Diary of a Nigerian Student


Diary of a Nigerian student during covid 19 pandemic – Random rant

There is nothing much to make of a Nigerian student during the period of covid pandemic. I doubt if we would have been in school now with or without the pandemic-thanks to ASUU. Not know what is ASUU? ASUU is an annual event when Nigerian universities are closed down for reasons best known to the Nigerian government. There is an opinion that professors in Nigeria spend more time attending ASUU meetings than writing an academic research proposal. No wonder everybody is struggling on how to leave the country. The state of the Nigerian educational sector is deplorable.

The facility in the various higher institutions in the country is an eyesore, no way it meets international standard. Our leaders do not care. Why should they? They send their kids to Europe and America to get quality education but refuse to improve the educational sector in our fatherland.

I congratulate Nigerian students, hardworking staffs of the tertiary institution who are trying to utilize the limited resources available. With the insufficient facilities available, students and lecturers have been making efforts to succeed. I can tell you that it is not easy; nothing about being a Nigerian student is easy. I don’t want to say anything about the lecture halls, my Gawd, that’s…

Most students are now in school for the sake of being in school. The whole system appears to be a scam and a waste of time. What we ordered for is different from what we got served. You find undergraduate hustling more than studying. It is no longer when students go to school to acquire certificates. Now it’s about combining soft work with academics. By soft work, I do not mean fraud. Soft work is skills like programming, make-up, e.t.c which hardworking students engage in to survive.

It is a time like this during a pandemic that students can engage themselves in learning some of these skills like programming, graphic design, make-up, web design, etc.

At the start of the coronavirus lockdown, I predicted the restriction was only going to last for about two months, so I made sure I kept my head above the water for resumption. I was so wrong.

It’s over four months now with no clear road as to when students would return to school. I have finally joined the league of Nigerian students learning soft skill. I just finished a course on Blogging and SEO. I’m currently learning web analytics on eMarketing.org. I feel happy to have acquired these skills during the period of the lockdown.

The best thing Nigerian students can do for themselves during this covid pandemic is to learn a skill, something not related to their field of study. The importance of learning a skill in the modern economy cannot be overemphasized.

There has been a shift from the paradigm of certificate to what you can offer or bring on the table.

For those Nigerian students that the covid lockdown has made them start going to buy Maggi, I say kpele. It’s not easy o.

Of the Greatest Nigerian students

Aluta continua

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