DELSU Departmental Cut Off Mark for All Courses 2021/2022

This post contains the Delta State University (DELSU) departmental cut off mark for all the courses at the University.

The DELSU cut off mark is a combination of your JAMB score and your Post UTME score.

Here is the procedure to calculate your DELSU cut off mark;

  • Divide your JAMB score by 8
  • Divide your Post UTME screening score by 2
  • Add the results from your Post UTME and JAMB score

For example, if your JAMB score is 260 and your Post UTME score is 70. The calculation for the aggregate score will be;

  • JAMB Score: 260/8 = 32.5
  • Post UTME Score: 70/2 = 35
  • Total Aggregate: 32.5 + 35 =67.5

It is by scoring above the cut off mark that will give you admission at Delta State University (DELSU).

DELSU Departmental Cut Off Mark

Here is the DELSU departmental cut off mark for all the courses at the Delta State University;

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Agriculture

Faculty of AgricultureUTMEDirect Entry
Agribusiness Management40 40
Agric Economics 40 40
Animal Science 40 40
Agric Extension 40 40
Crop Science 40 40
Fisheries 40 40
Forestry & Wild Life 40 40
Soil Science (Agronomy) 40 40

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Arts

Faculty of ArtsUTMEDirect Entry
English & Literal Studies4540
Fine & Applied Arts40 40
French40 40
History & International Studies4240
Linguistics 40 40
Linguistics/Urhobo 40 40
Music 40 40
Philosophy 40 40
Religious Studies4040
Theatre Arts4740

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Basic Medical Science

Faculty of Basic Medical ScienceUTMEDirect Entry
Anatomy and Cell Biology4545
Medical Biochemistry 47 45
Nursing Science 62 62
Pharmacology and Therapeutics 50 45
Physiology 47 45

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Clinical Science

Faculty of Clinical ScienceUTMEDirect Entry
Medicine and Surgery6868

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Education

Faculty of EducationUTMEDirect Entry
Agriculture Education40Merit
Biology Education40 Merit
Business Education40 Merit
Chemistry Education40 Merit
Computer Education40 Merit
Early Childhood Edcutation40 Merit
Economics Education40 Merit
English Education40 Merit
Fine Art Education40Merit
French Education40Merit
Geography Education40 Merit
Guidance and Counselling Education40 Merit
Health and Safety Education40 Merit
Home Economics Eduction40 Merit
Human Kinetics, Recreation and Sport Science40Merit
Integrated Sciece Education40Merit
Library and Information Science Education40Merit
Mathematics Education40Merit
Music Education40Merit
Physics Education40Merit
Political Science Education40Merit
Religious Studies Education (Social Studies)40Merit
Technical Education40Merit
Educational Management (Economics)40Merit
Educational Management (History & International Studies)40Merit
Educational Management (Political Science)40Merit

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Engineering

Faculty of EngineeringUTMEDirect Entry
Chemical Engineering4240
Civil Engineering46 40
Electrical Engineering46 40
Mechanical Engineering4740
Petroleum Engineering 43 40

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Law

Faculty of LawUTMEDirect Entry
Medicine and Surgery6045

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Management Science

Faculty of Management ScienceUTMEDirect Entry
Accounting and Finance5040
Banking and Finance45 45
Business Administration47 40
Taxation 40 45
Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management4045
Office and Infromational Management4045

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Pharmacy

Faculty of PharmacyUTMEDirect Entry

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Science

Faculty of ScienceUTMEDirect Entry
Animal & Environmental Biology40 40
Biochemistry 47 40
Botany 40 40
Chemistry 40 40
Computer Science 50 40
Geology 40 40
Industrial Chemistry 40 40
Industrial Mathematics 40 40

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Science Laboratory Technology

Faculty of Science Laboratory TechnologyUTMEDirect Entry
Biological Technology42 40
Chemistry Technology42 40
Medical Laratory Technology4240
Biotechnology 42 40
Physics & Electronics Technology4040

DELSU Cut Off Mark for Social SCInces

Faculty of the Social SciencesUTMEDirect Entry
Public Administration4240
Economics42 40
Geography & Regional Planning40 45
Mass Communication4844
Political Science 45 45
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