21 Nigerian Words and Meanings (Slang & Social Media Abbreviation)

Earlier today while going through my Facebook feed today. I came across a thread asking people to drop common abbreviations and slangs used by Nigerians. The idea was to get interpretation of the meaning from someone else.

I have decided to do a compilation on some of the most common abbreviation and slangs used by Nigerians mostly on social media platforms. Their meaning with examples.

21 Nigerian slang and abbreviation used by Nigerians with example

  1. SMH  means shaking my head

Example: SMH, it is a pity the Nigerian health sector is in a deplorable state.

  1. Dp means display picture

Example: Can you upload your dp on Facebook?

I love your dp.

  1. Ff means fully following

Example: Continue, I’m ff you on the WhatsApp tutorial.

  1. LOL means laugh out loud

Example: Lol, your comment on the Chinyere Instagram post cracked me up.

  1. Dm means direct message

Example: Send me a dm, I can assist you with ways you can improve your blog SEO.

  1. WTF means what the f*ck

Example: WTF, you mean schools will not reopen in 2020 due to the covid pandemic?

  1. Last man standing

Example: I was the last man standing on my class WhatsApp group last night

  1. LOML meaning Love of my life

Example: You are the loml, my heart beats loud for you.

  1. HMU means Hit me up

Example: Hmu on my email, I will teach you how to resolve the problem with your blogger template.

  1. Whllnmp means wishing you long life and prosperity

Example: Whllnmp. As you celebrate a new age, may God almighty bless and protect you.

  1. WCM means woman crush Wednesday

Example: Ya, its WCM.

  1. Mtcheew meaning to sigh

Example: Mtcheew, give me important gist jare.

  1. Stt means start

Example: I can’t wait for the stt of the Tv show.

  1. Ikr means I know right

Example: Ikr? The world has changed during the covid pandemic.

  1. Lmao meaning laugh my ass out

Example: Lmao, the comedian is funny.

  1. Ps meaning post scriptum. It means when you have to add a sentence to the closing of an article or letter that has been signed. It is like adding additional information you forgot to add in the body of your writeup.
  2. Esp means especially

Example: I love you esp your eyes.

  1. ASAP means as soon as possible

Example: send the document to my email ASAP

  1. Mbok means please in Efik

Example: Mbok, please leave me alone.

  1. TGIF means thank God it’s Friday

Example: TGIF, a good opportunity to unwind.

  1. FP means Frontpage

Example: Please move my topic to Nairaland front page

Shaking my head
Display picture
Fully following
Laugh out loud
Direct message
What the f*ck
Last man standing
Last person  to leave
Love of my life
Hit me up
Wishing you long life and prosperity
Woman crush Wednesday
Sigh, like to hiss
Hit me up
I know right
Laugh my ass out
Post scriptum
As soon as possible
Wishing you long life and prosperity
Please in Efik
Thank God it’s Friday
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