4BIO 151General Biology3
5BIO 101Genetics for Medical Students2
6GSP 111Use of Library and Study Skills2
7GSP 201Peace and Conflict2
8GSP 101Use of English2
9CHM 171Basic Practical Chemistry2
10PHY 191Practical Physics2

Second Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1CHM 122Organic Chemistry2
2CHM 112Physical Chemistry2
3PHY 112Waves, Thermal and Modern Physics2
4PHY 114Electromagnetism and Modern Physics2
5BIO 152General Biology3
6BIO 154General Practical Biology2
7GSP 202Peace and Conflict 22
8GSP 102Use of English 22

Second Year

First Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1ANA 201Gross Human Anatomy2
2ANA 225Histology and Cytology2
3BIC 201Chemistry of Biomolecules3
4BIC 211Enzymes, Bioenergetics and Biological Oxidation2
5PYS 201General Physiology and Blood2
6PYS 203Excitable Tissues and Autonomic Nervous System2
7COS 101Introduction to Computer Science2
8GSP 207Philosophy, And Human Existence2
9MLS 201Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science3

Second Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1ANA 202Gross Anatomy II2
2ANA 226Systemic Histology I2
3BIC 222Metabolism of Carbohydrates & Lipids3
4BIC 232Metabolism of Protein, Nucleic Acids & Mol. Biol.3
5PYS 202Renals & GIT3
6PYS 204Cardiovascular and Respiratory Physiology3
7BIC 212Laboratory Exercises3
8GSP 208Nigerian Peoples and Culture2

Third Year

First Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1.ANA 301Gross Anatomy2
2.ANA 327Practical Histology3
3.BIC 351Special Topics in Biochemistry3
4.PYS 301Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology2
5.MLS 311Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry3
6.MLS 321Fundamental of Haematology3
7.MLS 341Fundamental of Medical Microbiology3
8.MLS 351Introductory Medical Immunology3
9.MLS 331Basic Histopathology3

Second Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1.MLS 301Laboratory Posting3
2.MLS 322Blood Group Serology3
3.MLS 342Medical Parasitology3
4.MLS 343Practical Exercise4
5.COMED 351Biostatistics in Health Sciences3
6.PCOL 36Basic Pharmacology & Toxicology3

Fourth Year

First Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1.MLS 401Medical Laboratory Practice4
2.MLS 411Biomedical Instrumentation & Techniques4
3.MLS 421Haematology4
4.MLS 431Histopathology I4
5.MLS 441Medical Microbiology4
6.CED 341Introduction to Entrepreneurship2

Second Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1.MLS 402Biomedical Engineering4
2.MLS 403Lab Posting II4
3.MLS 412Clinical Chemistry3
4.MLS 422Blog Group Serology4
5.MLS 451Immunology II3
6.CED 342Entrepreneurship2

Final Year

Each student has to chose a major and a minor course.

First Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1.MLS 501General Medical Laboratory Science4
2.MLS 502Lab Posting III4
3.1 MajorClin Chem/ Haematology/ MCB/ Histopath4
4.1 MinorClin Chem/ Haematology/ MCB/ Histopath4

Second Semester

SNCourse CodeCourse TitleUnit
1.MLS 503Practical Exercise2
2.1 MajorClin Chem/ Haematology/ MCB/ Histopath4
3.1 MinorClin Chem/ Haematology/ MCB/ Histopath4
4.MLS 561Project6
5.MLS 562Seminar2

Courses Under Medical Laboratory Science

Here is the list of courses under Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria;

  • Medical Microbiology
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Haematology
  • Bloog Group Serology
  • Histopathology
  • Molecular, Genetic and Forensic Science

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54 thoughts on “Course Outline for Medical Laboratory Science 2023”

  1. Please sir
    Can i be admited direct entry in to federal university bauchi state with MLT certificate or i have to write jamb exam

    • Damilola,

      Immunology is a branch of medicine and biology that covers the medical study of immune systems in humans, animals, plants and sapient species.

      In such we can see there is a difference of human immunology and comparative immunology in veterinary medicine and animal biosciences.

      Microbiology is the scientific study of microorganisms, those being unicellular, multicellular, or acellular. Microbiology encompasses numerous sub-disciplines including virology, bacteriology, protistology, mycology, immunology, and parasitology.

    • Medical laboratory science is the use of clinical laboratory tests to detect, diagnose, monitor and treat disease. Blood, tissue and body fluids can be chemically analyzed and examined for foreign organisms and abnormalities.

  2. I have not commented on posts like this before, but this information deserves it.
    pls as a OND HOLDER in SCIENCE LAB TECH, I wil love to study MLS. Should i rewrite jamb or should i do direct entry? I need ur advice

    • Hello Gracious

      I am glad you find this post helpful.

      Yes, you can apply to study Medical Laboratory Science as an OND holder in Science Laboratory Science via Direct Entry.

      Sitting for the JAMB exam will be a plan B for you to increase your chances of admission.

  3. Bro, this is so very helpful thank you for this.

    I never leave comments on websites but this is so worth it and deserves appreciation.

    One can even self study with course outline you just listed.

    Thanks again brother.

    • You must choose Medical Laboratory as your first choice during your JAMB registration.

      But, you can study Medical Laboratory Technology at your State College of Health Technology without JAMB.


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