OAU Hostel and Off Campus Accommodation 2024

Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the largest and leading higher Institutions, not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a globe.

The school has existed as far back as the year 1961.

The school have been tagged as a Prestigious school known to have produced top professionals, experts and icons in all fields of life.

These, in turn, have greatly benefited their respective economy or society and the nation as a whole.

Obafemi Awolowo University, also tagged “Great Ife”, has an excellent reputation for advancing the cadre of Learning and Culture.

It is a federal University named after the icon “Chief Obafemi Awolowo”.

The school is located in the city of “Ile Ife” in the State of Osun, in the country’s western region.

“Ile Ife” as a city is widely known for being one of the most important ancient cities of a tribe called “Yoruba”, and it is regarded to be the source or origin of the tribe.

Ile Ife is not just a city that is localized with structures and Vegetation, but a city designed with so much culture and Tradition.

It is said that if you want to know the source of a thing, you have to trace it to its beginning.

In other words, the beginning of Yoruba land is its source, which is “Ile Ife” as a town.

Obafemi Awolowo University, as an institution, is a part of this musical history and is often regarded as such. No wonder it is widely called by accolades “Oba Awón Unívarsiti”.

Obafemi Awolowo University is not just a historical and Prestigious School by fact alone but also by Experience.

The Institution, right from inception, has many academic structures that have benefitted the students.

The structures include the architectural pattern of the school buildings that make the environment look Serene and beautiful, the cultural pattern that enforces Discipline among students and the availability of resources that enhances comfort to the Students.

One of the unique features of OAU is the availability of Hostel facilities for the students.

OAU Hostel Accommodation

Student apartment building

It is no news to say that Obafemi Awolowo University boasts of being the 3rd Largest University in Nigeria and the 6th in West Africa.

One of the reasons for its largeness is the hostels that are being built inside the school.

This is a unique opportunity that allows the students to stay on Campus.

Although some stay outside the campus, most students remain inside the Hall of Residence.

These Halls of Residence (Hostels) were built alongside the building of Faculties, departments and other essential facilities in the school from its inception.

The idea is that the management of the establishing crew of the school prefers that all students reside in the Halls of Residence. By this, the students will be able to freely move around to study at any point of their convenience.

In OAU, a student should look out for the Hall of residence. Being in the hostel can be a tremendous advantage to enjoy your stay.

There are nine (9) Halls of Residence at Obafemi Awolowo University.

Eight (8) of them are for Undergraduates, while the remaining one is for Post Graduate Students.

The hostels are scattered around the campus; even though they have many similarities in terms of architectural structures and Facilities, it can be said that some features make them different.

In the past, the hostel was designed to accommodate all students at every level of their academic years.

But, due to the high number of students anticipating being admitted into the school, it is no longer feasible for all students to be in the hostel.

OAU Hostel for Freshers

Two students wearing graduation gown

The current administration now makes it compulsory for all the Fresh intakes to be in the Hall (so that they can have a taste of all the Facilities in the school).

The management also makes it possible for Final year students to stay to have the last taste of the Facilities on campus.

Other levels can stay but in a very slim chance and slot.

Even at that, over 50% of OAU students live inside the school.

As I said earlier, there are eight (8) Hostels on campus, and we will dive into each of them one after the other.

So, follow through

OAU Hostel Fees for Freshers

The Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) hostel fees for freshers are between one thousand five hundred to three thousand Naira (₦1,500 – 3,000).

OAU Male Hostels

student studying with a laptop and book

The following is the list of male hostels at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU);

  • Angola Halls of Residence
  • Awolowo Hall Of Residence
  • Fajuyi Hall of Residence
  • Education Trust Fund Hall of Residence
  • Muritala Mohammed Hall Of Residence

Angola Halls of Residence

This Hall of Residence was named after a country called “Angola”.

It is so because of the school’s agreement with some officials from the country in its inception.

The hostel is a male hostel with fifteen (15) Blocks ranging from block A to block M.

Each block has ten (10) rooms and four bunks (two people on a bunk).

The hostel is located at the far end of the campus.

It is about 4 kilometres from the campus Bus stop. It is a bungalow type of building with the textures aligned together.

It has a field, a basketball court, and a Viewing centre where guys can watch football or any other sport-related programs.

This particular Hall of Residence is strictly for Part One or Freshmen.

Awolowo Hall Of Residence

“Awoo” is often called by the school’s students and is one of the most famous and popular Hostels on the campus of OAU.

The hostel was named after the prestigious “Chief Obafemi Awolowo” and was built in his honour.

The hostel is like 3km away from the school Bus stop.

The hostel boasts to be the most exciting hostel on campus.

It is majorly tagged with many monthly and annual activities, including “Aro ”, “Ewa Day”, and many more.

Awolowo Hall in OAU has eight (8) storey blocks and Eleven Bungalow blocks.

The hostel is a male Hostel and is majorly occupied by final-year students.

Fajuyi Hall of Residence

This is by far the most populous Hostel on campus due to its location and the level of attractions in the hostel.

The hostel is famously known to have some extra accommodations for non-governmental Organizations within the institution, such as;

  • Fellowships
  • Peer Groups
  • Social Clubs and the like.

The hostel has five (5) Storey Blocks and 11 annexe blocks.

It is a Male Hostel available for freshers, stylites and finalists.

The hostel has many Viewing centres, three (3) football fields and a vast Cafeteria.

Education Trust Fund Hall of Residence

This is also a newly built Hostel that the Government supervised.

The hostel was built out of the initiative from the government to assist institutions in advancing the Educational sector.

It was built some thirteen years ago but was recently renovated.

It is located just before the School’s Newmarket on the southern axis of the school.

It is regarded as the most beautiful among the male Hostels on campus.

The hostel has six (6) bungalow blocks with ten (10) rooms.

Several, at least eight (8) students, can occupy a room.

It is a MALE hostel, and it is strictly for Freshers.

OAU Female Hostels

student smiling

The following is the list of female hostels at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU);

  • Mozambique Hall of Residence
  • Moremi Hall of Residence
  • Alumni Hall of Residence
  • Muritala Mohammed Hall Of Residence

Mozambique Hall of Residence

This hostel is directly located opposite Angola Hall of Residence.

It was also named after a country that played a significant role in establishing the institution.

The hostel is a female hostel, and it also has fifteen (15) Blocks. Each block has ten (10) rooms with four bunks.

It is also a bungalow building with textures aligned together. It has a basketball ball and a viewing centre.

It is also strictly for Part One or Fresh Female students.

The students termed the axis to which Angola and Mozambique Halls are located “Anglomoz”.

Moremi Hall of Residence

This is a Female Hostel that is situated almost on the West axis of the campus. It can be said that it is the closest to the academic environment.

The hostel is also named after an ancient mistress in Ile Ife town called “Moremi”.

It has six (6) storey building blocks with fifteen (15) rooms in each. Female finalists majorly occupy the hostel, which boasts outstanding facilities that the students manage well.

Alumni Hall of Residence

This Hall was recently built by an alum Group at the University.

They decided to return value to the school from the numerous benefits they got while on campus.

The Hostel is located directly opposite the school health Center. It is a newly built hostel and Facilities accompany it.

It has four (4) storey Blocks and five (5) Annex blocks.

There is also a viewing centre and a basketball Court for sporting Activities.

It is also a Female Hostel, and it is for both the stylites and some finalists.

Ladoke Akintola Hall of Residence

This is arguably the most beautiful Female Hostel on Campus.

The hostel was named after a prominent figure in the western region called “Chief Ladoke Akintola”.

The hostel is also a recently built one that boasts g the best Facilities among all its peers.

It has Five (5) Storey Blocks and is uniquely designed to accommodate two-room occupants.

It is strictly for female finalists.

The hostel is located on the Northern axis of the school, very close to the sporting centre of the school.

Muritala Mohammed Hall Of Residence

This is the only hostel on campus that males and females can occupy together.

It was named after a prominent figure called “Dr Muritala Mohammed”.

It is an ancient hostel but claims to be the largest.

The hostel is directly after the Alumni Hall of Residence and now opposite Awolowo Hall of Residence. The hostel is Majorly for Post Graduate Students.

Procedure for Bedspace Request/Balloting

  1. Log in on your school portal
  2. Navigate to Bedspace Request on the Menu Bar (Click)
  3. Navigate to Part 2 bed space request or Part 3 bed space request, as it may be in your own case
  4. Provide all the necessary information need.

Note: You won’t exceed step 3 until it’s activated.

Ensure you are logged in on your portal before the balloting hour to avoid network traffic due to mass access.

OAU Off-Campus Accommodation

Picture of a living room

It is a fact that, as of today, not all students can stay in the school Halls of Residence.

Many students prefer not to stay on campus due to their personalities and privacy principles.

Many areas across the Town have excellent and affordable accommodations.

The OAU off-campus accommodation areas include;

  • Asherifa
  • Oduduwa Estate
  • Damico Area
  • Ibadan road
  • Parakin Estate
  • May fair
  • Lagere.

The hostels are entirely privately owned and operated.

The prices range from the areas that are close to the school to the areas that are far from the school.

Off Campus Accommodation is majorly preferred by students because they want to be more accessible and to enjoy a private life.

Some have to acquire hostels because of their inability to get one inside the school.

It is to be noted that the same security rules on the school premises are also upheld outside the school premises; this is because the school management values the lives and properties of the students.

It is also to be noted that the best place to stay as a fresher is to remain on campus due to the low cost of living in the first year and the exposure that the Institution requires.


Obafemi Awolowo University is one of the leading Universities on the continent based on the educational value it adds to the student and the standard of living it offers.

If one thing can make a memorable experience for you as a student in the school, it is your enjoying the hostel Facilities both in and outside the school.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. I would love to assist you.

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